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  1. ^ Ride layout and surroundings look quite nice, however, I'm not entirely sure about the Looping Roller Coaster track...not sure if someone has suggested this but maybe B&M track would be better suited, or merging the loop onto the Giga Coaster track. It's just that with the limits of NCS, the supports look a little too bulky in my opinion for the track that you're using. Theme is western I'm assuming? I really like the bridge on first glance, but the wooden blocks for bridge supports don't really flow that nicely, maybe the mine theme wooden blocks instead?
  2. Really enjoying Death in Paradise at the moment, with the guy from Johnny English (the assistant, can't remember his name). Have also been overly obsessed with Qi, which has become one of my favourite shows of ALL TIME! Absolutely love it.
  3. ^Quite intrigued Uhm, don't think I'll be back from my hiatius any time soon, however, I have been playing around with RCT2, and kinda wanted to show something, considering I haven't been on the forums for over a year now... Something...
  4. When I try step 11, it comes up with an error, I'm not sure what is going on (trying to install the RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack) It happens after I select the "setup.exe" Any way you could help?
  5. Really well produced and easy to follow guide! Love these kind of things, and wish that more of them were on the forums. I look forward to using some of these designs in my own parks Edit: Very excited for the Dreierlooping btw!
  6. TLM, will the pacing of the coaster affect the score? I've got a layout that I'm comfortable with and can theme well enough, but there are a couple of areas where the pacing is pretty poor (I've had to add lift hills...)
  7. Was thinking about scrapping my project last night, but this afternoon, I rediscovered my previous joy for playing and building RCT2 the way I wanted to... So I have a new picture for you all Overview, pretty much all I have so far
  8. Obviously unfinished, practically nothing is done lol but I wanted to at least show you all that I am still kind-of playing RCT2 And yes, I do only have 2 tunnels A little bit of the layout, going to be a mining theme... (sorry for the bad detail, playing with higher screen res.)
  9. Not really into RCT2 at the moment, but you can put me down as a ? I might be able to whip something up...
  10. No comments? Anyways... Dmaxsba2408 - Not sure what you mean by corrugated metal wall, maybe you could post a pic. Thanks for your comment on the building! Kraken & Manta: Thank you, glad you found it CC9 - Thank you! Cavs Fan - Thanks
  11. Hello again! Although work has been quite slow and updates few and far between, I think I have something to get everyone into the park again. The new ride is a log flume (again in the Water Park) and will be the final non-flat ride inside the water park. So, without further ado, I give you....a teaser What's this?! Looking forward to your thoughts. -Trevor Harrison
  12. Unfortunately it has not been a very productive couple of weeks, however, I do have a couple pictures of recent construction, including basic theming on Wave Runner and a new ride in the water park! Quite basic, just the beginning of something big I hope... I love the path That's all for now, see you next time -Trevor Harrison
  13. Now for some responses... dmaxsba2408 - btw I'm going to need you to fix the guest problem again, or could you please send me a pm of how to do it Mastersax68 - Thank you, and I have changed the supports now Dotrobot - Okay, thanks for the comment (glad you liked Project S )
  14. Despite a heated argument with the owners of the park we came to an agreement as to what pictures I would show today. As long as the entire layout of Wave Runner is shown I can show one teaser picture just to get your taste-buds tingling! Now on to some pictures... Entire layout, although short, this ride is sure to surprise with some tight turns. Get your photo taken at the on-ride photo section! (this ones for you dmaxsba ) What's this?! That's all for now, hope to see you all again soon -Trever Harrison
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