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  1. Glad to see TPR is doing a tour again. I've had the wonderful pleasure of Going on three of them and the amount of time and work Robb And Elissa put into it is incredible. So please say thank you until blue in the face to them lol. Loved the kid west tour..,with the city museum. I only got minor bumps and scrapes! Have fun everyone, ride on!
  2. Hopefully, I can make it this year!!! and hopefully I wont re post things twice lol
  3. Thanks Elissa! Maybe I'll swing by knoebels to say hello to some peeps.
  4. You mentioned tickets for the theater portion. Are the fireworks a non ticket event or does this ticket cover the whole frozen experience ? Curious as I will be traveling to Disney next month.
  5. Hoping to purchase my ticket next payday for this. Have not been to KI since 2010. Excited for Banshee and night rides on the Beast! Diamondback is the icing on top.
  6. On their page today I noticed it saying boat tag and bumper boats Will be removed. Sounds like a lot of people are bummed out about the bumper boats being Removed.
  7. B&M: One final question. The splashdown elements on your coasters (on the dive coasters and on diamonback) what led to that element being incorporated into your coasters? Did this idea come out of a park's request for such an element or out of your designers at some point?
  8. B&M: What led to the stadium style seating on such coasters as Diamonback, Intimadator and Behemoth?
  9. When I rode it I noticed the lap bar pressure is a little less sitting in the middle compare to the wing seats. But yeah as was said, they were waiting until everyone exited and cleared the station before letting the next group on=long dispatch time. I did like the lazy susan bag drops they put in though. But I wish the lapbars didn't cause so much tightness. I mean it's so good a ride in hurts and the air is great but maybe this could be a good nickname for it........"Thighcrush".........
  10. Now is this B&M's first Stand up coaster or first coaster all together.
  11. I know Dorney and C. Wonderland have it new for this year. I personally have not heard anything about them getting the fast lane option. It's just a waiting game at this point I think.
  12. Thanks guys^ that is def some great info I can put to use.
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