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  1. Patrick Wilson in a fitted white tee + RMC.... This content was made specifically for me and I would like to thank SFGAdv very much.
  2. Quick trip last week. The parking lot was already pretty full by 10:20a but the ride lines didn't get too bad until 1 or 2. YOLO and Tatsu were closed. Apocalypse, X and WCR had delayed openings. Batman - Had two trains on the track but only loading 1 due to no line. And yet... they still managed to stack the train upon our return. Yes, they stacked 1-train ops. Didn't think it could be done. New paint looks great and it's still my favorite ride in the park. TC - Did not witness any races while in line and went for a 0 racing ride. Crew seemed to be trying pretty hard, but was just not making it happen. In about 15 total rides, I've raced blue side twice and green side never, so maybe it's just me. Lex - Standard fun ride, the tower sway from Superman cycles is still very creepy. Justice League - On board audio didn't work for our car and I noticed several of the practical effects were not working. Superman - So nice to having it running at full speed again. The wind in your face on the reverse trip is still nuts. Still not a coaster, but still a total blast. Ninja - I always make a point to go on Ninja because it's so old and I never know when it might get the chop (hi-ya!). Operations were RUGGED though. Multiple dispatches of 3-4 minutes. One crew member obviously picking up slack for the rest. Then the ride went down when I was next, but I stuck it out for about 15/20 minutes. Still a fantastic ride, but I do very much miss all the trees. Also, according to a new-ish sign at the ride entrance, Revolution is the "world's first looping coaster". I'm just like...
  3. They already did a movie tie-in with Terminator Salvation. Black Adam isn't as established, but the precedent is definitely there.
  4. Correct. The area is called DC Universe, and the new ride's footprint will be sandwiched between Batman: The Ride and Riddler's Revenge. So it's definitely going to be a DC character Personally I think Flash and Wonder Woman are the most likely options. WW especially, since Six Flags already has all the logos and stuff pre-made. I was hoping for it to be Joker, but it makes sense that the park would want to expand beyond Gotham City since they purposely rebranded that area a few years back from Gotham City Backlot to DC Universe.
  5. I'm absolutely not here for assigning blame or fault.. just compiling the stories that made headlines. Clearly Holiday World was not at fault, it's just something that happened. The King's Island fights shut down the park and resulted in 6 criminal indictments... that's definitely a significant incident. Also... don't crap on theme park employees finally making decent pay for one season by saying they aren't worth it. That's gross and so disrespectful, especially in a freaking theme park appreciation message board.
  6. I really am just in awe of all the bad luck, accidents, incidents, and general nonsense that has been plaguing parks in America in such a short span of time this summer. And I feel like it's worth cataloging the various stories in one place just to look back on all the craziness. From mid-May to mid-July, these are the stories I can think of... the fights at King's Island's opening weekend that shut down the park the death on Voyage at Holiday World the two ride incidents at Six Flags Great Adventure (log flume flip and El Toro wheels) the lift cable break on Skyrush the lift chain break on Gatekeeper the viral video of the Magic Carpet ride gone insane at a carnival in Michigan the false alarm shooter at Knott's Berry Farm that shut down the park RMC closing Stunt Pilot & Jersey Devil for train modifications death on the rapids ride at Adventureland All of this in under 2 months. Did I miss any other big stories? EDIT: I do realize that some of these are just things that do happen from time to time. but I can't think of another time this many things happened in such a short timespan.
  7. It has 3 trains and pretty much always runs 2. They used to run 1 train on slow days, but that seems to be more rare recently. 1 train ops on GhostRider is hell though because the ride is just so long. On a day where every other ride was a 5-10 minute wait, I waited 30 minutes for GhostRider and there were only 5 cycles worth of people in front of me. Also... we live in a different world than we did in 1998 when it comes to loose items. First off, Everybody carries a $1000 computer in their pocket that they need to put away before every ride. There are exceedingly few people who can just walk thru a gate and sit down,. Secondly, CF has developed one of the most aggressive loose item policies of the major chains. I vividly remember being able to bring a backpack onto most rides by just putting it on the floor and sticking my legs thru the straps. Now Knott's wont even allow shirts tied around the waist anymore because they're "loose items". Big same. I had high hopes for Hangtime that maybe they could squeeze out shorter dispatches with fewer riders to handle, but.... nope.
  8. Really slow dispatches and the fact that it was built to run 3 trains but now only runs 2. So, even if the dispatch times in the station do pick up, there's a long wait for the other train to return. The new trains lost a few seats compared to the original ones (24 vs 28). Coastercoaster5 is also right about the brake run. They did tweak it slightly after opening, but it's got a very weird program and it takes a good 20-30 seconds for train 2 to get back into the station once train 1 leaves. It's also a ride that would REALLY benefit from lockers because the loose item cubbies are very small and there's always a ton of cross traffic for them. It does have a midcourse block brake on the turnaround above the station, so it's definitely possible. Just not practical unless they can get dispatch times down to like 80-90 seconds.
  9. OMG, YES! I can't believe that 3 of the 4 major coasters have such garbage capacity. GR, HT, and Xcel can only do about 500 riders per hour on a good day. I was really disappointed to see how slow the ops are on Hangtime. They bought 3 trains and literally never use the 3rd one because the rides stacks with 2 trains nearly every cycle.
  10. Sierra Sidwinder at Knott's Berry Farm. Was in the park with family and joined my mom and cousins for a ride (none of them had been on it before). A kid behind us in line started getting nervous as we got closer to the front and my mom's instincts kicked in and she started mom-ing him about how it was going to be fine and how he'd have so much fun. And it seemed to genuinely help. Cut to.... we finish our ride and hit the brakes and my mom turns to me and says "oh man that kid's gonna die".
  11. Dorney: Make sure to get a night ride on Talon if you can. B&M inverts definitely behave differently from beginning of the day to the end, Same with Steel Force. In my memory, front row on Steel Force had better air time than back row. It's also totally in the back corner of the park, so just be aware that it's a hike. I also second the opinion that Knoebels should be your first choice. Dorney is fine, but nothing there is really special. Knoebels has a lot to offer that you can't necessarily get at any of the major chains. Dorney can be a half day park. if you've got some time to kill. My one and only visit was during a Haunt night and I hit every coaster plus mazes, plus re-rides.... all in about 6 hours. I tried to do a half day at Knoebles and I left without seeing several things I wanted to.
  12. I'm trying to visit with a friend next week, and the earliest reservation time available for a season pass is 12:45pm. But when I looked under single day ticket, the earliest is 10:30a. If the reservations are to promote distancing and spread out crowds by limiting the number of people who are in one place, why does it matter what kind of ticket you have?
  13. I was at Taste of Boysenberry this weekend and caught a rare sight.... the unique under-the-station storage track on Sierra Sidewinder was in the up position. Snapped a quick pic as I was walking by.
  14. Hey Squirrel Friends I had to idea to create a theme park for Rupaul's Drag Race and I jotted down some ideas, but I'm looking for more. Ideally, I would end up making something in Planet Coaster. RIDES/ATTRACTIONS: Bob's Suspiciously Large Coaster (hyper/giga) Hurricane Bianca (spinning flat ride) Death Drop (drop tower) Sharon's House of Haunt (dark ride) Willam's Boatdown (shoot the chute) Jinx's Monsoon (rapids) Trixie's Dollhouse (walk thru funhouse) She Done Already Had Horses (carousel) Shut Up and Drive (Alyssa / Tati go karts) Cynthia Lee's Chair Lift (pronounced shair, obviously) Roxxxy Bus (parking lot tram) FOOD / SHOPS Meat & Greet BBQ (waiters are the Pit Crew) Jesus is a Biscuit (southern food) Tea, Shade, Pink Lemonade (patio with drinks) Dela's Delights (candy store) Raja's Beauty School (drag makeovers) Shady Lady (hats & sunglasses) Purse First (backpacks, purses, etc) Read U, Wrote U (books)
  15. Great news, LA and OC will both be moving down into Orange Tier next week. And since it looks like vaccinations are going to be kicking into high gear during the month of April, hopefully we'll see Yellow tier during the early summer.
  16. It kind of makes sense for Six Flags to open up first... The park's physical capacity is massive, so even with the capacity restriction, that could still be quite a few guests. This time of year is traditionally slow for the park anyways, so that 15% capacity isn't far off from a standard springtime weekday. The Six Flags business model has pretty consistently relied more on in-park spending vs admissions as a revenue source. I'm sure that reduced ride capacities due to physical distancing will drive up FlashPass spending. Everything is outdoors and nobody goes to the park expecting anything but coasters. Disney and Universal have to figure out indoor attractions plus characters / entertainment. Also, just generic good news: LA County is just barely outside of qualifying for Orange Tier (4.1 case rate, needs to be 3.9). So I expect we'll probably get there in a few weeks.
  17. In the USA, I'd say.... SF Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, SF Great Adventure are going to be your top 3 heavy hitters. Very low on wood coasters is the only thing (though you do get El Toro, which is one of the very best).. However: if you wanted to do one trip with multiple parks, there are a few double / triple headers that will give you a lot of bang for your buck... King's Island / Cedar Point / Kennywood (fly into Cincinnati, fly home from Pittsburgh) Holiday World / Kentucky Kingdom / King's Island (fly into Louisville, fly home from Cincinnati) Dorney Park, / Knobels / Hersheypark (fly into/out of Philly) SF Great Adventure / Hersheypark (fly into/out of Philly) SF Magic Mountain / Knott's Berry Farm (take your pick of airports, honestly) Universal Orlando / Sea World / Busch Gardens Tampa (technically a quad)
  18. Another Kennywood Thunderbolt post... It's so weird and I definitely did not experience the kind of forces that made it feel necessary. The laterals on the helix of Ghostrider felt stronger.
  19. In my experience, $25 does not buy you that much food in a theme park... lol.
  20. I missed out on getting a night ride on The Beast because it started raining. I was driving up to Cedar Point the next day, so I didn't want to stay another full day at KI and do a 4 hour drive in the middle of the night just for one single ride. (small regret) When I visited IOA for the one and only time, I almost walked back to Dragon Challenge for another ride before I left, but I decided to give my body a break. I still rode it 3 or 4 times that day, but if I had known it would be gone forever, I definitely would have done one more on the red side.
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