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  1. I'll see what I can do. I just won't have an entry a couple months; but thats ok. Alright well I guess I'm still in then. lol
  2. I'm sorry but I think I'm going to have to quit. Now that school started its just getting too busy to do extra stuff like this. I kinda had to rush the last one entry. If I keep doing that it won't be my best work..... Nice idea for a contest though! I really like the idea, but its just not going to work out for me.
  3. This looks pretty cool! As for song suggestions, how about "Given Up" by Linkin Park? And if that has to much screaming in it how about "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Can't wait for the coaster to be done!
  4. BLACK FOREST MINE What was once one of the worlds leading mining operations, is now just a few abandond buildings and ruins. What happened? There are still millions of dollars of precious gems inside the mines, but no one has ever dared to enter. The story: Excerpt from a news article, June 1932: So what happened on that tragic day back in 1932? No one knows, but now they are opening the mine again and you are the lead in a search for what happened. Dare to enter? Challenge to End All Challenges3notcorrupt.SV6 Download SCR67.BMP Black Forest looks like night from the forest floor, even on the most sunny day, due to its dense trees. Could that be a clue? SCR66.BMP
  5. ^Okay thanks I think I might do that cause I have A LOT on there....half is my own and the other half are scenarios that contain cs. I'll do that 2morrow afternoon around 3ish (just as a heads up). Thanks again for the awesome suggestion!
  6. I did a sysetem restore (about a month back) and it said it could not be completed because no changes were made. Grrrrr You said about un-installing and re-installing the game? Would I lose my saved scenarios?
  7. This may sound stupid, but if I do this restore, will I lose things that I put on my computer (ex. just got aim, etc.) or will it not touch those things? Thanks in advance
  8. How do I restore the game back to a time when it was working? Thanks for the help.
  9. Ok I'll try that, but what if I lose the July coaster in the process? Am i disqualified?
  10. Everytime I try to build a coaster in the scenario, (right when you click on what type) it says "error trapper- location unknown" or something like that and then the game closes. Any idea what's going on!? Here it is
  11. ^^^Nice coaster! I just started because I had been gone all week. lol
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