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  1. Are there two movies named "roller coaster"? Because I saw one that was in Canada at Play land.
  2. I hope they still have it. It is fun and I have BETTER movies now then last year.
  3. About the whole chains being unsafe, if they work at 10 feet off the ground...it will be safe over 1,000 ft of the ground. Have you ever been on a swing that broke? So your chances of that swing breaking are REALLY slim. But hey, if its free Ill do it!
  4. I'm surprised no one has posted this yet but here it goes.....
  5. ^i am a little confused Also, I just realized that there are 19 typos in my P:TR!!! Or...maybe if you would buy a season pass like I told you to do! I asked you everyday but you said that you were either sick or you wanted to play "World Of Warcraft" all weekend
  6. Hey its better then how I used to say it. In 2nd grade I did a mini coaster speech. And I said "boiler and madbillard" I now feel so stupid Good thing Discovery Travel had those shows!
  7. that looks cool...but IMOP it just is not right
  8. I think its funny that I saw you on Whizzer, and you saw us on My Big Red Airplanes....were both smart
  9. DUDE! American Eagle kicks ass!!! For one, you need to ride the red side! And you just have to know where to sit. When I sat in the first car, first row, I had an amazing ride. The whole ride I was screaming "Holy SH*t" and "OMG Oh Sh*t.....AIRTIME" It was the best ride on eagle Ive ever had! Also, I really feel embarrassed for messing up the names From the "happy group" picture, can someone please put names in from left to right. I just want to make sure I have it straight!
  10. Im sorry, I heard Dwayne....I didnt really get to intorduce myself. What is his name!? Im sorry, i am really bad at names! Can someone please give me a full name list of everyone that was there so I dont mix them up anymore.
  11. DUDE! You took a picture of US!!!! how could you not notice us on a kiddy ride US
  12. I should have all the rest of the pics done tonight. My Internet is REALLY slow and freezes after loading about 15 pics. So I will do the rest of them tonight when I have more time. Now looking back at those pics of the re-tracking of American Eagle, I really hope they fix it. It was SO rough and the grease trails on the red side zigzag SO MUCH! And you can feel the train bouncing back and forth after the first drop. That's now good at all! And they better fix it because that will cause alot of damage if not fixed. PART 4! Iron Wolf and more Wiggles World! thats all!
  13. Heres is part three! The Saga in the American Eagle Entrance! here we go....ummm MANY MORE zigzags... eagle retracking.bmp re tracking on red wasn't good. On the first drop the grease markers zigzagged over the two bunny hill. The one on the left is the normal grease mark. And the one on the right is AE reds side before the helix. The cars shake SO much! This is not go re tracked red side... re tracking was from station to helix only on red weird face kyle were in the station..and guess who was working... red side stairs the world famous sign... we are c
  14. here is part two... This is it for part 2! stay tunned for 3 "we have to try out all the new rides" the place has OK crowds the frog hopper! Which had a ride op who didnt know what she was doing! It broke when ever we tried riding it. The new stage area My Big Red Cars...complete with Head Lights!!! I want to catch some water... there a fountain thing were I can see almost ALL kids getting soaked in and pissed off parents. This new addition is actually REALLY nice before Eagles mile line, we checked out WIGGLES WORLD!!!! it doesnt get you too wet...but it
  15. So Saturday I went to SFGAm for opening day. The plan was to meet up at Raging Bulls entrance at 10:15. But coaster withdrawal got the better of me and I was drawn to Batman and V2. When I got off Batman, I meet up with TPR member Cameron and we rode V2. By the time we got to Raging Bull, they already go on the ride. So I went on Giant Drop while we waited. Once we all meet up, we walked over to Viper and got in line. We talked and got our ride in. So I will explain the rest of the day in Photo Captions! Have fun! one car up...cameron and my dad A bald guy remember
  16. i cant make it tomorrow any more. I have to sleep and study...working til now (3:30 in the morning) is not fun!!! BTW, Thanks to the people that came saturday, it was a great time! it also leaves a nice dry spot wearing a life jacket while riding a water ride can save your life! what a happy group!
  17. WOOHOO! Almost 12 hours away! I wont be able to sleep!
  18. Again, I need a final answer from everyone on what day they are going. Because right now, I will all depend on the weather for me. I don't know what day to go anymore! Both days are almost equally available.
  19. I just found out that my two friends I was going to go with cant go now So I have to drive myself in my death machine car. I just hope it holds up until Sunday!
  20. I'm probably going both opening day and the next day Sunday. It would be nice to see exactly who's coming on both days. But Sunday is the for sure day. Opening day might be a last minuet decision.
  21. I think my grandma has some really old pictures from some old park in Wisconsin. I remember seeing it when I was little and I should ask her for it. All I know is the picture was of my grandma and her sister (some time in the 40's) standing in front of a roller coaster.
  22. wow that park was really alive eh? So were most of the rides open and running?
  23. ^ HA! I don't think a op should get in trouble for saying stuff. I mean, unless its offending people. It just makes the day more fun and the ride lines go a little faster. I like this one Op that was on S:UF at SFGAm. in the most mono tone voice... "its a bird, its a plane, no it you on Superman" It was so mono tone and slow...it was pathetic! Me and my friend were just laughing our asses off!
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