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  1. Is it crowded on that day? has anyone ever been there at this time? also, how is november in general?
  2. Which One Do You Have? I have a PSP.
  3. Picture Thats your sig, What is that give a shit about you, I dont.
  4. all posts here must be made in yoda speak, as in- Destroy the Sith, we must. An awesome character, yoda is! SPEAK LIKE YODA I MUST!
  5. 80's Music? Like the songs in Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  6. I like wooden because it feels good for some reason, And collosus answers that
  7. Hows Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain? Are the trees and view nice like before, Before Tatsu came to life? I miss it, it was my first ride and haven't been to Six Flags since Tatsu Media day....And hows the crowd at Six Flags? Short or Crowded?
  8. there are some computer moniters that can also switch to become a tv, my frined has one and lets say hes online and just presses a button and he watching tv, what are those called? im looking at a couple screens and want to know if they have that ability.
  9. will six flags be crowded tomorrow? im asking does of you who went this week, is it crowded, im not going on tatsu would the other rides be packed?
  10. i did a 5 page essay on law degree and have a couple questions that i did not get. What colleges or schools would best prepare you to become a lawyer? List 3 choices Name 3 companies in southern cali. that would offer a job to a lawyer What is the employment trend or outlook for a lawyer?
  11. I do Push-ups everyday, and i wanted to know how people take protien pills and do it...I would like to take in protien if it helps.
  12. http://psp.ign.com/articles/708/708301p1.html Heck yes! I was hoping they would make one, its going to own.
  13. It just isn't funny on this website, the other website i go to everyone is bad so it is funny, oh well.
  14. ^I know im trying to fix that, and i do have some other animations but i'll show that when every thing is fixed.
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