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  1. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster- Movie World Austrailia has the car eaten by an idol.
  2. Just wait a few years. How about Luna Park coming into NYC?
  3. I think Kings Island is getting a B&M invert, since besides Valleyfair, Kings Island is the only Cedar Fair park without a complete circuit inverted coaster with inversions.
  4. What is your "favorite" park Mr. Alvey? I don't mean "favorite" as in the park you like the most, but in which park is the most important to you?
  5. Good news is that Disney is responding: http://www.today.com/news/undercover-disney-deplorable-scheme-skip-lines-6C10131266
  6. I think Alton Towers has a winner here! In my opinion it perfectly fits the area left by the former Black Hole coaster.
  7. Yes, both the family slides are RTM. What does RTM mean? Is it a manufacturer, or is it a production method? RTM is a fiberglass production method that uses injection into a two sided mold rather than spraying the fiberglass onto the mold. RTM allows for both the inside of the slide and the outside to be smooth and have the shiny finish. The older method is shiny and smooth on the inside but the outer side of the slide has a dull-surface that you can see the fiberglass fibers…does that make sense? Yes it does. Thank you very much.
  8. Yes, both the family slides are RTM. What does RTM mean? Is it a manufacturer, or is it a production method?
  9. It's too early to jump to conclusions. KD didn't get I305 track until late July of 2009. Too soon to call it.
  10. It seems that this new knockoff had a slower pace than that of Colossus version.
  11. I never knew Disney used dry ice to keep food cold. At Cedar Fair, they used ice to cool food.
  12. Then why doesn't the park manage who has access to the dry ice then? With such a dangerous object, couldn't the park safeguard their supplies in a better manner?
  13. I used to work at a Cedar Fair park, and workers would always be subjected to bag checks. Most likely, the CM went through a security checkpoint.
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