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  1. I really liked Volume 8! I was fun to watch even if I wasn't on the trip But I still like Vol. 4 the best. It has nothing to do with quality, humor, editing, filming. I cant explain it. Maybe it is because those were just US parks (excluding Canada). And maybe it was because it was just you guys doing the trips. I don't know, it is really hard for me to explain. It just seemed to be more of a trip from park to park, and more of like a journey. Not that your new ones aren't...its hard to explain. Maybe you should do separate DVDs for trips. Like in 2005, if you had all your
  2. For pics- Put them into paint and use the 'Attributes' to 'stretch and skew' your image. Once you have it the right size then save it to a JPEG and go to file upload, at the bottom of the page when you post. For Files- Same thing, go to the 'upload' thing at the bottom of the page when posting. And upload your file into there. Then "add attachment' then post your post. Its really easy. But you should at least upload the track file.
  3. I think red and black looks better then any other color on black. Black, IMO, is the best background for photos. But I do like the yellow print on your newer pages. It makes it easier to read.
  4. Ameican Eagle Red side. In 2003, the ride was sort of rough and barely had airtime. Now the ride has ejector air before the helix and after the helix....and theres alot.
  5. so are you still doing those TPR thongs in spring Just a suggestion, but when the next TPR shirts come around, do you think there would be a chance of a long sleeve shirt?
  6. I just hit 6' 4.5" which means I cant go on most Intamin rides anymore. And pretty much any flat with OTSRs
  7. No one wants to own parks anymore. To them it seems like a really risky business. And with all the lawsuits that are going on. Parks don't want to deal with it. Or in some cases the parks are just in bad areas. The parks doesn't get a new ride in a few years, people stop coming, then they build another ride to attract more people. Well it catches up to them when they stop building new rides and people stop coming. Because they built all these new rides so fast without worrying about quality and then they need all these employees. They don't get enough workers, then rides close, then th
  8. The capacity isn't that low. I mean for a flat ride its pretty good. But the thing is, if it will be installed in a park, then there would be some capacity issues. But it would be fine for a fair or something. Also, I didn't find the mixer that bad. It was actually a lot of fun.
  9. ^That just made me feel so much better! I might be able to save up enough money before hand now. First car payments, Then Trip
  10. Mine is my friend Matt. I go to all the 'area' parks with him and weve been doing that for 3 years. Heres a pic of us at Mt Olympus.
  11. Im actually surprised that Hades and Avalanche are still on the top 25. Both rides really have lost there fame and yet they are still popular. Also, wasn't Cyclops on the top 25 last year? Strange...
  12. wait, I am clueless about this..... Is this real or something? If it is awsome.....if not, well I am too stupid to think that it was real.
  13. I have a question... What if we only order 2 DVD's. Is there any 'sale' or like a free shirt, instead of a DVD?
  14. Yeah, that one front building is still from Shockwave. But the rest is all either new or moved and re painted. Because, S:UF actually has grass around it . One more thing I remembered was riding 'Condor' and seeing Shockwave going through the first loop. That was one of SFGAm's signature shots one almost all of there commercials. The condor up at full height and the train going in the first loop.
  15. well surprisingly, I got a tracking number and the order is confirmed. So now, I hope that it gets shipped right! I mean, there were minimal problems, that were listed, with shipping so I think I'm OK. I mean, the problems that were stated are solved on my order. I hope Im one of those lucky people who get a good deal
  16. Thats why it feels like the train rolls back and gives out on the Demon now But yeah, I loved this ride. I remember waiting no more then 10 mins for it and it was always memorable sight when going into the park. Since the first time Ive been to the park, I always remember seeing Shockwaves blue track and huge white supports when driving down the road. That was how we knew we were close, when we saw the Sky Tower and Shockwave. Shockwave is the most memorable thing in my mind when I think of SFGAm. I also remember walking back to the car after closing and watching the last cycles on S
  17. So I went to http://www.refurbdepot.com looking for a DCR-HC32. And I ordered the camera and got a confirmation e-mail. But when I looked at the email, it still said that it was still processing. There were many bad rating about the site saying that the site had... -bad customer service -horrible tracking info -doesn't take care of needs So has any else form here ordered anything from this site. Because it was my last resort because it was the only store selling either a (HC30, HC32, HC40, HC42)...for under $400.
  18. I snowboard at a resort by my house. I also, go down this big ass hill tubing next to our high school which is really fun. It is in a valley so you don't have to walk that far at the bottom of the hill We also go driving on some good airtime hills by my house which is fun. We go in my friends jeep which is REALLY heavy. So when you go over them, you get tons of ejector air. We tried it in a car, but it was just like weightless which isn't that fun. Once we got a pop (in the jeep)that was compared to hades, last seat, second hill on the double down, before the lift. It felt like -2
  19. Yeah, it's definetly a one trick pony. Though that one moment is one of the biggest WTF moments I've ever had. Agreed. It really looks like a nothing ride. That last drop doesn't even look all that special. But, it delivers one of the most terrifying coaster moments around. I really like rides that look lame, but wind up rocking, like Cornball Express. Who would have thought that little kiddie looking coaster wouid rock so much? Am I the ONLY one who thinks Cyclops has moments other than the third drop? It might just be that I'm so light (19 years old and only 126 pounds)
  20. what Ive always wondered was, where do you get your music. Is it from random sources? Because sometimes, I cant find a song that you use. So do you buy japanease CDs online or something?
  21. how was Robb able to film that one at the Puyallup fair? Because when I rode it, it seems like it would be impossible to hang on to something.
  22. I think they should put the "El Paso Special" ride in there! It should go there and Knotts
  23. Its just name! There are also restaurants called Pedro's....there's a body shop caller Pedro's.... I don't see the problem!
  24. they used to have these by our old church that we lived by. It was a maze that had different paths and stuff. And if you went on the wrong path, then you were sent to the 'hell' room. You had choices like "would you rather go to a party with friends, or, have family time"? Then you would walk to a new area and then they would ask you "do you like to date people for fun"? Then if you answered a, to them wrong answer, then you would go to hell. I remember, we would purposely go to the hell and then just hang out in there because it was just a big smoky red room with a fake torch. We sa
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