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  1. I switched back to the 360 after 1 year of the PS3 mid year. Sucks I have to re buy all my games again.. grr. xbl gamertag: Raptor2002 Games mostly on: COD W@W right now.... All map packs. I do play serious but not mean serious *No glitch or mods, I hate those people.
  2. I haven't seen this one before thought you guys would like it lol lol
  3. I agree Halo ODST is not worth 60 bucks. But. Anyone considering getting the game, here's what you need to do. Go to best buy sign up for the rewards zone, and gamers club. * Print out the 10 dollar gift card for odst. Go to toys r us, print the sunday ad for the 20 dollar gift card with purchase. Go to best buy have them price match toy r us (they will take 20 right off the price, plus use the gamer rewards for the 10 dollar gift card. Game now cost 29.99 *You only have until the 26th to do this. If you have best buy rewards check and see if you have enough points for a rewards certificate. I only paid 12.04 cents for the game, but I would have been mad if I paid 59.99 for it. If anyone wants to play co-op or fire fight hit me up xbl: raptor2002
  4. I know Went every couple of weekends from opening until I moved right before Andrew hit. Search on face book for "Remembering Six Flags Atlantis" and you will find hundreds of pictures, etc. Even some first years and when they also had the rides. sigh. Back on topic. Stupid water
  5. I am actually really surprised we haven't seen of a ton of on the scene camera phone videos and pictures all over the net. But they really need a better setup for the launch system. It never made the most sense to me. Nothing wrong with being extreme, new, or different but sometimes it seems like safety & logic does take a back seat with progress. Cables will always snap and be 100% unpredictable, everyone knows that. This was a bad design were safety should have been thought about better. Cable should be under the track surface in a square channel or something with a lifter arm to the cart. Absolute min they should have a windshield on these trains. What caused it or not does not change what is preventable injury and or damage. Just my thought.. I will still ride TTD. Just not in the front.
  6. SFOG is in pretty good shape. All the real mechanics are higher ground level. This happens all the time to them and most of the park is higher elevation. I would be very surprised if minus some paint touch up's maybe lumber replacement they will have any ride issues at all. It always did amaze me how GASM always makes it out with no harm. You would think erosion issues, footer issues, etc but she always ends up fine *ParkTrips Any word on when they expect the river to crest? Worse case scenario *But hopefully with much better bathing suits...
  7. ^ here's the video link http://www.wane.com/dpp/weather/weather_1/video_wx_cnn_six_flags_coasters_under_water_200909220857 Looks like it might be higher then usual. Hard to tell, hopefully it is just the typical yearly flood. Hate it for the people. I live 4.5 - 5 hours south and we are bone dry.
  8. RE: Retro_Gaga Awesome thanks for the picture. That whole over the head remark kind of had me at a surprise, but that makes full sense now. Thanks
  9. Facts page: Safety Restraint: Individual over-the-head lap bars with hand grips OTSR to me is over the head and on a water flume, not cool. I really hope that was a mistype or meaning something else. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/park/rides/water/shoot_the_rapids.cfm I think the ride will be a good add for the park even tho most people really expected something larger and more extreme.
  10. I have ideas but they are borderline on the PG13 concept.. So here's the g rated. Upgrade? Surf's up.. *That would so rock, well until the bottom anyways The Magneto Show.. Sniff, Horizons..
  11. Man I did bomb the Catwoman I was trying to think of the worst flicks, ha. But as for Dream Works. http://corporate.disney.go.com/news/corporate/2009/2009_0209_dreamworks_studios.html ? Not sure if I missed something but that was my understanding... I also think Wes hit it right on the nail with the demographics. Disney really has needed more age range in its content very badly. But beside merchandise I do not expect to see any Marvel rides for a while.
  12. Farness to the movies… Fox is the one that keeps screwing them up, not Marvel Iron Man, Hulk (last release) was Marvel… Wolverine, X-men, etc. were all destroyed by Fox. I think this is a brilliant move on Disney. First they take Spielberg and get Dream Work’s distribution rights from Universal, now this… I think it’s also some what personal. The amount of royalties, licensing, etc. This purchase could exceed even Harry Potter in the “big picture” and future growth. As long as Disney keep’s Jon Favreau to direct the movies, it’s all good. That’s a lot of materials and properties. Tv Shows, Games, Movies, toys, publishing… If Michael Eisner was behind this I would be terrified, but Iger seems to but much more aggressive “so far” and has a much better quality output strive.
  13. Or get out of the boat during the ride... Hate it happened, and I hope for cont. my faith in humanity this was not another stupid act of bad judgment. Still sad either way. *Remember that you tube video of the kid going though the water to get his hat @ JP. I just don't get it...
  14. End of the day I see nothing but pro’s. 100% smart direction for the park, and the park’s future. PKD doesn’t have the best collection but a pretty good assortment of types which I love. Color’s and theme, well… You know But come on the CF red and yellows arguments are legit... It’s not a bash of the ride, rather a.. I just don’t get it. I still give CF props, they are getting better with this whole theme idea. And with this lower profile design keeping the ride as a ground hugger the budget hopefully will have enough peso’s left for some nice landscaping and grounds setup. I don’t see how anyone in this rides market could not be happy. If it’s that bad they can have Rockit and we will take the Intamin Giga
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