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  1. My partner and I are planning to go to SFOT on Halloween, but concerned it might be crazy busy. Anyone have any experience with the park on Halloween?
  2. Very interesting TR! I found the look at the Italian Trapeze ride really odd. Do they build a separate canopy over the ride for the off season?
  3. For the virtual queue sign up, I have my partners account linked to mine. Once at the park, can both of us try to get a boarding group for our party, or just one of us?
  4. Thank you for the tips! Saw some reports that Rise was struck by lighting. Has anyone heard anything about that or the potential downtime?
  5. We are going to Hollywood studios on the 18th, MK on the 19th, IOA the 20th, and AK on the 21st. We are staying at the JW Marriott on the WDW property. Figured it was a good option since it’s brand new and still has on site transportation.
  6. I am taking my partner to WDW in two weeks and he is a HUGE Star Wars fan. We both agree that getting on Rise of the Resistance is the #1 priority for the entire trip. With the current situation at the parks, how has the virtual queue looking? Any tips from regulars on the best way to get on the ride? Has it been experiencing lots of downtime? It’s been about 10-15 years since my last visit to WDW and it’s my partner’s first visit ever, so any tips are greatly appreciated.
  7. Kind of a random question, but how many trains does Green Lantern have? RCDB lists three, but it only had two trains at Kentucky Kingdom. Did they buy an extra train? Maybe some SFGAdv locals can give some insight.
  8. I saw that Mt. Olympus is going to be opening a slide wheel from White Water next year. Honestly, it is the most terrifying thing I have heard in a long time. Not the slide itself; just that it is going to be AT Mt. Olympus.
  9. How should the crowds be this weekend? How will tomorrow be compared to Sunday or Monday? I know it is a holiday weekend, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Does Cannibal have a single rider line?
  10. The bulky support system looks a little odd to me, but I LOVE the layout and shaping so far!
  11. It was Intamin. All of the rides have some form of scenery, but it's how the ride interacts with the scenery that makes it so impressive.
  12. I wonder if Kanonen would be retrofitted to use LSMs since they are more efficient and reliable than the hydraulic launch.
  13. Every ride manufacturer has problems now and then with things, and just because one ride has them, doesn't mean every one manufactured does or will. It's always better to be safe and keep an eye on things, like Lagoon does. I don't believe I've ever heard anyone call Jet Star 2 rough. I love Jet Star 2 because it's got a little bit of everything.....pop of air on the first drop, great g forces, disorientating, carousels, and the reduction brake is the exclamation point. Lagoon spends money on Jet Star 2 because the Ride still has plenty of riders, and the dual loading has made it more effi
  14. I'll be visiting Knott's next Tuesday (March 15th). How crowded will it likely be? Will FastLane be necessary?
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