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  1. I wonder this about many coasters, but wouldn't it be more efficient to have people unload in the brake-run than having them return to the station? Especially since, on most coasters, the brake-run simple extends back from the loading area (as opposed to where the brake-run is curved around the back)? Granted, I'm no engineer, but it would seem that the only problem with that idea is that the little cubby-holes would still be near the loading area. Surely, though, they could just put the cubbies on wheels or on a track (much like sliding glass doors) so that the appropriate cubbies could b
  2. For what it's worth, I was born with a deformed spine (stenosis), and the "B:TR" clones are the only rides that have ever caused me pain. Or at least, pain due to the intensity of the G-forces, not like a rough wooden coaster or anything. Luckily for me, it's rare that the pain is too intense to enjoy this hobby, but there are definitely times when I'll do one lap on "Batman" and have to call it a day.
  3. I only rode it once (well, several times in one day) in 2006, but I absolutely LOVED "Thunder Run" at SFKK.
  4. Agreed, 100% - I love B&M Hypers, and would love to see HP get one. Then again, I'm also not really a fan of Intamin; I love "Stormrunner", and like "El Toro" a lot (but not as much as "The Voyage"), but don't really care for "Superman: Ride of Steel" (SFNE), "Kingda Ka", "Intimidator 305", "Fahrenheit", or "Possessed" (and I'm sure I'm missing a few). Maybe I'm just weird, but I think there's a certain "majesty" to B&M coasters, a certain beauty and perfection to their rides, and think that a B&M Hyper would be a better fit (both in look and ride-experience) for the park.
  5. Really sad to hear this - all of their flat rides were cranked to 11.
  6. Call me crazy, but a good Mouse can feel a lot more dangerous and out-of-control than the largest, most "extreme" rides on Earth.
  7. The "Rolling Thunder Hill" on El Toro - the train seems to completely disappear from under you.
  8. We were looking towards I305's lift-hill from the Eiffel Tower; we tried to walk directly towards it, thus bringing us into the water-park. When we turned back, we saw the large "Volcano" sign to the right, figured that it was the beginning of Volcano's queue, and - since Volcano was closed that day - figured that there was no point in walking towards what we thought was the queue line. We figured we had gone too far (noting that the entrance on the map and the "entrance" in real life were not matching up), and headed back to make sure we didn't miss something. We were kicking ourselves on
  9. First of all, I want to say "thank you" to everybody that implied I was either stupid or lying; I realize that my review may have sounded harsh, but there was no reason for personal attacks. For instance, I made mention of having trouble finding the station for "Intimidator", which somehow got twisted into "not being able to see the bright red lift-hill". I was wrong about "Hurler" and "Avalanche", I definitely remember them now. "Rebel Yell", however, did not have the sign up; the metal supports on the side were there, but not the Rebel Yell sign itself. I know there was at least ano
  10. Hey everyone - been a long time since I've posted anything (mainly because it's been years since we've gotten a chance to venture outside of our general "local park" radius), but I wanted to get something off my chest: "King's Dominion" absolutely SUCKS! Ok, let me back up a bit. Today is my wife's 30th birthday, and to celebrate, we spent the weekend at "King's Dominion" and "Busch Gardens, Williamsburg". Now, granted, the heat got to us rather quickly and made us somewhat irritable, so it's possible that our unhappiness wouldn't have been so extreme on a cooler day, but we both came
  11. Was browsing around some manufacturers' websites, an stumbled upon this one at the "Huss" site: http://www.hussrides.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=86&Itemid=137 Obviously not meant to be a huge thrill-ride that caters to hardcore nerds like us, but I thought it was a pretty good idea. Could definitely see a lot of young kids being excited by this.
  12. Personally, I think it looks amazing, and would love to ride it when it opens, the fact that it's an Intamin concerns me - it's gonna break down a LOT. Not to mention that they don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to safety, and, as much as I want to think that there's no way the boat could possibly fall off the elevator system ("It has special safety features!", "They would never release a product that could malfunction that badly!", "You just don't understand their engineering!"), it really wouldn't surprise me if, somehow someway, it actually happened. It might be 1 in
  13. "You" as in "anyone that posts on this board", or "you" as in me specifically? Cuz then I'd feel extra special. Thanks for the info, everyone.
  14. Wanted to catch you there, I know it's on one of the tours you're doing. Any idea of the exact day?
  15. I'm not the only person to have misread the title, right?
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