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  1. I had a chance to ride Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon today during it's limited soft open. Simply put, it's one of the most entertaining and unique queue experiences I've ever been in, followed up by the most mediocre and lazy attractions I've been on. After you enter the building, you're given a NBC logo card with a color. Every time you see that color, you move into the next room. There are two main holding rooms. The first is a museum of sorts, with memorabilia from the entire run of The Tonight Show. The second room, after a flight of steps, was a lounge area combined with a stage
  2. I was there as well on Tuesday, and was going to watch the parade, but then I remembered I wasn't a fan of parades, and felt my time was better spent at Del Taco. Looks like a pretty good parade, though, if your into that type of thing. I have seen the lagoon show, and really enjoyed it. Great combination of several different technologies, without them overpowering each other, though the multicolored spotlights were my personal favorite aspect of the show. Certainly a great way to end your day at Universal. Oh, and gosh darn those bariers and security keeping me away from all that cheese
  3. I got something in the mail today...it was a bill. Yesterday, however, I got a big bag o crap. Usually when someone sends me a bag o crap, its messy and smelly, but this time it was neither. I have no idea how it got to my house, as it has no label on it. Its not that often that a pile of crap gets me excited, more just disgusted, but TPR has managed to get me excited for once! Awesome maps and park info from all around the world...from places Ill never have the money to go...this is depressing...but awesome...but depressing... Wow! TPR has the technology to detect that I need br
  4. I have to admit that I prefer the old one. I just prefer the simplicity of the other one, with less words and without the yellow border. But its the content that matters and not the banner!
  5. Tron: Legacy This movie was just ... Meh. Thats really the best way I can describe it. I was really excited for this movie, and the trailers made it look great, but then I saw the leaked footage, and it quickly lowered my expectations. And thats a good thing, as I would have been REALLY disappointed. Really, the only thing that saved this movie was the 3D. Even though sometimes things started to get blurry due to the crazy colors, the depth was great and there were a few great "jump" moments. But really, aside from three great action scenes (the best being the night club scene, even though
  6. Jackass 3D: It makes me very sad to say that this was quite a disappointment. Jackass was meant for TV, thats where it was best, in 30 minute episodes. It should have never came to theaters, but somehow they made the first two (especially the second) work. Like most movie franchises, however, the third did not live up. The opening, closing and credits were great, but the rest was just sorta "meh". I really didn't laugh that much, just some chuckles, and only one gag made me go "Holy Excrement, that was awesome!" And this movie wont work that well at home, as alot of scenes were created
  7. This sounds darn fun, and it falls around my birthday, so if I can find anybody to meet up with, I'm so there!
  8. Toy Story 3 gets a 9.5/10 from me. I don't cry at movies that often, but boy, did the ending of this movie get to me. From the very first scene, which we saw before in the first movie, there was a smile on my face that never went away. Amazing story, amazing laughs (Mr Tortilla Head was perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in years), and amazing action. The only thing keeping this from a 10/10 was what was said before, the movie didn't feel that epic. Perhaps it was the fact that alot of it took place in the dark, and things dont seem as epic in the dark, but maybe not. Whatever the case
  9. Im to lazy to get my butt to a park without someone saying lets go, so I don't often go to parks myself. I have split up with my group before, though, and had a great time by myself, aside from worrying where to meet up (pre cell phones). Benefit of going alone though is sometimes you get paired up with some great people on rides you would have never met otherwise.
  10. And on a slightly different note, I checked out 2012 to see what the big fuss was about. My god, was it the best (or second best, after Bruno) comedy of 2009. I have not laughed that hard in a VERY long time. I did loose interest about halfway through, which rarely happens with me, but still couldn't stop laughing. For pete's sake, If I can sit through Superman Returns, it takes alot to loose my interest. And I didn't give a crap about any of the characters...at all. If they can survive driving a limo missing a door through a collapsing office building at a 45 degree angle with glass eve
  11. 1. What are your initial thoughts? Initial thoughts...It sounds like a great idea! I know there has been talk about this for a while, so to finally see this possibly come into reality is great. 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? As long as there is a TPR pen involved, I'm happy. 3. Is this something that interests you? If by interested you mean really interested, then absolutely. I know I dont post much, but TPR has led me to make some great friends, and even though I wasnt able to go on a trip in 2009/2010, do to my house, after the fun I had on th
  12. Ahhh...what a great start to what Im sure will be a great report. Looks like you guys had fun, and it was only day one. Only thing that sucks is that I will not be able to go on another TPR trip until 2011, and this reminds me of what Im missing... But thats life. ^^And haha, great review Tyler!
  13. That was some of the funniest commentary on any video Ive seen in a while. I was laughing like crazy. Oh, and the whole coaster getting stuck thing was interesting too.
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