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  1. I got stuck on California Screamin in September- It was due to a cleanup effort (and train transfer off) for the row behind me. Can't tell whether it was the car in front of us that had a sick person, or the affected row, but someone made a really bad smelling mess. I did, however, get to hear the evil music loop. I wish we could have been stuck on the MCBR though- that'd have been great. Instead, I get a view of the final helix, and a nifty concrete wall. And a bad smell. Other than that, I got to walk off Test Track in '01, we got stuck on the area with the "DIP" before the tunnel, and got stuck on BTMR when the fireworks were running.
  2. The Hulk has substandard B&M Trains, as well as Dueling dragons. That looks sweet though!
  3. The Green Train is missing a seat! ap -ZOMG IT'S MISSING A SEATZORZ- sterling Look closely, only one OTSR!
  4. Why is it that the green train has the one car with one seat missing. I had to sit opposite of it!
  5. That was an awesomely random TR. I want a turtle camper skull thingy!
  6. Dan: Little Girls by Oingo Boingo definately
  7. Andy is my first name. Technichally Andrew, but Andy works...
  8. Credit Whores: The Game Robb is racing Elissa to get to the Line, where he can get a credit. But Elissa is MUCH faster. Can Robb Win, or is he a Credit Loser... Find out for yourself and play CREDIT WHORES: THE GAME. Link to .ZIP download (approx 1.4 Mb) http://www.desertman.getmypage.com/blog/CW.zip
  9. Woo! My first post. Yeah, I entered and, not to be arrogant, but that flat out sucked. No, really, my 4 year old cousin could do better. Future of coasters, Ok, I need to find a meat grinder.
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