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  1. Very cool video!! Port Aventura is one place I have been longing to visit for quite a while. Is Universal still operating this park?
  2. Yours truly was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney Studios Paris last December 10th for my first ever ride on the parisien Tower of Terror. Mind you... the weather in the Paris area was horrible. Low preassure storm system with lots of rain and strong windy conditions made it for a most difficult time to enjoy my visit at the Studios, much less take good clear pictures of the new offerings and facades, now in full display for the lucky guests visiting Disneyland Resort Paris this holiday season. Remember, I have a cheap camera. As I braved the weather (rain and winds) and walking from
  3. The new summer merchandise line is really nice and you can see some of those items in the photos on the link above. I also liked the few items they are selling with TDL's SM's new logo on them...
  4. NO. The TDL version is nothing like the WDW old albatross.. TDL's more like DL's original version, but now with nicer show elements. Plus I can not garranty there is a sound effect noise in there.... but seemed to me there was some new wind noise effects I have never heard of before... I only rode once, so I would have to re-ride soon and listen for it...
  5. Actually, that teeshirt is part of an attraction teeshirt merchandise line... they still had the Splash Mountain tee as well last week when I was at the park. Not sure if the others are still available...as I didn't check for them.
  6. Well... never sya never. Maybe in the near future, OLC will invest on a new sound system for TDL's SP, but in the meantime.. the profits are being saved for the new Sparrow overlay at POTC and for the new entertainment coming in 2008 for the park's 25th anniversary.
  7. Honestly? I prefer the vehicles without sound systems or music. One of my biggest petpeeves is riding Space Mountain/R&RC/CA Screaming and having an inoperative music system. Takes away from the ride. Therefore I much rather no have it at TDL, that way I won't be disappointed.
  8. Hello everyone... I went to TDL this past week to check out what's happening at the park this month. The big news of course was last month's re-launching of Space Mountain, now featuring a newly remodeled and redesigned queue, boarding platform and special effects, the ride's vehicles have been refurbished with new color and glow in the dark graphics. A new logo of the ride and some merchandise has also been created. Plus, in order to keep within theme with the current Find Stitch event, Space Mountain has also been ... (for lack of a better word) graffitied by Stitch. CMs are also sportin
  9. I apologize but my knowledge about coaster builders is NIL. I hope someone more knowledgeable will be able to answer your question.
  10. Great pictures. Thanks for posting them. The one from TDS you don't recognize is the entrance to Fortress Explorations nearby Magellan's Restaurant. Oh BTW... TDS' hotel name is MIRACosta, not Maricosta.
  11. Thank you both for alerting me of the bad link. It's now corrected on the initial post, and I am adding it here as well... http://albums.photo.epson.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=4334673&a=32488990&f
  12. Hello everyone, I was happy to have been able to attend Universal Studios Japan last March 9th and 11th during the premiere grand opening day of the park's newest ride: Hollywood Dream The Ride, a coaster adventure. The crowds decended upon USJ with anticipation. The lines at the front entrance were long and wide. Thousands of guests, many Apers got there early in hopes to be the first ones to ride the new coaster. Due to the large crowds, the park opened it's doors 10 mins early at 8:50am and the stampede was ON! Yet, because I got there just after 8am, I had to e
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