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  1. I was at the park this weekend as well. A few highlights: -Rain on Friday night right after close was kind of crazy. Driving across the causeway became quite interesting. -Saturday morning's drizzle caused a bunch of issues, but everything was good about 1:00. -I was incredibly impressed by Rougarou. I couldn't believe how much of a difference the new trains made. It was amazing! -Mean Streak was riding smoother than I've ever seen it. I rode in the front seat, and it didn't hurt at all. There were even a few great airtime moments! Now for the inevitable. As some on this board know, I
  2. I rode one of these in Abu Dhabi, and it was easily one of the most terrifying rides I've ever ridden. Standing in the capsule waiting for the floor to drop is so stressful!
  3. I would never call Dominator "mediocre" or "standard." That coaster has always been one of the best floorless coasters out there. Yeah, it's used, but KD got THE best coaster from GL.
  4. Part 7: Heritage Village, Old Souqs, and Sparky's Dubai After a very modern experience in Dubai, it was time to learn about the older days of the city. There's not much of the old left in Dubai, but some still exists in Heritage Village (most of them are replicas). Heritage Village can best be compared to Colonial Williamsburg, but not nearly as expansive as its Virginian cousin. The Village greatly lacks in the information department. The buildings are there, but there are very few placards to tell you what things are and their significance. It was interesting to see what the old building
  5. I rode Hurler about a month ago, and I thought it was running pretty well. It's not the greatest coaster in the world, but it's still fun. Thunder Road is much better, though.
  6. ^ That's such a neat idea! Of course, they also had hetero ones. But did anyone see the "Gay Sailor" to repel Russian submarines? http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-32703331
  7. I agree with boldikus! Just watching the video made me nauseous. This is one of very few coasters that I'm not sure I'll end up riding.
  8. Myrtle Beach is a place that I really don't have much of a desire to visit (other than for a quick credit run), so I'm actually MORE inclined to ride these coasters now that they're in Vietnam!
  9. I wasn't impressed by EPCOT at all on my first visit, but it warmed up to me as I was there. I will admit, Soarin' is easily one of my least favorite Disney rides. I find it incredibly boring.
  10. ^ Hotels in Harrisburg have always been cheaper in my experience. You'll have plenty of options to choose from, and they're only about 20 min or so from the park.
  11. Do they not do concerts at Timberwolf any more? I saw a Weird Al concert there several years ago and it was such a nice venue.
  12. I think Wildcat runs better than Roar, but I like Roar's layout more. I'd rather see a new RMC than a redo of Roar.
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