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  1. Hopefully my gift makes it here while I am away for the first week of school. I am starting to worry.
  2. well i didn't get my secret santa gift yet, but the postal service is to blame for that one probably! With a blizzard due to hit tomorrow, one can only hope.
  3. Good to know that my secret Santa got their gift! Now I just hope mine comes before Christmas.
  4. Hope my secret Santa gift arrives soon, I am dying in anticipation.
  5. To Whom it may concern, The greatness that is the Secret Santa gift I am working on will be composed and shipping on Monday 12/3! Hope you Enjoy the Awesomeness that will be had! Merry ChrisHanKwansivus to all and a happy December 21, 2012!
  6. ^ I go to Purdue, and am also a Colts Fan. I would rather be in Italy, but you know what, I will take what I can get!
  7. Ok, I was a lurker last year, time to totally get involved this year! My interests are Disney Parks (ex-cast member), All music, Movie buff, park map collector, coin collector, fireworks, comedy. Pretty much anything at all! Looking forward to some ChrisHanKwansivus fun!
  8. Thanks, A.J. I want to put my best foot forward on this one!
  9. Yes, if you could fix this, that would be awesome. I have no expansion packs, just good old basic RCT2. I have some good ideas for this park!
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