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  1. It's all Alan on the RMC rides. Storm Chaser will absolutely deliver! Great 1-2 punch for Ed Hart.
  2. Premier Rides tried selling a solo coaster Skysurfer concept back in the early 2000s. Can't find a picture anywhere but it looked like a better take on this idea. I've always been intrigued by Air. Count me as an opponent to pretzel loops and other sustained high-G maneuvers on flyers.
  3. Thanks so much for posting this story as I had no idea this place existed. I have lots of respect for this man. Here's another coaster that you have to push to the top of the hill yourself.
  4. Tons of cool retro footage in the new Dr. Dog video. I didn't see this posted anywhere in the forums so thought I'd share.
  5. Hey everybody! I used to work at S&S and got this jean jacket years back. Never worn as it is a 2XL. http://cgi.ebay.com/S-S-Roller-Coaster-Amusement-Park-Jean-Jacket-XXL-RARE_W0QQitemZ150402418015QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_CSA_MC_Outerwear?hash=item2304aec55f So if you want to start your own patch jacket like Robb or Jeff J, this would be a great beginning. Or you could pretend to be an S&S employee and start spreading rumors. Or maybe this becomes a blanket for an infant coaster enthusiast to be. Enthusiasm by osmosis! I don't care what you do with this jacket...I just have no use for it. Hoping someone would put it to good use. Apologies for the shameless promotion. The auction started last week and had only pulled 20 views. Robb- feel free to remove this or you can bid to start your second patch jacket! Or maybe even escalate to a pin jacket! You know you want it Robb!
  6. Great pics of a fun park. The Miler kiddy coaster was designed custom to go over the tree. The Miler mouse is my fav steel in Cali. Do the cars still tip to the outside in the turns? I know they were going to do an extensive rehab and had talked about removing the tilt feature of the cars.
  7. YES!!! Thanks for making the shirts! Still hunting around for a fare from Cincy ->LAX for that weekend. My 40+ rides weren't quite enough
  8. Guy- Terminator is designed using all applicable earthquake code provisions. Earthquake design can be approached by two methods: 1) Model the entire 3D structure and apply earthquake ground accelerations to the model 2) Apply an additional lateral acceleration to the structure using multipliers dicatated by code. This is an "envelope" solution so the multiplers are actually a more conservative approach. The first option is utilized in bridges, buildings...basically HUGE cost projects in order to optimize all of the members. The time and effort to process first method analysis would be prohibitive in our coaster construction. The earthquake design really only has big impacts on structure that is high off the ground. Our lift hill straddles three sets of tracks so the "stance" we had to take is very wide compared to our traditional lift hill structures. The first drop "Aeroplane" style is inherently stable due to both the cylindrical shape of the drop, as well as the additional track built integral with the bents that wrap around the outside of the first drop. The buildings are much more robust than in a typical coaster as well. "You could almost reach out and slap some cement." That is the bottom of the first drop on the left, which will be held at "slap" elevation for multiple bents before the low profile bunny that is already stood.
  9. The photos show the majority of the right-hand "speed" curve and a few bents of the bunny hop that reverse direction from right to left. Following this bunny, the riders will progress into a low left hand turn similar in elevation with the run-to-the-lift bents. The train will climb upward into a final pop of air over the fly-through exit and into a 180 left turn>brakes. edit: I just re-read this and it's a bit confusing. In simpler terms: Undulating right turn > Undulating left turn > Brakes
  10. Some comments about the Terminator construction: It's not obvious from the Skytower photos but the slab slopes approx 15ft downhill toward the section of ride being constructed. The ride utilizes the lower terrain late in the layout in order to get an extra "boost" of speed. The lead-in to the section being constructed should surprise people. The guys are moving swiftly on bent construction. Of a total of almost 500 structural bents, they have built well over 300 pieces. The only bents that remain in the engineering office are the transfer and station constructions, as well as the first drop combination structure, and the lift hill. The lift hill has three different sections of track piercing through the structure so we are making sure of the clearances and "properly" shifting boards to maximize the sensations of headchoppers, etc. Each of these are low-to-the-ground, fast stretches of track. Two of the three passes will have elements unique to the Terminator coaster. Looking forward to visiting southern CA once again
  11. The view from the higway is great and it plays tricks on your mind. As you are approaching from the south, hill #2 literally looks like it's 80deg steepness on each side. The hills in& out of the hammerhead look typical. This view shifts when almost parallel with the park and it becomes obvious that hill #2 has a "normal" profile, more consistent with the remainder of the ride....but the other hills then take on the "abrupt" shapes. It is actually quite dangerous driving by the park right now as everyone seems to look at Diamondback 10 seconds for every 1 second they focus on the road But who can really blame them?
  12. A shot from the field showing the many hills and tiers of Prowler...... (alt+p) More pictures on the intern site! [/img]
  13. Everything I've read about Everest points to the Yeti costing millions and being the most advanced animatronic in the world.
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