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  1. ^No no. I know that. I'm talking about the scenario where you have to build a park in SFMM from scratch.
  2. Any suggestions for beating the Build Your Own SFMM scenario? This is the only scenario I've yet to ever beat. I've tried multiple strategies, minimizing and maximizing the loan but I can't ever seem to get past a park value of $600K before the whole park goes in the tank. I've noticed building the Six Flags branded rides helps a bit more but after about Year 4 park's rating falls and I can't attract new guests even with marketing campaigns. Thoughts?
  3. ^Correct. That's all I can say about that. In other SFA news, the park has written a unique Holiday greeting while the management offices are closed for the Holidays. If you're a fan of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", you'll appreciate this. Call the park's main number to hear the special holiday message (301.249.1500)
  4. ^I dont think you were even alive when he got arrested...
  5. I'm no good at reading minds however Sandor was the Intamin/Intaride's rep at I305's Media Day. I don't know if "wasn't proud" is the right expression but maybe just a bit uncomfortable as he probably saw the question coming a mile away.
  6. I'm coming to the party a day late but here goes. Did anyone else notice the Pepsi Wheel that was slated for Xandu (Meadowlands) back on page 7 on Premier's booth? Weren't there rumblings not too long ago that the mall project was back on track? If so, any chance of that Wheel still being built?
  7. ^If the rumors hold true, SFA is going to have to refurb a lot of those rides, again, as they have distinctive TT characteristics to them. I think it's blantantly obvious where SFA's 2011 capital budget is going. Anyone wonder why they haven't announced anything new for the park in 2011 while the nearly everyone else in the chain has? This SFAFanboy isn't upset about getting shafted anymore. I'm use to it by now.
  8. Agreed. I still think TPR personals would be an awesome idea! Thank you! I've really been blessed in that I really had two of the best Fairy God Parents any gay boy could ever want. They taught me to be more tolerant of others especially those within the GLBTQ community. Nearly twelve years later, I still kind of feel that is one of the primary reasons the gays can't get anything accomplished in this country. We're too busy slamming one another instead of uniting as one to fight for the same cause, equality, while our opponents have no issue rallying together to deny us just tha
  9. Being a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan (yes, we exist) and a former resident in Fort Lauderdale, I'm kind of outraged towards the FAA because their reasoning for not taking the O's for another fifteen year contract was that they wanted to tear down the baseball stadium to build a new runway. Since leaving FLL in 2007, FLL is my home away from home. Kind of sad that I get down there often and I can't see my O's in the late winter months. For Schlitterbahn, I think this is a great location. Conviently located right off I-95, not too far from the Florida Turnpike, and have a very l
  10. Not at all. I'm actually really attracted to fem guys. Most people don't look at me and think "gay" when they see me. Don't get me wrong, I have my gurrrrl moments but usually not unless I'm around close friends. I try to be open-minded and respect everyone despite our differences. I accept everyone. Even gun toting conservatives and trannies.
  11. Negative. I'm not one of those homos. No Gaga for me. No thanks.
  12. Georgie's Alibi Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale), $3 22 oz. Long Island Ice Tea Night, every Thursday night. Place I want to go most: Southern CA and hit all the parks!
  13. I finally added an avatar just a few moments ago. My avatar goes along with my screen name. I am a Graduate from Jim Evan's Academy of Professional Umpiring, class of 1999. I have a Major League Baseball Umpiring Certification. While I'm no longer umpiring in Professional Baseball (Minor Leagues to Major Leagues), I'm still very proud of the accomplishment.
  14. Ahhh spoken just like the natives would say it in Doswell. Good times.
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