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  1. There is such a thing? Might've saved me some money. Then again, I didn't see that option on my travels. Then again I wasn't paying much attention and didn't know the languages well.
  2. Well well... Finally got some more pictures digitized. You can find them here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=989900#p989900
  3. Hello all. Finally I get around to posting the on-ride pictures that I got when I was traveling up half of Europe with TPR in 2010. I suddenly got very busy when I got back and only managed to scan these in just this year. I here by present to you, grimaces! Lets just hope I can remember some names after all this time... Here I am hanging out the left. With me we have cobra_roll06 (I think), Brad_G, antmcmullen, MrMorgan, XLRBR, Medusa1861. Here I am with Morgan by my side, Anth behind me, Brad and... Dear, sorry if I forgot about the rest of you. Me, Anth, Brad and... cobra?
  4. Holy hell, what are you guys introducing little Kristen to? Never knew you guys could be so "family unfriendly". Hm. Wonder how drunk one must get before you can't tell if you are wearing the phycodelic glasses.
  5. Ok, haven't posted here in a while, but since the summer lets see if I can remember if I did any repeated ridings and how many... Olympia Looping, I think 5 times. No more for it was rather painful (I'm a little too skinny). Joris en de Draak, maybe 3-4 times on both sides. Yeah, my peak is till at Liseberg, because I live close by and so can spend any day as I wish. Wait, do TPR trips count? If not, then please ignore me. /Edward
  6. Oh, almost forgetting. A video compilation of the fun that I've been through. Also, after all of this, I took the shuttle to the airport, then a train to Amsterdam and spent the whole day walking and exploring. I believe this is Amsterdam. Cathedrals, Churches, interesting architecture... There's something new. Let the people know when it is time to walk. Ah yes. Very nice architecture. Ooo, Breakfast! And a nice big field of cobble stones. No, did not spend any money on seeing the works of Madame Tussaud. Because I spent it all on water. Wait, whe
  7. ^Drink and cycle? Does that fall under the category of "Drink and Drive"? >.> Anyways, now for one of the prettiest parks (imo): Der Efteling An interesting shape. Wonder what the "turret" rooms cost? Excitement all around. Why? Because they are about to recieve wood. George and the Dragon! Or in its native toungue: Joris en de Draak! "Lots of excitement!" I guess this was my first GCI Woodie. Never before experienced such curves on a Woodie. Smilies all around! Actually, the Flying Dutchman was our first ERT because George and
  8. Phantasialand Nice African Themed Hotel. A little scary with the masks, but nice. Wait, China already? Thought we were done with the culture confusion. Now, why is it I want to call this place/ride Castlevania? Maybe I've been watching too much AVGN lately. Some of the theming was rather random. But I like it. The place isn't boring then. Ok, how many themed places can I get through before actually riding a ride? Are we there yet? Ah, there we go! Winja's Fear & Force. At first I thought I knew which was force... ...but second time
  9. W├╝rzburg Fair And Olympia Looping Only thing missing in this picture is Robb standing tall and proud knowing he has conquered this constantly moving coaster. However, I didn't like it. I think mostly because of the overhead restraints. When the verticle gravities pushed down, the restraints pushed down very hard and my shoulders were hurting throughout the rest of the ride (like, as of the first loop). I tried to hold up the restraints, but then I couldn't properly brace myself for each turn. I guess I'm just too skinny for this ride. NERD SHOT! Happy TPR Members.
  10. Hello. Thought I'd get this done soon, but apparently other things got in the way. Oh well, suppose I'll get pictures up once a day. Europa Park First ERT was in Iceland. ... Thought we were in Germany. Blue Fire I actually preffered Blue Fire over iSpeed. Alot smoother. Euro Mir. A bit of a disorientating ride. Luckily I was facing forwards most of the time. Nice replica of the Space Station. Decided to take a (space) walk in it. The Bobsleigh was fun, but very shaky. And a FIRST! Poseidon wasn't as fun. It was very rough (almost Vekoma like),
  11. Ok, apparently I fell asleep last night before I could continue the Italian portion of the trip. But I'm now awake so lets move on to: Movieland Studios Hm. Close enough. Now, what was our ERT again? Oh yeah, Police Academy and/or Tomb Raider. I did Police Academy and found it rediculously funny how they've redone Police Academy with Italian Actors, and I only caught half of what they said. But fun nonetheless. Oh, and there was one other ERT somewhere deeper inside... Dukes of Hazard? Nah, that's where we will be having Lunch. Wasn't this place either. (have no idea wha
  12. Nice pictures. And I see I've been captured in one photo (5th).
  13. Nice TR so far. I see you manage to capture me a few times. Btw, wasn't especially happy that you checked us out like that. Was hoping to snooze a few more hours. Lucky I woke up with an uneasy feeling. /Edward
  14. ^Bonus Helix? How could I have missed that? Well, guess that what happens when I hang out with Anth, Steve, and those kinds of people. Anyways, I'm gonna be moving on quickly, because for some reason I seem to be on a bit of a roll tonight. Mirabilandia Wait, I said Mirabilandia, not Robbland. Well, I guess every park is Robbland during TPR trips. Or at least for the duration ERT. Anyways, our ERT consisted of: TAKE THE STARGATE! I mean... Katun. Of course! I just love the theming. That the TPR members give the place. Our esteemed leader mounting the lipstick
  15. Hello. Been a while since I posted something here. And it's been about 3 weeks without internet. I think some of you can guess what I did during one of those weeks. Anyways, lets start this Trip Report... On the 26th of June. After a week of helping my mother with a bit of moving, I took a train down to Milan. Yes, I InterRailed down. Took me 2 nights, and a day in Paris, with changes at Copenhagen and Cologne. Well, how about I start in Paris? I had a friend to my cousin draw up a path for me that would take me from Paris Nord, to the Eiffel Tower, to Grand Palais, and then down to Be
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