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  1. So happy to be reading this!!! I loved Shanghai, can't wait to go back when Disney opens.
  2. ^Just means they'll have to go back so we can go!
  3. Gutted I couldn't make this. I'll get my GeForce credit eventually!
  4. This is probably my favourite TR. Ever.
  5. I'm still gutted I couldn't make this! Great TR Divv!
  6. It was most definitely fear Hanno! Thanks for the awesome memory.
  7. Like others have said, this is also my hands down favourite theme park. It really is such an incredible park. Great updates Divv!
  8. What a great weekend! Nemesis night rides are just bliss! Great report David!
  9. Kawasemi. <3 Getting 30+ rides on it with the other Kawasemi marathon peeps was definitely a highlight of the trip for me! Excellent pictures Hanno.
  10. LOVING the updates Hanno! Great pictures as usual. Really brings back the awesome memories of the trip.
  11. *Eagerly awaiting the appearence from Godzilla* Do you know him Larry?!
  12. I need to get myself on this trip next time it rolls around. Pigeon Forge looks amazing!
  13. I am very jealous I couldn't make it in the end! Looked like an awesome weekend!
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