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  1. I must laugh at the fact the NZ got more points than Italy in there group. This pleased me and the rest of the country.
  2. I would just like to take this opportnuity to say SUCK IT ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the top 10 upsets of world cup history. All from a tiny country with a population less than the population of football players in the current world champions. Zane "GO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!" Williams
  3. I'm a Gleek as well, Even though I live in New Zealand, I watch it online every week.
  4. I dislike the fact that its freezing and the fire alarm in my building went off last night
  5. I Found a Pussy card from Hong Kong at work tonight! I was happy .MLIA TPR Styles
  6. ^ Agreed. Any who.... I want an ice cream so I'm going to Fix and getting one even though its the middle of winter and its raining. Then when I Get back ill witr more of my Report.
  7. Dear Statistics Canada. I Love you. That is all Love Zane
  8. Do you take gift cards? Yup as long as its to a ski field in New Zealand
  9. Anybody want to give me money so I can go snowboarding?
  10. Look at me! I'm the first non-Brazilian person to travel backwards through time!
  11. Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan
  12. Ok i'm now guessing Manchester, UK. Purely because Lou has a Macbook and hasn't participated in this thread so far.
  13. Im to say Gold Coast, Australia. They could be flying to Auckland from on Air New Zealand then to Gold Coast Airport on them as well.
  14. Right. It's moving day today. Goodbye Levin you will not be missed.
  15. All packed and ready to move to wellington in a couple of days
  16. Chocolate is the happy food! It makes you happy!
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