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  1. A nice little surprise for me was a Danny Boyle film called "Sunshine". It was very creepy, scary, suspenseful, and well written. It may have crept into my top ten. And I have a 3 way tie for my favorite movie ever: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Pulp Fiction, and the Prestige. I can't decide.
  2. I didn't meet him since he was in a pissy mood, but I got within 5 feet of Tiger Woods on multiple occasions at the Deutsche Bank Championship on Friday.
  3. In no particular order: Raiders of the Lost Ark The Good The Bad and The Ugly The Prestige Memento Up Ratatouille Wall-E There Will Be Blood No Country for Old Men 2001: A Space Odyssey
  4. Saw Bob Dylan with John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson, and they were all awesome.
  5. They'd probably use the Prometheus mountain from Tokyo, but if it's Beastly Kingdom, I'd imagine that they'd maybe lean a little further away from the Jules Verne theme of Mysterious Island. It's not that weird, they're just starting to pull out the big guns to compete with Potter. Well, last time I checked, that was the plan for the next few years, but I heard that they'd just build an Indy dark ride rather than Star Wars. I don't see why Disney hasn't done a lot with Star Wars though, it's not like it's the biggest movie franchise of all tme or anything... Imagine how awesome AK would look with 3 "peaks"... Journey, Tree of Life and then Everest..... that's some awesome photo ops from the parking lot right there.
  6. Even though it's just a Screamscape rumor, I still almost had a heart attack.
  7. A Glade scented plug in candle?
  8. I used to always win and lose little scrambles in elementary school, but in recent years (6th grade- now), I'm undefeated. Last year some kid puched me in the back of the bead, then I grabbed his hood and dragged his face on the table and the floor. I also took him out in one punch a few days earlier. I haven't been in a fight for a while. I don't really care for them, I never start them.
  9. ^^ Yeah, but it was also their first album in 8 years so they aren't too consistent. They have found a new audience since their heyday though.
  10. I want the name of the bird, and bonus points go to the person who can guess the country in which it is the national bird.
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