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  1. yeah! but a season pass with parking is $150!! I still need to buy mine!
  2. Yeah! But its not the fast pass line, i meant the season pass line -May 6th -Sunday -9:00>9:30 (ish) I don't know how long it will take for everyone for there season passes. But I would bring some money for fast pass if needed. I don't think we will have to....IF they even have it that day. Alright if you can make it post "YES" so i know who is coming for sure!
  3. Well for May 6th. It depends how many people need to get a season pass renewed or issued. But I would say, meet at 9:30 at the season pass entrance. And stay until the park closes. Also, if anyone is interested in a white caste "CRAVE CASE" for lunch, I would be able to arrange that
  4. I think I found some of the best meet up times and dates. ______________________ May 6th- SFGAm May 26th- Mt Olympus ______________________ Then any other SFGAm meet ups in June can be discusses at a later time. ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TAKE AWAY A POLL?
  5. 1. How would you find something like this? 2. Are there more directions that have funny stuff in them 3. It was pretty funny!
  6. Mt Olympus will be for Memorial Day weekend.... That will be another meet up
  7. I think I will let the poll go for one more week. Just to see what people really would rather do. Because opening weekend is like "woohoo its opening, and cold, and raining, and dead"...but there are the least crowds. And Memorial day weekend is like "happy memorial day, its 95 degrees, its kind of busy, summers around the corner, I need to study for exams". And mid June is like "no school, summer job, starting to get busy on weekends, its hot, water park is open"...at least for me any way. But everyone else will have there different opinion. But it seems that opening weekend Sunday
  8. [uPDATE] DATES ARE NOW SCHEDULED! SFGAm May 6th Mt Olympus May 26th Golfie, Cameron, and I were talking about how fun it would be if to get some TPR members together sometime around opening weekend for SFGAm. But we need you feedback to pick the date that will work the best for the most people possible! This is not an official meet. This WILL NOT include any perks!
  9. Will these trips be the only time you visit some parks? Like...going to Cedar Point, or parks on the east coast? Or will all the other trips be more work related trips?
  10. I think I'm around a 30 or so Actually, I have no idea. I get a c+ average in all my classes (which are normal core classes) and I barely do anything. I do well on tests but dont do any homework....So I must have some intelligence thats about average...
  11. It was a very nice coaster! What I liked... -airtime! even on the helix's! -very smooth! -I loved the turn around after the lift -the layout was unique and not boring -did I mention airtime??? the ONLY thing to improve on.... -a steeper drop? I was kind of looking for some like -2.0 (ish) air. It was still decent, but maybe a more intense, and longer drop. Keep the height, but shorten the pull out.
  12. Aren't some of the supports, supported by wood??? That ride looks so messed up!
  13. do you still, have a file without supports? I would have waited to add supports until you were 100% sure your happy with the track. Because now your either going to have messed up supports, or you have to redo all of them.
  14. I always have the same problem when using AHG...so I stopped using it.
  15. I sort of have the same fears, but for me its the plane ride there. I think I would get lost and stiff and not know where to meet up and all that stuff. Also, I cant hear alarms when I sleep and I fear over sleeping like a hour and missing the bus. So will the roommate thing still be the same as you mentioned for the UK trip? Because I would need to board with someone who would be able to wake me up and such...
  16. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=32287 look here, and it already has been running....
  17. ^^^ I was just being sarcastic sort of. I just think, they could have made something better instead of a little banked turn thing. They should have made like a double up or something to offer more airtime.
  18. I don't want to bother you but would you be able to send me some information through E-Mail? v_battery@yahoo.com I have never planned my own flight before, and I looked around but couldn't find any deals. Also, I fixed the flyer issue!
  19. being interested in a park is one thing, but you shouldn't be obsessed with an amusement park. That is sort of creepy.
  20. I would only do this if I could find cheap airfare. But the only thing I could find was $2500 round trip. And that is for 4 days in Europe! Since you travel more then I do, is there an alternative that I can use? Is this a normal ticket price or can I do much better? ...Also, the flyer doesn't work for me. The text is covered by a gray box that isn't transparent and cant be moved.
  21. ^why does it have to be like every other B&M coaster? change is always good! But I do agree with the launch thing, you could always change it to a wheel transport section instead of a lim launch. And now that I look at it, the lift is pretty steep.
  22. very nice! -Your supports were good. -nice pre-lift section -good heartlining -airtime on every hill! But it did pump a lot. It did pump on every hill and many of the turns. But even with the pumping, it still was very smooth.
  23. can you guys offer any help with flights for the trips. Sort of like, there would be different groups of people that would fly from the same airport or something like that. Example- a few people can meet up with each other in Chicago exc. Flying with other people is always better, and can be safer, then flying alone.
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