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  1. Its already been confirmed an Intamin according to Alton tower almanac..plus the supports in the picture looks like Intimidator 305'S
  2. does anybody else those words i made bold are clues to anything?
  3. My opinion is this: Better than MF..(if you check rcdb.com MF has a 300' drop.. so the drop is going to be the same height as i305.. i don't know if anyone else figured this out already..if so my bad for bringing this up again...) As for the restraints, i think some sort of official has been reading these forum's and saw all the bitching people have been doing so they changed things up a bit..because they dont make wrong animations for no reason.. they pay alot of money for those animations.. i doubt the original plans were not just lap bar restraints. but i could be wrong.. In my eyes the ride its self will still be kick @$$... I'm definitely going to KD in 2010.
  4. ^ luckily i didn't, but my friend went to the hospital and had to get several shots because he ripped muscles in his leg and was in so much pain.
  5. Alien Invasion at Splish Splash ! ..me and my friends were 200 pounds over the weight limit. Turns out we went to high on the one of the sides of the tornado, leaving all of us to fall out of the raft and fall approx. 25 feet on to hard fiber glass. wow did that hurt.. the surprising part was the life guard on the top never asked how much our total weight was and it was our fault we fell out. According to some 17 year old lifeguard supervisor
  6. Sorry change the subject, but does anybody know what they are doing with the old chiller building? screamscape said something about an interactive attraction.
  7. Wow thats bigger than i thought. http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16529
  8. check out that new animatronic for the crush coaster,
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