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  1. Any idea when the places are being announced? The sooner we can book flights, the cheaper!
  2. So if I got this right, the deposit for both would be $400, 1st payment would be $1500, and final would be $1525? That brings the total to $3425 ish. Hmmmm...
  3. Must have missed it, back to the flyers I go! (on a side note, GO FLYERS! )
  4. I am very interested in doing both the US tours! But ofcourse, I need to do some financial fiddeling, so any idea how much the other payments will be? And do you know if it is cheaper or not to pre book an internal flight (say from Newark up to Buffalo) with the international flight, or can it be done cheaper from within the US itself?
  5. NOOOO! I just looked up the results for where I live, we have gone Tory! Someone, hold me... On the plus side, the BNP is yet to win any seats, after 605 constituencies, and with only 50 odd to go, I hope they stay that way! So far the Conservatives hold the majority, but overall, we have a hung parliament. Gordon Brown is still in charge for now
  6. Labour are in the lead at the moment, with 3 constituencies under their belt. Voters in Hackney are causing a riot because a load of people turned up just before the polling stations closed, leaving them standing around, unable to vote
  7. Today is a big day in the UK politics world, the day of the General Election! After 13 years of a Labour government, hopefully today we shall see some change! During Labours term in power, they have introduced almost 1 law a day, from big ones like 'no public smoking' to small, petty ones like 'You can't look at a child unless you have a million background checks, are a eunuch, and are wearing a hi-viz jacket'. So, like the American elections, today is the day for change! (but hopefully not Tory change, eugh...) Voting has been going on all day, with the first results coming in at roughly 2220 later tonight. The predicted result is a Hung Parliament, where no party has overall majority. I don't know what this entails exactly, maybe someone can enlighten me, but it sounds like it will head for some more interesting debates in the House of Commons over the next few months until a leader is elected! The three main parties in the running are Labour (Gordon Brown, red), Conservative, or Tory (David Cameron, blue) and the Liberal Democrats (Nick Clegg, orange) As long as the British Nationalist Party (BNP) don't gain any seats, the election will be a good one, and if the Tories don't win a majority, even better! So, my fellow UK TPR people, if you haven't voted yet, scoot on out to your local poling station and TICK THOSE BOXES! (no.. not those ones...) Tune in again at 2AM to find out who wins! (I think that might be 9pm New York time, I dunno) For those interested... Lib Dem Manifesto here Labour Manifesto here Conservative Manifesto here UKIP Manifesto here Green Party Manifesto here BNP Background (website is down) here
  8. I am going to Alton Towers tomorrow, and it has been raining solid all day, and will tomorrow, YEAH!
  9. The coil that generates smoke/steam in model trains?
  10. I just spent the last 2 days watching Lost season 5 back to back... Can't wait till the new series! And for those of you who might have forgotten it, I present a treat! http://www.thehansofoundation.org/adkahdskja2897429834ahjkncawuye32782374/ See if you can remember how to use the site...
  11. http://www.eazyfood.com/2009/11/s-baggers-le-resto-sans-serveurs.html It's all in French, but you can get the gist of it from the pictures and videos. Maybe make a stop on the Euro 2010 trip?
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