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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHqjjiDnRZ3/ A new flat would be awesome. A free-spin is pretty close to the size of that box, too.
  2. The VR on Acro was so blurry, I could barely tell what I was looking at. Was there a way to adjust the focal length on those goggles that I just wasn't seeing? The VR goggles didn't seem to be very popular addition, either. Less than half the people on the ride were using them. Also, it's a little funny how you keep "falling" for a few seconds after you've hit the brakes. Maybe they designed the animation with Zumanjaro in mind?
  3. Sitar if you like Indian food. Old Mill is good, but usually has a long wait to get in.
  4. Yeah, you've got to ride it defensively. Tennessee Tornado on the other hand, still as smooth as ever Lightning Rod's bump at the bottom of the drop has been smoothed out as well.
  5. Yeah, that's the main thing that's a little off. I was thinking the barrel roll over the poured steel could be pretty high off the ground, up near the ceiling of that building, and then drop down a bit before going into the lift. Google Earth says the upper part of that building is about 14 ft wide, and the top of the roof is 40 ft high.
  6. I think I'm starting to see it now. I'm about 90% sure there's a Lightning Rod-style wave turn on the other side of that ravine. The shaping is spot-on. Where there's a little s-bend before the brake run, I'm imagining the track dodging between the drop pullout and a steel arch lift hill support structure, like the the lift on Goliath at SFGAm. That type of lift hill would make sense on this terrain.
  7. I made a 3d overlay with the elevation data, so you can see the terrain height along the track layout. and a version with orthographic projection: http://i.imgur.com/wg25adG.png I still have no idea what's up with that mouse turn. I'm thinking it's between a brake run and a lift hill, though. It looks like this ride could just drop right from station height, like Thunderbolt and Jack Rabbit do, or it could have a small lift hill. The elevation change going into that ravine is about 30 m (100 ft).
  8. Definitely: Dollywood Kentucky Kingdom Carowinds Maybe: SFOG BGW Beech Bend Either: [Holiday World (last visit 2015) to SFStL (last visit 2007) to Silver Dollar City] or [Magic Springs to SFOT to Fiesta Texas] New parks in green. What would you guys recommend?
  9. Would they really re-build Greezed Lightnin', or has that train always been sitting there? I'm calling a Disko coaster right now.
  10. These restraints almost always dig painfully into my hips. On rare occasions I'll get a good lap where they don't, though. I haven't figured out how to avoid it. I think if my legs weren't as skinny, the restraint might sit on my lap instead of stabbing into my hip joint. I keep the vest pulled to the sides away from my collarbones, especially on Wild Eagle, just so I can take full breaths when I'm sitting on the brake run. Whatever Intamin did to make their vests comfortable, that's what B&M needs to do. Maverick is actually rideable hands up now, with no soreness or bruising afterward. Big kudos to Intamin for pulling that off.
  11. I always lean into the OTSR on Mystery Mine to prevent headbanging (and crotch banging). The crotch nubs on these OTSRs require a bit of a defensive riding posture for me, especially on that ejector bunny hop into the brakes.
  12. I really hope it's a flat ride. I would say that they need an ARM drop tower, but they just added that frog hopper this year. They need something relatively unique and thrilling, but still on the smaller side, like a Zamperla Air Race or an Orbiter.
  13. For some reason I was told by guest services, and by one of the two lifegards operating the bowl slide, that I was not allowed to wear a rash guard on the slide, because it could get snagged or torn and cause a safety hazard (supposedly), even though people wearing form-fitting tankini tops (which are made out of the same fabric and functionally identical to rash guards in every way) had no problems. This policy just seemed very uninformed to me. Has anybody else ever had this issue before? Surely I'm not the only one who's tried to wear a rash guard on body slides.
  14. Dollywood, but only when Lightning Rod is open. Otherwise, Holiday World.
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