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  1. Does anyone have any insight to what the crowds are like on a Sunday versus a Monday in July at the park? Obviously a Monday should be less crowded, but trying to figure out just how busy to expect a Sunday at Lagoon. Other option would be to go on a Friday, but we would only be able to go from opening until about 3 PM. Not sure if that is enough time (5 hours)
  2. Do any of the coasters at KI have single rider lines? How should lines be on a Wednesday (like, next Wednesday)?
  3. I believe all of the junior dive machines use this style magnetic brakes. I think it is just something about this train design.
  4. I don't really understand what "dueling saucers" means... Didn't splashway already do that with their ProSlide water coaster?
  5. Yeah it looks like it was closed all day on the app, which is a bummer. Visiting the park on Tuesday and would hate to miss it.
  6. Does anyone know if Skyrush is still down after the lift hill issue at the beginning of the month? Or has it opened back up?
  7. Thank you! This has been super informative and I really appreciate it!
  8. Thank you for the insight! Did most of the major parks open in 2020? Do you have any recommendations for metropolitan areas just in case the parks aren't open? For example, if we were to visit a city with the intention of visiting the park, but the parks are closed, would Hamburg be better or Cologne? I think Europa is a bit remote to make alternative plans, unfortunately.
  9. Having been to Germany a couple times in the past, I have been to a lot of the major parks, but only in the summer. My partner and I are planning to go to Germany in October, but I have insisted that we go to at least one park while we are there. We are going to Berlin for most of the trip, but I know that there isn't much around Berlin in terms of theme parks. Since we will be there after Oktoberfest ends, does anyone have any suggestions about which parks would be the best to visit around the second or third week of October? Due to COVID, Phantasialand seems to be the only major park showing its calendar for the year. Europa, Heide, Hansa - None of them are showing their schedules for 2021. Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you,
  10. With all of the issues that topper track has been having, I am curious about how the topper track is holding up on Tremors? Anyone have any info on it?
  11. I remember reading about Great White and how it used to have a vastly different queue line with a large shark tank. Does anyone have any other information about this? I have tried finding pictures of it before, but haven't had much (any) luck. I know it is a pretty random question, but this kind of forgotten park history fascinates me.
  12. So with everything happening to Lightning Rod, how is Outlaw Run doing? Is it tracking well? Any issues with it? I rode it the first and second year of operation and thought it was absolutely amazing, but I wasn't sure if it had started to show its age?
  13. I may be in the minority here, but I feel like we are starting to see a lot of similarities between the RMC roller coasters. Personally, my favorite RMC is still NTAG and I was a huge fan of Twisted Timbers. I loved the three airtime hills on Twisted Timbers that felt more like El Toro than an RMC. I watched an NTAG pov last night just to see the differences 10 years makes. It is both impressive and crazy how much RMC has been able to push the boundaries. We all know that NTAG has great ejector airtime, but it definitely feels more drawn out. Like I said, I am probably in the minority, but I hope future RMC's focus less on the over banking in the second half of rides and more on sustained airtime.
  14. My partner and I are planning to go to SFOT on Halloween, but concerned it might be crazy busy. Anyone have any experience with the park on Halloween?
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