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  1. I must laugh at the fact the NZ got more points than Italy in there group. This pleased me and the rest of the country.
  2. I would just like to take this opportnuity to say SUCK IT ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the top 10 upsets of world cup history. All from a tiny country with a population less than the population of football players in the current world champions. Zane "GO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!" Williams
  3. I'm a Gleek as well, Even though I live in New Zealand, I watch it online every week.
  4. I dislike the fact that its freezing and the fire alarm in my building went off last night
  5. I Found a Pussy card from Hong Kong at work tonight! I was happy .MLIA TPR Styles
  6. ^ Agreed. Any who.... I want an ice cream so I'm going to Fix and getting one even though its the middle of winter and its raining. Then when I Get back ill witr more of my Report.
  7. Dear Statistics Canada. I Love you. That is all Love Zane
  8. Do you take gift cards? Yup as long as its to a ski field in New Zealand
  9. Anybody want to give me money so I can go snowboarding?
  10. Look at me! I'm the first non-Brazilian person to travel backwards through time!
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