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  1. oh this "lightning lane" scheme was great, just so easy to get reservations all throughout the day and evening. Sunday afternoon: 12:30pm cali screamin -> 2pm gotg + 2:30pm spider-man -> 4pm toy story midway mania -> 6pm splash mountain PLUS a 5:20pm rise of the resistance -> 8pm grizzly river run -> 9pm world of color -> 10:45pm space mountain!!! other thoughts: * "45 min" wait for rise of the resistance!! (just outside the caves, we waited twice and used two lighting lanes over the two days!) * Easy to get into the cantina bar around 9pm Sat off the app waitlist!!! * Best way to fly the falcon: after visiting the cantina, during the fireworks, oh I crashed so many times
  2. first trip with "lightning lane" coming up It SEEMS from my disneyland app scouting that lighting lane reservations are available though the afternoon and evening!!
  3. looks hella fun!!! I don't know if it will be on the table for the next trip, just too much to do already between wdw and universal, but depending on availability i'll drop the ~$4k. If the "day trip" to hollywood studios includes "special versions" of rise of the resistance / millennium falcon it may tip the scales...
  4. im "working remote" today so I'm in line for railblazer (while on the phone vpn) , they are sending trains very well!
  5. oh a great morning at DCA, super quick to get in, I think I was in the web slinger line by 9am with boarding pass group 11🕷🕸🕸 I've gotten boarding passes at both noon windows, and 1 out of 3 for boarding passes at 7am. hopefully my partner makes it in by noon for a shot at rise of the resistance!!! update: well my partner didn't make it in until 3pm, but I got a Rise boarding pass! it seems like it's the "full experience" but we where moved passed the first show room as it was coming back from a downtime overall very good trip!!! love the mobile ordering and losing fastpass wasn't too bad (it feels like we traded ride fastpass for food fastpass )
  6. I'm going 14th 15th and 16th and now Disney got me playing the boarding pass practice game every day at noon I got 6 shots at the slot machine, I won the lottery for one of the Tokyo Disneyland shows over 4 days, I'm feeling good about this one!
  7. yeah I love walk around drinks but if I’m at pandemic Disneyland I can stay at my spot.
  8. I'm not feeling too good about the area right around Disneyland right now, but hopefully the mouse company can scare anyone into wearing the mask who even thinks they're want to go to Disneyland.
  9. social distancing for smoking area! embed wasn't working, photo by @tayokoo1 photo by @tayokoo1 -- img of TDR smoking area with social distance markings
  10. oh I'm excited ! I love the "look" of the movie, I'm hoping the creative team gets the budget to really capture the animation and mannerisms of all the characters. I wonder if they will use some of the "2d" ideas from Mickey and Minnie's railway.
  11. I'm not going to visit places running the "SeaWorld" system. The "Universal" system seems to work (at least as well as before ), hopefully it's what everyone not open yet is going to do!
  12. I'd like to do a Disneyland trip in mid-Aug, 3-4 weeks after. For Six Flags and such, I'll prob end up going a few weeks after opening, if I have a quiet day at "work"
  13. I asked a cast member as we were going though security, and they said you have to be in Disneyland.
  14. if there's an expansion to the bath house, I'll be back!
  15. Still boarding group only, we got 74 on Saturday when I was a little slow but with no hiccups. Sunday I didn't do the "try to make a fastpass with Maxpass" part and ended up with 107. I had to back out of the one screen, get the first Maxpass screen where you pick the people in your group, then go back to the "get the boarding group" screen. People where in line near Star Tours to get a boarding group in person, I was on my phone by Astro Orbiter and people where definitely cheering from over there!
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