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  1. Trying to plan this same kind of trip in May. BBQ and roller coasters, I cant wait!
  2. Awesome news!!! Still haven't rode Twisted Colossus so this is another reason to get back to Magic Mountain.
  3. That would be awesome if we got an S&S Giant Swing, I love those rides. Unfortunately that will never happen. I don't even think Six Flags has ever purchased one. I would really like to see a Water Coaster for HH. Just like Wildebeast at Holiday World. I am all for water park update. A water slide complex would be a great addition also. Something like this
  4. Awesome photos man. Makes me really miss Disney World. Hope I can get out there next year for Halloween.
  5. Awesome so far Larry. Looking forward to the rest of the updates!!
  6. I have not been but I have his cookbook and his specialty is brisket. His name is Aaron Franklin and owns Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. But you better get there early because the line starts forming at like 8am. He also talks about other BBQ joints in his cookbook outside of Austin called Smitty's Market, Kreuz Markets, City Market, Louie Mueller Barbecue, and Southside Market. Oops just read that you already plan to visit Smitty's and Kreuz. Sounds like a good time enjoy Larry!! This is his cookbook
  7. From breaking your ankle at the beginning of the summer and knowing that all your coaster plans are ruined.
  8. Went to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time on Friday was pretty much done with the coasters in almost an hour. Got there at opening and walked on everything. Loved Lightning Run, amazing airtime. Thunder Run really surprised me. What a great wooden roller coaster. T3 was still bad even with the new restraints. But still an improvement from the old SLC restraints. Will definitely do the water park next time I visit and for the new RMC. Really did enjoy Kentucky Kingdom, park is really going in the right direction.
  9. Thanks for sharing going to Kentucky Kingdom and Beech Bend in the first week of August.
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