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  1. Jeez, this isnt a life or death thing, I'm not riding rollercoasters everyday and experiencing this, it happens once every 4 years if I visit a theme park. Chill out!
  2. No, but telling your mother of the symptoms and asking for her opinion is fine Like I said before, I'll see a doctor when I plan on going on a rollercoaster again!
  3. It's funny because I never told anyone about the problems I experienced til my last visit, I didn't really think much of it til I told my Mother and she told me that I shouldn't go on em as it's a bad sign. I read a review on Goliath at about.com and the reviewer said that he experienced a gray-out, I'm not comparing the G-forces on Nemesis to Goliath, I'm not sure on the numbers, but it's pretty much what I experienced - gray out, stuggling to breathe, BIG headache after it, and an overall crappy feeling. I wish It didn't happen though :/ I really do love riding coasters (the few ive been on - UK sucks!! ) edit: the sound - maybe you could ask your mum about it? I'd like some info on it without having to go to my moody doctors Cheers!
  4. Yeah I guess, I just figured that you guys might know why I have these issues, I only ever get it when going to theme parks (obviously) and I don't go THAT often so going to the Doctors would be kinda pointless. The doctors in my area are kinda arrogant and rude enough when you have a problem, let alone going healthy and taking up their precious time And SharkTums yes, I am usually tired when at themeparks due to getting up very early to go there, maybe thats it. I don't think it's due to over doing it though, there's usually a long queue between rides Maybe before I go next I should consult a doctor, although Alton Towers is getting so boring... unless they get some new coasters I doubt I'll go back for a few years.
  5. Hmm, well I do have a curved spine, I don't know how bad it is now because I last had it checked when I was younger - back then it was a slight curvature. I have a feeling my problem was more to do with blood pressure though.
  6. Hi again, this is a bit of a wierd post but I have no idea why this happens and was wondering if anyone here has any answers for me. When I was younger I visited Alton Towers quite alot, I always enjoyed it and had some great days out, anyhow, my last 3 or so visits have made me ill. First time on Nemesis was fine, the 2 times after that I almost blacked out towards the end of the ride. I felt pressure on my heart and head, I found it hard to breathe, my hearing failed for a few seconds and I grayed-out. I took a few hours break from the rides and went on Air towards the end of the day and also felt the same symptoms. At the end of the day I felt like crap, I just felt over-tired, sick, dizzy and overall crappy - the 2 hour journey home seemed to take forever and as soon as I got back I got into bed and slept for a LONG LONG time Anyway, I was just wondering whether anyone here would know why I am experiencing stuff like that, could it be a health issue? I'm 23 now, I never experienced anything like that when I visited the park when I was younger (around 12-16). Sorry if this is the wrong place to post.
  7. Ah ok, when it came on I was looking out for you and couldn't believe it when I saw you
  8. On Zone Reality channel, Thrill Rides: Put to the Test, I saw a brief clip of your application video. I can't believe they didn't pick you, maybe they thought you were too qualified
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