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  1. In case the youtube clip goes down again. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b0a_1185978122
  2. ^Its kind of forgivable for personal sites. But I love that its really hard to tell the difference between someone's my first AOL page and a major corporation
  3. The whole internet looked like this. Cedar Point in 96.
  4. Got a Wii yesterday and am just getting started. I thought the Wii had online playing already so that kind of sucked to find out there is no support yet. Will they be able to enable current games for online play through a software update for each game stored on the Wii, or will it only be for future titles? Also, is Wario worth the money if you don't have people over to play alot? My friends are super lazy and can't be arsed to drive 15 minutes across town. Code: 2317-7178-1088-4147 Won't you be my neighbor?
  5. Hopefully not too late to the party. I was pretty bummed because I thought the friend codes were used to play against each other on the Wii. Oh well. 2317-7178-1088-4147
  6. ride the snake! Wow. Its my first title change request since the original.
  7. Found this sitting on my server from when this came out a few months ago. Now you can hunt for the leprechaun on your ipod. http://brainville.org/files/zoomzip_vs_da_gold.mp3
  8. Actually it was 2,094 miles. If I fly 1600 miles for Manhattan would it be comparable?
  9. Fixed. Sorry just bitter my motherboard randomly took the piss less than a year old. I'm partial to AMD (runs cooler, can overclock easily, cheaper to purchase) nVidia (ATI cards always seem to give me troubles) Pro (but not certain if you would have a need for any of the media center functions) (Posting this from my macbook )
  10. Memphis res checking in. I think we're up to 4 now. Definitly looking forward to the Mine next year, and some of their new flats as well.
  11. 8. Memphis, TN Nashville always beats us! Makes me so mad!
  12. I've got a 6 pack of Pumpkin head sitting in my kitchen. Along with some Hop Devil, Mad Hatter, and Elliot Ness. Damn shame I can get great beer in the middle of Illinois/Iowa, but can only get waterey piss down here.
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