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  1. I got stuck on California Screamin in September- It was due to a cleanup effort (and train transfer off) for the row behind me. Can't tell whether it was the car in front of us that had a sick person, or the affected row, but someone made a really bad smelling mess. I did, however, get to hear the evil music loop. I wish we could have been stuck on the MCBR though- that'd have been great. Instead, I get a view of the final helix, and a nifty concrete wall. And a bad smell. Other than that, I got to walk off Test Track in '01, we got stuck on the area with the "DIP" before the tunnel, a
  2. The Hulk has substandard B&M Trains, as well as Dueling dragons. That looks sweet though!
  3. The Green Train is missing a seat! ap -ZOMG IT'S MISSING A SEATZORZ- sterling Look closely, only one OTSR!
  4. Why is it that the green train has the one car with one seat missing. I had to sit opposite of it!
  5. That was an awesomely random TR. I want a turtle camper skull thingy!
  6. Dan: Little Girls by Oingo Boingo definately
  7. Andy is my first name. Technichally Andrew, but Andy works...
  8. Credit Whores: The Game Robb is racing Elissa to get to the Line, where he can get a credit. But Elissa is MUCH faster. Can Robb Win, or is he a Credit Loser... Find out for yourself and play CREDIT WHORES: THE GAME. Link to .ZIP download (approx 1.4 Mb) http://www.desertman.getmypage.com/blog/CW.zip
  9. Woo! My first post. Yeah, I entered and, not to be arrogant, but that flat out sucked. No, really, my 4 year old cousin could do better. Future of coasters, Ok, I need to find a meat grinder.
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