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  1. Are these light packages or trims? They popped up sometime in the last 3 months and I haven't heard anything about it.
  2. On behalf of the person in this picture (who is banned on this forum) I'd like to share this lovely shot of Chuck.
  3. The tiny 6 seater launched Maurer X-Cars are puny and apparently pack a punch. Kanonen, probably the tightest launched coaster outside of Maurer. Euro-Star, that crazy traveling Intamin AG invert that got lost in the folds of time. Basically anything at Grona Lund, especially Twister because of the unique layout that had to fit on top of pre-existing buildings. Hell, any of the large Zacspins are pretty much the highest track length to footprint ratio of any closed circuit coaster out there. As for B&Ms, I'm sure there's nothing more compact than Daemonen.
  4. 1. Yes. But I should probably turn it off, it messes with my bandwidth. 2. No, facebook is usually for personal stuff. 3. News stories, maybe if somebody I knew got interviewed/featured or something. 4. I usually skip intros, get to a POV if there is one, and move on. 5. Very. If it looks irrelevant to the title I usually skip it. 6. I hate having the same few stories show up in my newsfeed from having friends with similar interests who share from the same sources. Don't use facebook that often though. 7. Please post more construction updates.
  5. This really looks like Iron Shark if it was on steroids. Love the way it's come together. Also, what do you guys think of Samurai?
  6. Got to ride the one at Lagoon last summer and I can definitely say that they're fun. They're only intense if you find disorientation intense, but I don't, so it was actually kind of a relaxing ride. OTSRs are a little uncomfortable and there's a goddamn piece of plastic for head comfort behind you, but otherwise it's a near perfect ride. Second best flat at Lagoon next to Samurai IMO and there's not a whole lot else to say about them.
  7. Do we have an official degree count as to how steep the drop is? It has to be close to if not past 120.
  8. It's a delicate task, that's for sure. Lagoon did it really well with Bombora though. It's smooth, has comfortable restraints, fast dispatch times, and it's just a hell of a whole lot of fun. I wish parks would get this instead of Vekoma roller skaters.
  9. I may have contracted cancer by looking at this picture. Nice report though, glad to see I'm not the only one who actually enjoyed Apocalypse and Riddler's Revenge a ton.
  10. You do realize that they'd have to redesign much of the trains if they were to replace the restraint system, right? Maybe even the brakes too. Dat page number get though.
  11. The holding brake and the drop from it are easily the best part of Steel Venom, it being one of the bumpier Intamin Impulses around. The vertical twist almost hurts.
  12. Knott's: The indoor plunge on their log ride Cedar Point: Maverick's beyond vertical, front row of back car Valleyfair: Wild Thing's first drop, back row Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Iron Rattler's Quarry Dive, back seat Disneyland/DCA: First full length drop on TZToT WDW: See Above SFMM: Tatsu's dive into the pretzel roll, third row USO/IOA: HRRR's first drop, third row
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257068107 No Limits 2 is finally making its way onto Steam, given that you vote for it. It's basically the same version as the one many of you got on the official site, but wouldn't it be nice to have workshop support, automatic updates, and easier mod support and file imports? And Steam Sales? Of course it would be. Log into Steam and vote for it.
  14. Holy hell I love that mini log flume idea. Why haven't more parks gotten those yet? They look like a perfect addition to pretty much any kids area.
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