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  1. Haha yeah. While on the Behemoth Trip and during the first few days of this East Coast trip, I was definitely camera-mad but someone has to give Hanno some competition It was good to stop for 5-10 seconds and get a quick bit of footage while in line, better than going back later. I didn't explain this to everyone but I'll be cutting together a fun and decent length oco of the two trips for everyone. While it's great to enjoy stuff "in the moment", afterwards when it's all over, the photo and video is something you will rely on time and time again until the next TPR trip rolls around. I wanted to capture a bunch of it for that very reason.
  2. Hmm. Well, the one at Darien Lake became my #1 -- until I did the New England version, mind you, which replaced it. I refuse to include more than one instance of a coaster in my ranking just now. Coaster Survivor ... It's All About The Sauce! Great update, I'd love a higher-res version of me on RoS. We really do need to sit around the lobby this time, missed that happening on the Behemoth trip. Or maybe setup base camp next to the vending machines Seabreeze and DL were fantastic parks and a pretty gentle introduction to the mini-trip. They looked after us well.
  3. We are now in Canada. Tired but had a fantastic day - Darien Lake then Martin's Fantasy in Western NY. After leaving at 9:40pm we have now arrived at 1am. Thankfully we aren't checking out in the morning and since we're half an hour behind schedule, have 30 mins extra sleep Something I've almost forgotten existed! That said we are all having a blast and using the bus trips as time to catch up between episodes of South Park, Family Guy, Futurama etc as well as the requisite footage clips from past clips. I'll kick off my PTR after getting back from the Behemoth Bash/our Wonderland day. Probably just do Seabreeze first up. Then I'd do Darien Lake/Martin's Fantasy Island on the following evening etc etc.
  4. ^^^^^^^^ Want Europe videos? Grab a Coaster Expedition DVD Hi Robb -- glad you're all having a good time. Please let me know via PM about whether those other two trips have vacancies and the final costs for them - the people in the China forum are a little concerned about getting that information for their visas too... Stay safe!
  5. One for the Darwin Awards. It's amazing how many people's minds shut off when they enter through a theme park gate.
  6. Some kind of big sandwich thing? Do you feel like a milkshake?
  7. No. We use flat rides. Also, used to use a carousel for a Lazy Susan Can you ride a skateboard?
  8. No. Do you have a favourite colour combination?
  9. I LOVE cheesecake! But I would much prefer lemon meringue pie any day... that's my favourite. Has the area in which you live been used for any TV productions/movies?
  10. Yes, who among us wouldn't? Has anyone ever accomplished that though? Are you able to do the splits? [Yep]
  11. Eww. No. Have you ever kissed someone then immediately regretted it?
  12. No. The fish are technologically-challenged They're good at swimming though. Have you been to Europe?
  13. Yes. Usually they give an age between 17-20. Most often, about 17-18. Don't know if that's a good thing or not... Do you follow any show religiously?
  14. Indeed! But it still looks like it'll be a great ride. I love these suckers.
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