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  1. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out what the hell that said! I hate "txt tlk." Uhhh. I'm not suprised though. haha. how soon before college essays are being turned in with stuff like: "Dizneewurld iz a gr8 prk. ive ben there evry yr since ii wuz a litle boii. the soundz n sites off teh prk r juss amazing!!!1! wallt diznee iz a masterfull artizt inn teh muzik taht iz theem prkz!!!!!111!"
  2. It's been about a month, actually . When was the last time you checked the clock?
  3. My only problem is your queues. A single 10' line looks a little awkward. Other than that, looks pretty good.
  4. ^Ironically, Back to the Future 3 isn't actually a "sequel." Not that this is to take away the merit that you didn't like it, but the entire series of Back to the Future was, at first, one long movie, but the producers decided to split it into 3, released separately. Anyway, moving on. Worst Prequel: Dumb and Dumberer
  5. Best Sequel IMO: Rush Hour 2 Unfortunately I'm drawing blanks on a lot of these, so I don't really have a worst one at the moment
  6. okay... can we stop spamming before a good topic gets locked please? I think the Price is Right should look for someone with gameshow-hosting experience. I think Richard Karn (sp?), former host of Family Feud, would make a great host for the show.
  7. I don't think it totally qualifies as a sport. Just as Scaparri was saying, you could make a case for competition cheerleaders. If you make a case for them though, then Marching Band is definitely a sport! My high school band practices more than our football team at some points .
  8. In no particular order... 1. You Shook Me All Night Long - AC DC 2. Higher Power- Boston 3. Walk This Way- Aerosmith 4. Do Ya- E.L.O. 5. Summer of 69- Bryan Adams Yeah I know... not too much hard rock.
  9. I would try putting some kind of cover over the lines, even if it something little like a canopy, to the small rides (ie: the Haunted House and Merry-go-round). Other than that, keep up the good work.
  10. ^my apologies. I misunderstood what you were saying. Anyway, the rest of the story is what helps my faith in creationism.
  11. The question was if you believe in creationism or evolution. did you read the first sentence? aaaand the story was a major reason I believe in creationism. No need for hostility.
  12. ^well he was in Maine, but was transported by the Air Ambulance (which has the right-of-way over all planes except Air Force 1) to a hospital in Virginia, which is where my aunt lives.
  13. I firmly believe in creationism. This past year (in October of '06) my Grandfather suffered a heart attack. He lives in a very remote area of Maine, just 25 minutes from Canada's border. He was transported to a hospital in Virginia. During this time, he was revived twice, so he has actually died. His brain was without oxygen for well over 5 minutes. He should have suffered a massive loss in mental abilities. I know for a fact that I as well as many other members of my family prayed for him in church that Sunday. Relatives from all over my family will attest that they prayed. My grandfather had absolutely no trouble. As my mother, aunt, and grandmother were about to sign papers to pull the plug, he started talking to one of the nurses. He even recounted a story about how he was en route to heaven, and was told it wasn't his time so he returned to earth.
  14. Bullitens on myspace/facebook/email that say: "R3P0ST DIZZ IN 200 SECENZ 0R A DOGG W1LL AP33R B1 UR B3D AND K1LL U @ 3 1N THA M0RN1N!!!11!!!""
  15. Believe it or not, not EVERYbody down here in the south talks like they barely passed 3rd grade. and NASCAR is definitely a sport. Don't try to tell me jumping over a wall holding a 70-pound gas can is easy. Also, try losing 10-15 pounds in a heat chamber while turning a wheel with insane amounts of force-feedback on it.
  16. We may as well rename this topic "Ask jamesissoocool for a photoshopped avatar/picture!"
  17. I like it. Now, are you going to work around the right side of the big hill until you loop with the left side, making the Disney-like pin-wheel park?
  18. Heh, sorry for the choppiness, I don't have a photshop program, so I used MS Paint.
  19. ^I agree. ii h8 it wen ppl typ like thyzz on tha intnet n cant put ne kindz of puntuashun n think they r bein kewl by typin like thyzz!!! n wuts w/ tha 3 puntuation marx??? idk y ppl doo tat... Ha. That's actually kinda difficult to type out. AND wHeN PpL TyP lYkE tHyZz!1!
  20. I prefer BK, but still like McDonalds. BK, at least where I live, has way better service. Half the McDonald's employees talk too ghetto for you to understand, or don't speak any English at all. Oh yeah, and BK owns the fries.
  21. chain: Johnn'y New York Style Pizza local: Filini's (again, sp?) I'm also fond of Shakey's, but the closest one to my house is about 2 hours away
  22. I can't stand the sound of two pieces of styrofoam (sp?) rubbing together. I also don't like certain accents or ways of pronouncing words. For example, the word "car" should not be pronounced "cah." And the word "anyways". No. There is no "s." I'm done.
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