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  1. I play french horn, I am 2nd best in my county, and 4th best in my state.
  2. I think it looks nice, pretty creative way to use some unoriginal elements. I like it, but I can't ride it, no Nl.
  3. You need work on landscaping. Those huge, deep, and parallel tunnels are very unrealistic and not very attractive.
  4. Because six flags parks have season passes, which let a lot of people come in free, they have to turn to other things to bring in money. Season passes only coast $20 more than the actual admission price. (I got my pass for $50-60, and admission is $36) This means they have to charge a ridiculous amount of money for food and drinks so they can make a profit. It is a trade off that is needed to make some amount of profit. Holiday world charges around $135 for their season passes but the drinks and sun tan lotion are free; different parks have different approaches. I personally like Six Flags much better. When I go to the parks, I only get free water so I don't have to spend a lot of money on food. The prices are high but they have to to do that or they wouldn't make any money.
  5. Can you post it on this site, I'm not going to sign up for this site to look at a coaster, but I want to. Just use the ad file link in the posting window.
  6. You should work on your buildings and stations, they all have the same style and look the same.
  7. If you ride in the back seat you can see some jerks in some of the curves and a couple at the bottom of hills. It's a lot better than I could do and those little jerks are not enough to lower my opinion of the ride. Nice job.
  8. Umm, wow. The whole part before the lift hill was completely rough and the g's were insane. The drop right after the lift was banked too much at the bottom and had a bump in the middle of it. The rest was chaos with a combination of too much speed, bad transitions, and bad banking. Better luck next time.
  9. Kentucky (were my old Kentucky home is.), Tennessee, Virginia (both), Carolina (both), Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, and a tiny bit of California, almost not enough to count.
  10. And you know what the sad thing is, I could see that happening. Pretty funny though.
  11. I think it's amazing. The chaos of the part after the hills is the best part. I don't really think it was that rough.
  12. To the Left by Biance (I don't know how to spell.) That song is horrible and annoying.
  13. These are my best. This is my second favorite picture. It is the reflection of my room in the bell of my French horn. This is a storm that was coming in from the opposite direction, from east to west, instead of west to east. It was a bad storm too. This is my most expensive thing. I'm good at it too. This was about $4000. This was a week or 2 after Voyage opened at holiday world. This is my all time favorite picture. It is not the sun, but a street lamp in a mountain town were it was very foggy. Friend form a while ago. This picture, even though it's blurred in some places, seems amazing. To me the blurred people adds to it. Sunrise with Clouds. Sunset with Clouds. This is a beautiful building.
  14. I didn't say anything about steepness. I said they are too BIG. Shows how much you know.
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