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  1. Hey guys, good news! I'll be visiting the park on June 3rd thanks to Disneyland giving tickets for the pre-opening test operations stage to Ctrip where I'm interning at. I'll post some photos afterwards as well!
  2. Was at magic mountain today and lines were absolutely insane. Tatsu had a 2 hr wait but believe it or not, they were using two loading stations!!! Will be going back tomorrow and I'll post more updates. Anyone know SFMM's rain policies? Tatsu using both loading stations.
  3. Vortex at CGA rattles so much that it makes your head hurt...
  4. They already have a pair of Premier launched coasters. The Racing Challenge dueling coaster if I remember correctly.
  5. Seems like T3 got painted with a all red/dark orange scheme. Hopefully they will get new trains as well.
  6. Wow! Can't wait to see how it compares to Intamin's Zacspin and X2. I'm guessing definitely better than a Zacspin!
  7. Yeah it hit around 3:30-4:00 AM. Felt it in Fremont which is one hour away. The power went out for a while but besides that, theres no damage.
  8. Hmm, seems like a pretty typical fair that you would see in small towns.
  9. Any updates on that knockoff Intamin 10-looper?
  10. How did Cinecitta World's 10 looper feel compared with its older brother Colossus?
  11. ^I wouldn't think it to be too expensive. I mean some smaller parks also have LSM launched coasters like Wicked @ Lagoon.
  12. I actually like the GIB's. When I was studying chinese in Shanghai, I frequently visited the one in Jinjiang Action Park. Its an amazing ride in the first and last rows.
  13. ^Am I the only one who thinks that this kinda looks like a Volare except with suspended trains?
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