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  1. I definitely wish that this was Leviathan's layout! Being a Canadian, I'd like to say that Canada's Wonderland is at all up there in my list of parks to visit, but it's just not. 1 very good hyper, one "good" giga coaster and then a record setting number of extremely mediocre rides bar maaaaybe Vortex and Skyrider. Good for Carowinds though The ride looks awesome.
  2. If the actual experience is anything like the Triotech installation at West Edmonton Mall (Interactive "4D" cinema) it is *surprising.* I was blown away by how realistic everything feels in the attraction in Galaxyland. And they actually already have a Zombie themed film which was my favourite of the ones I watched!
  3. Roller coaster deaths per year on average, including people with pre-existing conditions or situations where it was the rider's fault: 3 Deaths from car accidents in 2010 according to WHO: 1.24 million. 115 people die per day in the US alone from car accidents... This is the overreaction of the century!
  4. I loves me some Fatburger. Their fries are amazing as well, and I love the chipotle mayo dip. I love their turkey burgers.
  5. I'm rather surprised the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark didn't make it into the top 25 North American water parks.
  6. I think this looks absolutely stellar!!! 2 significant air time pops and what looks like a solid amount of positive Gs! Alton Towers is #1 on my "parks to go to" list. Which unfortunately is rather long.
  7. If they hit 130,000 they're going to create a Mac version. I'm a Mac user as well but they need monetary support in order to re-write the game for the Mac. You can revoke your donation before the end date if it doesn't get anywhere close.
  8. As it says on the Kickstarter, if they reach 130,000 they will be able to release a Mac version of the game. Otherwise the release will be PC only. So if you want to see a Mac version, make sure you pledge.
  9. I'll be funding this! I really hope they hit the Mac version stretch tier!
  10. I'm a total coaster noob, but Mindbender at Galaxyland's third loop pulls an obnoxiously large amount of G force. Or the whole ride backwards.
  11. This ride is absolutely gorgeous. I'm very envious of anybody on the midwest trip! I wish I could go!
  12. I don't have anything to compare it to, but the "Space Shot" at Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall is actually a 120 ft. Double Shot tower. All I can tell you is I love it. Haha.
  13. Anybody else super pumped to see how Naughty Dog's new game The Last of Us turns out?
  14. Steve changed the world. Celebrity deaths don't upset me normally, but I am genuinely shaken up by this. There will never be another Steve Jobs.
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