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  1. I kind of have the same problem but I think it is due to my Wide Angle lens. When ever I use it it look out of focus and blurry. Do you think it is due to the quality of the lens or something. What brand of Wide Angle lenses do you use with your DCR-HC30/32 ?
  2. you just need practice..you will get better with time. It wasn't that bad, you just need to smooth out your transitions. Using AHG and elementary will help you make custom elements that will work for your track. If you use the pre-made elements, they sometimes don't work with the height and speed of the train.
  3. "Adobe premier" is good for pros but is very expensive. $100+ A good beginner software is "Pinnacle Studio". Or you can always start off with "Windows Movie Maker" but the quality isnt that good when using effects.
  4. Short but sweet! if you were to change anything about it, you should add more airtime. Even if its not "bunny hills" but some direction changes in the helix's and make a pop of air.
  5. that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I mean, I'm sure the screaming can be as bad as a busy freeway. Plus, who cares if it is lit up! Don't look at it! They could in-close the gondolas with glass or something transparent.
  6. wow, this thread was reborn! I really didnt know what I was thinking back then I was just really freaked out about germs. And yeah, in wisconsin there are farms all over...and today we had out windows open and a farm smell came in out house from a breeze.
  7. your track work was great, but the supports were a little weird. There were some very close calls with the hand rails. And just the theming of the ride was a little differnt. IMO, the track was awsome....but the idea was strange. But overall it was good!
  8. I think you just notice it more on a stand up coaster because well, your not sitting. So you are higher off the track, so the top half of your body wants to lift up. Or it might have something to do with the train slowing down due to the size of the train in the wind. Because I have always wondered why stand ups and floorlesses inversion get noticeably shorter. Instead of each element being almost the same height.
  9. I really liked it. But yeah the more time you put in it the better it will get. I can never spend more then like an hour on a coaster. So now i have like 30 uncompleted tracks that I just stopped. Heres one of them... dodge sux.nltrack
  10. Im 6'5" (now) and it is very uncomfortable to ride almost any OTSR ride. I now dont even try riding most Arrows, V2/wicked twister, B&M inverts, vekoma kiddy suspended coasters. I feel that the Intamin OTSRs are much more comfortable and give me alot of room. I dont have any problem riding with them...there better then those stupid leg things that they put on S:ROS after the acident.
  11. ^yeah, I could actually wear shorts and a t-shirt all day today...without getting wet But just watch, we are going to get snow in a few weeks The only thing I don't like is the humidity. I walked outside this morning and was like "hmmm, this is pretty warm". Then I went running and was like "wow, i am really sweaty right now"...and then I jumped in a pond by our house and was like "wow, this water is really cold". -You can never have anything perfect in Wisconsin
  12. ^there might be some kind of screen capture program out there.... I looked but only could really find FRAPS, which is for games. I will keep looking though.
  13. yeah, the weather is kind of bad around this time. You don't know whether to wear a coat or shorts. And I agree with the whole theme park things. You got SFGAm, and WI Dells like 3 hours apart...I have never went from the dells to SF in one drive but its pretty close, i think. But we have bad teams, expensive stadium with no use. The only thing good is... -Culver's -WI State Fair -Dells -Close to SFGAm But yeah, I fell like moving out of here.... UPDATE: Southeast Wisconsin has a dense fog warning!!![/i]
  14. ^^I have never seen that before. But I have never asked though either. But i would have told the people doing it to get out of there. You would be surprised at the amount of people that "don't know there breaking rules" or "get scared if someone sees them". And if they mouth off to you, you will have a better description and another reason for them to get in trouble.
  15. I really don't see the point in fighting over whether fast passes are good or not. But IMO, they do make the wait for the rest of the people worse. If you had a family of 4 (lets say two kids 6 and 12). Now, the 6 year old wont want to go on the rides the rest of the family does. Now the 12 year old might want to go on some of the kid rides with the 6 year old. The two kids aren't old enough to stay by themselves...so a parent might stay with each kid. One pair going on big rides, and the other pair going on some thrill rides. Now, the parents might switch of taking the older kid on the
  16. see its people like that that ruin it for people who are safe. If you look at You Tube there are many dumb (middleschooler 'ish') people who film with there phone. And you can Tell that ALL of the time they snuck it on. And that is bad for us 'geeky safe enthusiasts' who want to do it for a hobby and will be responsible.
  17. I looked but they are all used, some new but expensive. I never really ordered from Ebay before. So I guess I could give it a try. But I just dont want to be jacked. Or get a item that only last for another 2 months.
  18. does anyone even know where to buy a DCR-HC32 anymore??? Or any DCR-HC (20,21,30,32,40,42)? Have they become extinct because I looked everywhere, and I bought a HC32 refurbed....but anywhere else? Because I would like to get a back up camera of the same model.
  19. I have a nice batch of videos that I am posting in a few weeks. I am putting water marks on all of them so that way no on will try to steal it. The water mark will just be a picture of me on the top right corner. I had someone steal my trampoline video that was on here. I was looking for funny videos on YouTube and I saw my video. I posted a link of the actual video from here as a comment.....He then deleted it.
  20. Mega Pixels don't mean much when taking clear photos. I don't know much about cameras but I think it is your shutter speed. If your pictures are blurry, your shutter speed is to slow. I have a 1 Mega Pixel camera and that's all I need to get nice photos. For a clear picture, I have to have my flash on all the time. That way the shutter is very fast. But it all depends on your camera.
  21. At least for Iraq, there is a easy way to settle the draft argument.....leave. I mean, didn't Bush want to send 600,000 more troops to Iraq by next year? I don't want to get in a huge argument, but I really don't like how our country is acting right now. Besides, you already have to register for the armed services when you 18 anyway. So the draft is kind of pointless. Besides, there are many people that live in the country/west that will follow a conservative president during war.
  22. ...and Thunder Dolphin? I thought you were kidding when you said, "what the hell is this crap"?
  23. I get this a lot when I ride flats. In particular, the spin out ride, makes me black out every time I go on it. When ever the ride goes 'almost' upside down i have great feeling of pressure on my chest and I grey out. I don't know if it has to do with my hole in my chest or not. But it is pretty scary sometimes.
  24. that's insane, and scary at the same time. In the "2002 30 coasters in 24 hours" show...didn't KONG at SFMW have restraint problems and they had to ride something else until it got fixed? Why is it Vekoma restraints? Are they mechanicly different? But yeah, I am scared of fair rides that hold you upside down and have no back up belts. Especially Zampela restraints.
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