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  1. I will have to get up there sometime to ride Bluestreak. It's been years! I miss just being bored and taking a scenic ride up there and to the spillway... Good times! Can't wait!
  2. I love the typo! It always makes me giggle when you see a typo on a well renowned site.
  3. I think it would be fun to have a skycoaster swing out over the falls. Maybe that's just my mind wandering about, but it would be pretty kick a$$.
  4. I wonder if this guy really did this. I just found it. So is it real?
  5. The only problem I have had with water slides was when I was little and at Waldameer. The Bermuda Triple slide tower thing. I was up for the middle one and asked the guard if it was okay if pushed off, he said it was okay so I pushed off and before I knew it "HI" to the top of the slide then in another instant I slammed on the slide nearly at the bottom. needless to say I don't push off anymore Man did that hurt. Last time I went they had a big sign that said no pushing off. I can't find a pic at the moment.
  6. The mealworm coffin sounds easy, but if they get agitated they tend to curl up and clamp onto your skin, which can be pretty annoying. Mostly a pinching feeling.
  7. Wouldn't that somewhat damage the ride after a while? I have to wonder that.
  8. I found that one... Thats crazy I just noticed them pulling the restraints down going around the first turn!
  9. When did Texas Twister get painted? It matches Thunderhawk now . The park seems to be getting worse and worse .
  10. Nice pics! Didn't someone fall in a few years ago, and get fined? I really need to get back to Waldameer. It's a nice little park, can't wait to see how the new coaster looks.
  11. I hate those signs. Taking my ear piercings out is a pain, hopefully they get rid of this rule after a while . A rollback would be interesting though.
  12. Wow that looks incredible! Geagua(sp?) Lake needs to get one of these. What's the speed going over the crest going to be, anyone know?
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