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  1. I have a question and i'm not sure if its been answered before. This game looks pretty similar to Roller coaster Rampage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8F08LsU7F5E Are the same companies working on these games or is the old Hyper Rails game engine kinda like a freeware where other companies can modify it and tweak it to their liking?
  2. Haven't posted in a hot minute(like 3 years) but i'm excited for Kennywood's new addition. These things are pretty fun. And I think the skyline will look fine. Hopefully they use some kind of light system like maXair use's.
  3. Does anyone know of any good discount tickets for CP? Me and a friend are stopping there for a couple hours before we head off to Put IN Bay. There are some around here but I really wouldn't consider them discounts anymore. Any insight would be great
  4. SO I was out to some close friends but on new Years eve I posted "Im gay" as my status. Some pretty positive responses. Whats strange is that I also came out to my friends LAST new years eve lol
  5. I wish that Andriod had something similar(I think GoogleTalk acts like that but I havent played with it yet).
  6. This earns a spot in my sig, only because I watched that monstrosity of a movie one night(by accident...very bored).
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by the first sentence, but the rest, I'm in that same position. Me and another guy who's only about 4 months older than me, we were really good friends. He called me every day, we hung out as much as possible. Things seemed really great between us. We were so different, yet we weren't afraid to show our differences, no matter how weird they were Lol jk. We had talked about if we wanted to step our relationship up a notch from 'friendship' to 'relationship' and we felt we should. We couldn't at the time because his stupid ex was exactly that, stupid. (You would think a college dude could be more mature but I guess not. Anyways, that's a different story.) We both had strong feelings for each other, and everything just felt right when I was around him. Then he virtually quit talking to me. I'd almost never get a call, and instead of the daily email he'd send to my phone to start our conversations, I stopped getting them. He sent a text maybe once every three weeks or so. This is all very recent. I'm not sure how to get over someone who I have strong feelings for. Now I have to get over a friend as well. I know. I never had feelings like about another dude so it's weird. Me and him have more in common than my ex girlfriend(hate her!!!!!!!) and everything was going well. I dont feel like I can replace him because everyone I meet I always compare them to him and then I can't do anything with them because its akward and dosen't feel right.
  8. Yea this whole gay/bi thing sucks big time and I wish I wasnt. The kid I was currently talking to just all of a sudden stopped...things were going good and he wants nothing to do with me. Its worse cause he was a great friend and i'll miss that even more.
  9. Mine are 1. To tone up the body 2. To stop stressing and worrying 3. Focus more on school 4. To stop falling for assholes
  10. How do you guys except being gay? Im stuck in a pickle. I REALLY want to get married and have like the perfect wife and the perfect family(you know...two income household, a nice suburban house, a Mercedes Benz CLS)...but I can't help but find David Archuleta super super cute and his smile makes me melt. Am I having an identiy crisis.
  11. I was learning in Econ that the reasons the gas prices are dropping is because the demand has decreased significantly since the fall of Wall Street. Gas here in NE Ohio is around 2.60-2.75. Almost a whole dollar!
  12. Well this is a step in a good direction. It was only a matter of time before they realised this may do the park good.
  13. It seems to be causing a "strain" on our friendship. :/
  14. I wish there was a pill to make me "normal".
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