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  1. Its already been confirmed an Intamin according to Alton tower almanac..plus the supports in the picture looks like Intimidator 305'S
  2. does anybody else those words i made bold are clues to anything?
  3. My opinion is this: Better than MF..(if you check rcdb.com MF has a 300' drop.. so the drop is going to be the same height as i305.. i don't know if anyone else figured this out already..if so my bad for bringing this up again...) As for the restraints, i think some sort of official has been reading these forum's and saw all the bitching people have been doing so they changed things up a bit..because they dont make wrong animations for no reason.. they pay alot of money for those animations.. i doubt the original plans were not just lap bar restraints. but i could be wrong.. In my eyes the ride its self will still be kick @$$... I'm definitely going to KD in 2010.
  4. ^ luckily i didn't, but my friend went to the hospital and had to get several shots because he ripped muscles in his leg and was in so much pain.
  5. Alien Invasion at Splish Splash ! ..me and my friends were 200 pounds over the weight limit. Turns out we went to high on the one of the sides of the tornado, leaving all of us to fall out of the raft and fall approx. 25 feet on to hard fiber glass. wow did that hurt.. the surprising part was the life guard on the top never asked how much our total weight was and it was our fault we fell out. According to some 17 year old lifeguard supervisor
  6. Sorry change the subject, but does anybody know what they are doing with the old chiller building? screamscape said something about an interactive attraction.
  7. Wow thats bigger than i thought. http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16529
  8. check out that new animatronic for the crush coaster,
  9. I don't know if anybody else saw this earlier, but its either the concept art is wrong or mack made a mistake with the supports. Take a look, Concept Art Actual
  10. Be aware that the ride ops are extremely slow. Even though most of the coasters were running all of their trains, the ride ops were slow enough for the trains to stack up, which defeated the purpose.
  11. -Rye Playland. To celebrate the beginning of summer vacation i decided to head over to Rye Playland. Unfortunately, somebody had been using my camera before i went, so it tragically died at the beginning of the day, anyway, on to the pictures! welcome to Rye Playland, Empty Overview I hate to read, Midway? Superflight, Look, No Lines! Yes! Park Map Closed For The Season, Prices, yeh its expensive! One of two new attractions for 08, and its not open yet, The Nice Side Of The Park, Hungry? One Of the Entrances Boardwalk, Her fat ass didn't fit. jk im fat too. You have to Love the Barcode Wristbands, cool two sided Vehicle, -Six Flags Great Adventure. Since SF gadv is my home park, its only right for me to do a photo TR. To be honest i was extremely worried the park would be packed due to the fact it was the 4th of july week and alot of people have off of work, but the crowd wasn't bad at all when compared to previous visits. Dark Knight Experience- i wished we could have chiller back, but to be realistic i think this addition to the park was all right. It is a perfect ride for the families, and it has to be one of the most intense mouse coaster i have been on! The sharp turns are performed at high speeds and the brakes at hardly ever used. The drops are filled with a good amount of airtime and the theming is good for six flags even though you can see the whole ride as soon as you leave the station. Overall, i would rather a nice indoor, air conditioned rided, rather that a thomas town. 5 Flags, Oops. The Ka Overview Entrance Fountain, Looking at the Crowd From Inside the Park, Granny's is now an all you can eat buffet! heading to TDK, The old Batman Why Yellow? i dont get why both have to be yellow? Because we were in front of the crowd we got to be the first to ride TDK for the day, stupid cracka's WOW, look at the line now, its a good thing we headed here first, NITRO Lift Hill's Turn Me On, Mandatory Shot, to bad they were both closed at the time. Good Job Six Flags, because my family goes to this park too, log flume Medusa's Curves! 0g Roll, that sucks, Toro is the best! You know how they feel! Great Addition To The Park Again i would say "Good Job Six Flags, because my family goes to this park too" who is that i see, to bad he was closed. i will not waste my money, Twister has a new ride cycle, which is better, you now get three pops of air time, but only two flips, another closed attraction, it needs to go! i smell, boring, but fun for the kids, food! id rather the buffet, night shots! its not disney's, but its good for six flags, i will leave you with the ghetto drive through, lol, Thanks For Your Time Hope You Enjoyed the photos,
  12. Thanks everybody for taking the time and reading my paper, I know there are many errors, grammatical and spelling, but I wrote this paper within a five hour period and it's not due until the first week of June. That is the reason why I wanted to show everybody here and see what they think. Remember this is only a rough draft, and yes I still need to cite my sources, but I was just getting on top of things and getting it done early. Suprisingly you guys must think my teacher is crazy because when I showed her this paper she said it was a well written paper. (go figure?) When I'm done with my final copy i will sure to re-post it. ADMIN EDIT: Please be sure to use proper grammar and spelling when posting.-Joey
  13. For my research papar this year i decided for my topic to be "Amusement Parks" Before i hand it in i just wanted my friends at TPR to rate my paper, Amusement Parks Throughout the world there are more than 1,100 amusement parks and over 2,100 roller coasters within those parks. Every year, hundreds of millions of people attend these places of amusement. Since no two amusement parks are exactly the same, each experience is different. Depending of the weather, amount of people at the park, and the type of crowd attending, can one determine if his or her experience will be a good or bad one. Some people might have some questions about amusement parks, such as what is the history?, What types of rides are there?, Why people like or don’t like Amusement Parks?, and What is the future of parks?. Every year, the amusement park industry spends billions of dollars for the enjoyment of its guest and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The history of the Amusement Parks began back in 1133, where in England very simple fairs were set up in the towns. These fairs would contain entertainment such as freak shows, games, and food stalls. Then in 1810, the first October fest was held in Germany. October fest was not just about alcohol but its main purpose was to entertain the people who came by the use of some amusement park features. When the world went into the Industrial Revolution county and state fairs started to occur, from there came the world’s fair. The World’s Fair was the major reason why we have amusement parks today. The first ferris wheel was created for the World’s Fair, Walt Disney, himself, showed off the first audio animatronics characters at he World‘s Fair, which would later be used today in most attractions, to provide a sense of realism and enhance the guest’s experience. Right after the Worlds Fair, trolley parks were opened by the leading car companies so that people could buy their products and drive to these places on the weekends. These trolley parks are directly responsible for the creation of the modern day amusement park. A trolley park, mostly found in the more populated cities, consisted of picnic groves, pavilions, and often held events such as dances, concerts, and fireworks shows. Eventually, swimming pools, carousels, ferris wheels, roller coasters, sports fields, boat rides, restaurants, and other resort facilities were added to become a modern day Amusement park. In 1829, the world famous Coney Island opened in Brooklyn, New York. Later on, During the Golden Age people used their skills of welding to create new rides that are more efficient and safer. After World War II the Amusement Park industry took off. It sure was a good thing because the depression drastically decreased the popularity of the Amusement Park. In the 1940’s to the 1950’s American families moved to the suburbs where life was less hectic and more calm. Since almost every American family had an automobile the Amusement park industry started to open parks up near some of the more populated suburbs. By 1950 parks were opened up all over the country including the world first Theme Park, Disneyland. Disneyland was so advanced that it had the worlds first steel roller coaster called the Matterhorn bobsleds which was enclosed inside an artificial mountain. In 1961 Six Flags opened up its first Theme Park in Texas, called Six Flags Over Texas. Then in 1971 Walt Disney’s colleges opened Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in memoriam to Walt’s Death. Years later in 2001 Disneyland was accompanied by a new park called Disney’s California Adventure. As of 2008 the Amusement Park Industry is doing better then ever. Even though Disney has created the most popular theme parks in the world, every park still has something different to offer. Whether its different rides to different memories as a kid. Within an Amusement Park there are many things for you to do. Whether you go on rides, watch shows or parades, eat food, or just relaxing, you are sure to have a good time while you’re visiting. The most popular and expensive attraction a park is the roller coaster. The roller coaster originated as ice slides in Russia, and today they are record breaking machines that provide an adrenaline rush that is unavailable in everyday life. Today there are many different types of roller coasters. There are steel coasters that can be regular sit-down coaster, stand-up coaster, flying coaster, floorless coaster, inverted coaster, bobsled coaster, etc. There also are wood coasters that could be prefabricated, meaning it’s made entirely by machine and laser cut rather than human made, and finally there are the hybrid coasters which are both wood and steel. Roller coaster designers often base there rides on few elements that provide riders with different feelings. The most popular element would have to be a camel back. A camel back is when a coaster train goes over a parabola shaped crest that provides the rider with a sense of weightlessness, which is also know as “Air Time”. Other common elements are the loop, cobra roll, corkscrew, in-line twist, beyond vertical drops, immelmann, helix, pretzel loop, zero-g-roll, etc. Over time engineers have developed different ways for the coaster to gain energy. The basic way is the chain lift, but now there are elevator lifts, magnetic lifts, cable lifts, ferris wheel lifts, and the launch. The launch is probably the most exciting way to gain energy due to the fact you are going immensely fast speeds at a very short amount of time. Other than Roller coasters there are plenty for you to do. Flat rides are the most common rides that are found in multiple parks, such as the pirate ship, ferris wheel, carousel, free fall, tilt-a-whirl, etc. When you’re walking around a park for hours your body gets tired and sometimes need to be refreshed. That why some parks also have water rides, such as the log flume, rapids, etc. There are also entertaining shows where you can go inside a nice air conditioned building and watch anywhere from a comical theatric show to a 4D show that basically makes you feel as if you were in the movie. Don’t forget about the tranquil transportation rides such as a train, sky ride, or monorails, that are made to help its guests save energy by getting them around the park. When you visit an Amusement Park you will be faced with many choices. The choice of where to eat, where to go, and what to ride. If you are a thrill seeker, then you are the type of person who loves the adrenaline rush of going upside down, the excitement of “air time”, and the refreshing cool down the wind provides as you go heart racing speeds. If you have amusement park phobias then maybe you will go on the gentle ride. You maybe afraid of rides because of safety issues, bad experiences, afraid of going upside-down, afraid of heights or going fast, claustrophobic, or maybe you get headaches when you go on a ride. No matter what you may decide to do you are guaranteed to have a good time. In the future you should expect to see amusement parks that would make a mockery of today’s parks. Given that the price of materials are going up might have an affect on new amusement parks opening up. Even though there already are plans for a Hard Rock Park to open in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this year, a new Six Flags in Dubai, two new Universal Studio parks in Dubai and Singapore, and a brand new Seaworld, Busch Gardens, and Discovery Cove experience to be built on a man made island in the shape of a dolphin also in Dubai. As for future roller coasters, they to may be affected to by the raise of prices, but they will have the sky as the limit and new elements will be created to enhance the guests experience like no other. The real question is, will there be anything created that is different then an amusement park? A rumor has it that Disney has plans for a new park for Walt Disney World in Florida. This fifth park, reportedly named Disney’s Night Kingdom, may not be an average theme park, but an adventure park. From the sound of things the big attraction and icon of the park might be a large mountain where guests will rock climb to the top, take zip lines down again, and explore a serious network of caves. The idea of this park is to be an interactive game based adventure experience, with both mental and physical challenges. The game will follow upon the guests ability and with their own communicator unit that will guide them from place to place and help them when they get stuck. Your communicator will also be linked to your interactions with game stations, audio animatronics, and with live animals as well. As you can tell the future looks fun for the Amusement Park industry. In a world without Amusement Parks, people would not fundamentally understand the extreme enjoyment you may get. Whether you are going over 125mph on a roller coaster or making life long memories of seeing your children’s faces when the finally meet their favorite character. No matter how you put it, life wouldn’t be as exciting without the Amusement Park. Thanks Again For your time, -Wathell ADMIN EDIT: I changed the title of your thread so other members know the research paper is about amusement parks. Larry
  14. amusing_parks wrote: Was it slow enough to valley? Stormy and windy day = Valleying ? Didn't Behemoth Valley the other day because they were testing the different speeds it could perform at, maybe Hershey was doing some testing on the speed of the lift hill chain?
  15. Im not sure what this is, but hopefully its not the train,
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