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  1. There is such a thing? Might've saved me some money. Then again, I didn't see that option on my travels. Then again I wasn't paying much attention and didn't know the languages well.
  2. Well well... Finally got some more pictures digitized. You can find them here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=989900#p989900
  3. Hello all. Finally I get around to posting the on-ride pictures that I got when I was traveling up half of Europe with TPR in 2010. I suddenly got very busy when I got back and only managed to scan these in just this year. I here by present to you, grimaces! Lets just hope I can remember some names after all this time... Here I am hanging out the left. With me we have cobra_roll06 (I think), Brad_G, antmcmullen, MrMorgan, XLRBR, Medusa1861. Here I am with Morgan by my side, Anth behind me, Brad and... Dear, sorry if I forgot about the rest of you. Me, Anth, Brad and... cobra? Right, 'ere we have Cpt. Anth goin' down with the ship. ... Now why the hell did he have to go draggin' XLRBR and me with 'im? Me on Katun with another TPR Trip Attendant. Me, miniviews, ChicagoAG (me thinks), and someone I can't identify. A cart of TPR people! Me, miniviews, vuurvogel and arrowfreak. Da. Da-da da da. Da-da da da. Da-da da da... Me, Bill... and hard to tell from this angle who's right behind me. Best Lift Hill EVAH! Only reason to ride it. ... Ok, maybe not. There is me, ChicagoAG, and I'm not sure about who's behind us. Soaked and shaken. There be me, a britt, and a German (me thinks). Funny, I have a vivid memory of the one next to me (he'd hate me for forgetting his name), and I remember the one behind him from 2009 at Liseberg. And I think his arm is obscuring JK there. Oh, I think they are gonna be pissed. I managed to identify "JK", but not their names. *hides under the water* Ok, who do we have here. Meteornotes, GeorgeT, and... um... moi. As well as some other people. Ok, now this is one odd face. I guess it I wasn't expecting much and it suprised me. And here's a screencap of me on Blue Fire. No idea who the person next to me is. Here's me and Erik on Winjas, the... left side... And here's me and... *sigh* names, names... What's in a name... Anyways, Winjas on the right side. Me on Black Mamba. Me, ginzo, and I'm not sure who else.
  4. Holy hell, what are you guys introducing little Kristen to? Never knew you guys could be so "family unfriendly". Hm. Wonder how drunk one must get before you can't tell if you are wearing the phycodelic glasses.
  5. Ok, haven't posted here in a while, but since the summer lets see if I can remember if I did any repeated ridings and how many... Olympia Looping, I think 5 times. No more for it was rather painful (I'm a little too skinny). Joris en de Draak, maybe 3-4 times on both sides. Yeah, my peak is till at Liseberg, because I live close by and so can spend any day as I wish. Wait, do TPR trips count? If not, then please ignore me. /Edward
  6. Oh, almost forgetting. A video compilation of the fun that I've been through. Also, after all of this, I took the shuttle to the airport, then a train to Amsterdam and spent the whole day walking and exploring. I believe this is Amsterdam. Cathedrals, Churches, interesting architecture... There's something new. Let the people know when it is time to walk. Ah yes. Very nice architecture. Ooo, Breakfast! And a nice big field of cobble stones. No, did not spend any money on seeing the works of Madame Tussaud. Because I spent it all on water. Wait, where am I again? Right, Amsterdam. If it weren't for those odd leaning houses, sometimes I felt as if I was in Gothenburg. Sure is pretty around here. More crooked houses. I swear, at some streets I would say to myself "Ok, right down here I'll find... Grönsakstorget?" But otherwise, the canals and sinking houses said Amsterdam. If I knew I had the time, I'd probably get a paddle boat and just paddle my way around rather than walking around with my pack. Well, that is pretty much it. Oh, and at some restraunts they had cats. Not sure if they were "owned" or stray. Anyways, went back to the station, grabbed a burger, and was on my way home on another night train. Got into Copenhagen safely, got a train back to home, and then I think I relaxed a little too much because then all the "diseases" hit me. Was bed ridden for a week. Otherwise, this whole 11 day trip was fun!
  7. ^Drink and cycle? Does that fall under the category of "Drink and Drive"? >.> Anyways, now for one of the prettiest parks (imo): Der Efteling An interesting shape. Wonder what the "turret" rooms cost? Excitement all around. Why? Because they are about to recieve wood. George and the Dragon! Or in its native toungue: Joris en de Draak! "Lots of excitement!" I guess this was my first GCI Woodie. Never before experienced such curves on a Woodie. Smilies all around! Actually, the Flying Dutchman was our first ERT because George and the Dragon wasn't quite ready yet. But who cares about a little water coaster with a scary story in the beginning. It anyways sank so... This be the reason why we are here! Nothing else matters! Ok, who am I kidding. The rest of the park was pretty too. Some interesting theming. Some interesting rides. Oh yeah, between this and that other bird ride... Hard to say, but I guess this one because all the lights/lasers were working. Lovely story book dark rides. The pooping donkey! Can you see the gold pixel in this photo? That's your prize! Alot of fairy tale theming. Cute. Oh, and strainge colorful pidgeons. Purdy Birdies. Oh, and some of us had fun riding an indoor merry-go-round. Weee! "Doe me dans, Doe me dans, Doe me dans de Draakendans..." Anyone know what these say? Anyways, that was that for my very first TPR trip. Great fun, lots of walking (sigh), and I'd like to thank everyone for "tolerating" me. And a huge thanks to Robb and Elissa for their immense hard work on all these trips. Not until I was on the trip did I see (and maybe also feel) the hard work that they go through with all these trips, and having to plan any last minute alternatives incase something went wrong (like Expedition G-Force). I commend you both! /Edward
  8. Phantasialand Nice African Themed Hotel. A little scary with the masks, but nice. Wait, China already? Thought we were done with the culture confusion. Now, why is it I want to call this place/ride Castlevania? Maybe I've been watching too much AVGN lately. Some of the theming was rather random. But I like it. The place isn't boring then. Ok, how many themed places can I get through before actually riding a ride? Are we there yet? Ah, there we go! Winja's Fear & Force. At first I thought I knew which was force... ...but second time, they were both just as mad. I love it! But would probably ride it sparingly. Dizzy yet? Ah, Black Mamba. The second reason for being here. Between this and Katun... Apart from the "Stargate" Theming, not sure which was better. Lift Hill! Even though I don't really know what a snake pit smells like, I could identify the dankness of the station as a snake pit. Yep, we rode Micheal Jackson. Tables are turned now, eh? And I must say, it too was fun. Between this and Mammut.... This! Because it had better curves. ... Quit looking at me like that! This one looked scary enough NOT to ride. Well, not alot of pictures here either. On our way to the Efteling Hotel we saw a mobile beer stand. Efteling next.
  9. Würzburg Fair And Olympia Looping Only thing missing in this picture is Robb standing tall and proud knowing he has conquered this constantly moving coaster. However, I didn't like it. I think mostly because of the overhead restraints. When the verticle gravities pushed down, the restraints pushed down very hard and my shoulders were hurting throughout the rest of the ride (like, as of the first loop). I tried to hold up the restraints, but then I couldn't properly brace myself for each turn. I guess I'm just too skinny for this ride. NERD SHOT! Happy TPR Members. More happy people. Nerd or Porn shot? Ok, this may be considered porn. Reach out and grab. Just watch your fingers. After our ERT, there were large consumptions of bier. Oh yeah, there was also pole climbing. Try and climb all the way up this smooth pole and ring a bell. Doesn't look easy, and I never tried. Large quantities of beer attracts large quantities of people. Oh, and incase people hadn't gotten enough Olympia Looping... Ok. That is it for now. Next up, Phantasialand.
  10. Hello. Thought I'd get this done soon, but apparently other things got in the way. Oh well, suppose I'll get pictures up once a day. Europa Park First ERT was in Iceland. ... Thought we were in Germany. Blue Fire I actually preffered Blue Fire over iSpeed. Alot smoother. Euro Mir. A bit of a disorientating ride. Luckily I was facing forwards most of the time. Nice replica of the Space Station. Decided to take a (space) walk in it. The Bobsleigh was fun, but very shaky. And a FIRST! Poseidon wasn't as fun. It was very rough (almost Vekoma like), and anyone in the front row (hi) got soaked. Maybe this one should've been called Supersplash... Alpenexpress was fun. I went alone, but seemed to have gotten there on a good moment. Usually runs twice, but just then they decided (as the train was slowing down) to give it one more circute! Wasn't I lucky. Now, I'm just wondering. Why is the Satelite closer to Euro Mir than Eurosat? Ah, who cares. Lets just rave to the music. I just have to say, BEST LIFTHILL EVAH! (The only reason to ride it ) Anyone else caught Mr. & Mrs. Euromaus? Eurosat! Our Second ERT. On a different day. With Lights ON! Happy TPR! At least I was. Sort of. It had very tight turns (which is expected in a "small" place like this) so I was happy to be able to see the tracks and brace myself for almost every turn. I never returned for the "dark ride". Third and final ERT of the park. I believe this is my highest drop height ever. Sure was fun with all the airtimes, and just when you were getting used to it, the blocksection comes up and surprises you. Ok, I'm done with the park. Sure was a fun culture confusion. Come to Germany, see Rome, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, France, and Mexicans. Oh well, how about a look at the hotel? TPR people. Looking like ants. Sure was pretty at night. Oh well, that's it for now. Olympia Looping next.
  11. Ok, apparently I fell asleep last night before I could continue the Italian portion of the trip. But I'm now awake so lets move on to: Movieland Studios Hm. Close enough. Now, what was our ERT again? Oh yeah, Police Academy and/or Tomb Raider. I did Police Academy and found it rediculously funny how they've redone Police Academy with Italian Actors, and I only caught half of what they said. But fun nonetheless. Oh, and there was one other ERT somewhere deeper inside... Dukes of Hazard? Nah, that's where we will be having Lunch. Wasn't this place either. (have no idea what was behind those doors) Holy Batman Search Light, Batman! No, Robin. There is nothing "holy" about it... For one, it is complete. Almost looks like they have every movie in here. But only almost. At first I didn't think this was the car from Knight Rider. There was something about the shape of it that put me off. Also, even if the signature red lights were off, it didn't look like the car had them. But when I saw that the license plate said "KNIGHT", then I just shrugged and said ok. But this car! No way can one make a mistake! The De Lorean! Is this our ERT? Oh god, please say yes! Ryan sure wishes he could be there. And that it was part of the ERT. Is this our ERT? Doesn't look finished. Oh, this is our ERT. And it was barely finished. I suppose we could live with that. Oh well, not much more I can say about the place except that it was my first "Hollywood" Experience. TERMINATOR 5D! ... Nothing special. Got "protective goggles" (3D Glasses), stepped onto a catwalk, got a gun, an introduction by some guy, then started shooting Animatronics and the screen, then got Game Over. This "Game Over" was simply flashing lights, tipping the catwalk, and blowing smoke in the face. Like I said, nothing special. Now why does this place remind me of the Flintstones? I've heard this place tries to drown you, but I didn't go. I have this thing about submarines, and them sinking... And there wasn't alot of things I rode. I seem to have gotten seperated from groups, was a little more focused on finding a proper toilet, and I'm not sure what else. Just did Police Academy, Bront'O'Ring, Hollywood (drop) Tower, and that was pretty much it. I think the place could've used a full day. But at 3pm we had to get to the bus to cross Schwitzerland. But before then... Hi Ryan. And now for some Schwitzerland scenary. I said scenary, not a café. And that was that. Next, Europa Park. /Edward
  12. Nice pictures. And I see I've been captured in one photo (5th).
  13. Nice TR so far. I see you manage to capture me a few times. Btw, wasn't especially happy that you checked us out like that. Was hoping to snooze a few more hours. Lucky I woke up with an uneasy feeling. /Edward
  14. ^Bonus Helix? How could I have missed that? Well, guess that what happens when I hang out with Anth, Steve, and those kinds of people. Anyways, I'm gonna be moving on quickly, because for some reason I seem to be on a bit of a roll tonight. Mirabilandia Wait, I said Mirabilandia, not Robbland. Well, I guess every park is Robbland during TPR trips. Or at least for the duration ERT. Anyways, our ERT consisted of: TAKE THE STARGATE! I mean... Katun. Of course! I just love the theming. That the TPR members give the place. Our esteemed leader mounting the lipstick camera onto Katun. Now no wise remarks about Robb holding up ERT. This is the reason why we get ERT! A Katun full of TPR members. Frog's perspective of TPR members rolling in. And yes, my head did not get caught or kicked off. Anyways, moving on to the rest of the park. Wasn't especially wet, but sure was fun. As well as interesting theming. Auto Splash, with iSpeed in the background. But before then, we've just gotta get some credit whoring out of the way. Ok, iSpeed! Now why's it called iSpeed? Is it an Apple Product? Is it compatible with other iProducts? Park's nice though. You know, for the whole time I was in the park, I don't think I've seen this Ferris Wheel move at all. Can anyone else confirm this? This was an odd monorail. Why I never rode it is beyond me. Wild Mouse Pakal and Katun side by side. Anything better than that? Why of course! Just more Katun! Had enough Katun? Well you are in luck! I ran out of photos. Explorer. A fun little quick thing. And don't you just love tracks that are so close you could pretty much touch them? Just love them. Can you guess the train? Yes, another credit. Ok, that's about it for Mirabilandia. I'll leave you with this odd picture: /Edward
  15. Hello. Been a while since I posted something here. And it's been about 3 weeks without internet. I think some of you can guess what I did during one of those weeks. Anyways, lets start this Trip Report... On the 26th of June. After a week of helping my mother with a bit of moving, I took a train down to Milan. Yes, I InterRailed down. Took me 2 nights, and a day in Paris, with changes at Copenhagen and Cologne. Well, how about I start in Paris? I had a friend to my cousin draw up a path for me that would take me from Paris Nord, to the Eiffel Tower, to Grand Palais, and then down to Bercy. So, I took the subway, got to the Tower, but didn't go up in it because the queues were as big as the Tower's base area. But it sure was nice to see it in person. Then I made my way across the, so called "Zen" street, or cannal, or something. From there, got to Grand Palais, but didn't feel like spending any money on going in and seeing anything. So, I just continued up the street, looked over towards the arch and saw that the street was just too busy for me to get up there and back in time for my next train. However, ended up waiting 3 hours at the station instead. Oh well, better early than late. Anyways, onto what happened after I got to Italy, met TPR members, and was overloaded with information... Gardaland First thing we did when getting in was buy bottles of water... Then stood in line to get wet! But we didn't get especially wet. What a ripoff.. After a bit of a walk was Lunch, and we ate at Blue Tornado. But at least I did not ride the ride. I could hear the screams of pain. But I did get my first Vekoma Corcscrew out of the way. Interestingly enough, it wasn't very rough. It was good. ... Vekoma? Good? Now this is one I did not go on. Just didn't feel like hanging upside-down by my shoulders for 5x3 seconds. Now, can you guess who's in this picture? If you can't... Scroll down.. Ok, I seem to have run out of photos of Gardaland. Guess I didn't take that many pictures in the beginning. Oh well, I'll leave you with Mammut Lift Hill in the dark. Next, Mirabilandia. /Edward
  16. If memory serves... Vogel Rok Der Efteling Netherlands TPR Europe Tour 2010/07/04
  17. Heh, love KT's expression. "Has mommy gone mad?" And looks like you are having fun. Will be joining that fun soon enough. But first I have to get down there. *starts marching down the continent*
  18. Hello all. Haven't kept track of this place at all for some reason. Guess school work took priority among other things. But anyways, I have recently completed filming some of my best work on RCT3. Hope you likes. Here's my YouTube park list: http://www.youtube.com/user/Edward256#grid/user/00022BD992C6DCBB Here are some miscellanious coasters: http://www.youtube.com/user/Edward256#grid/user/7E1664B53622599A And here's my entire list of RCT3 stuff: http://www.edwardleuf.org/RCT3/?sort=ExtA&thumbw=128&thumbh=96 Enjoy! /Edward
  19. Hey, that's more info than I got when I asked about Liseberg! Oh well. George, this is a very good recommendation. Come with a friend (whether it be someone on the Trip or not). When I was going to meet TPR at Liseberg, it was said (either in the official Thread or in the FAQs) to bring a friend as the group will split up and there might not be much chance of "hanging out" with the group for long periods of time. I did so, and just by chance I happen to see Robb as I was having a burger so I jumped at the chance, said hi, then Robb had to go his way, and I had to finish my food. I kept an eye open for TPR members, but I was very concentrated on Blue TPR Bags so I might have missed many (for the color had changed and not all were wearing them) and so I didn't find any TPR people for half the time I was in the park. But I wasn't completely bored because I had brought a friend. Then after my friend felt she had enough and went home, I stuck around a little bit longer and finally recognized Big Mike and found that there was this Big Mike group consisting of Dave, Lou, and a few others. Had nice long chats, followed them to the different attractions, and went home when the park closed. Do note that if you are too obnoxious a group may try to lose you, or kill you. Ok, can't confirm this rumor. Robb?
  20. Oh dear. Missed something here. Have been away from this thread for so long. My condolences Big Mike. Hope you feel ok for this year's trip. Sometimes getting out (to new places) can clear a depressed mind. /Edward
  21. I see a big CLUB TPR logo with yellow "Box-spined" tracks running through it. I also see the release date and a itsi-bitsi Facebook icon. Is that correct?
  22. Oh, this sounds very fun indeed. I'd like to join, but I'm spending all my money on some silly trip. /Edward
  23. Aw, no picture of me? Well, I guess if you aren't on the trip you aren't important enough. Anyways, nice TR all around!
  24. Birthday!? DEAR LORD I'm... How many hours late? Oh well, Happy Something Fun! Gotta make a note and get you something fun! ... but what...... /Edward
  25. You know, right there at the Sea World Bubble Excavation site... Looks like you may have activated something. Must be the power of a Mikestery Card. Wonder what would happen if someone removed it.....
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