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  1. the daytime will be pretty slow on a Thursday or Friday in October, should have no trouble getting on rides. Thursdays are also the lightest crowd days for Scary Farm, but they do pick up a bit as you get closer to Halloween. One downside is that you do have to exit and re-enter the park, even if you have a ticket for both.
  2. I'm just thinking even San Diego's Manta. It doesn't have a lot, but it has SOMETHING.
  3. I was always under the impression that the city had a HARD no rule about stuff involving the public roads. That's why we've never seen anything try to expand west into the grassy overflow parking lot. But maybe tunneling technology has improved to the point where it doesn't have to disrupt regular traffic on Beach?
  4. I just watched another Emperor POV and I'm mad all over again. Who the heck decided that the ride experience for the penguin coaster was going to be "zooming around a giant pile of gravel"? Just a little bit of theming work would have made such a strong impact. Some rock work with "snow" like on the walls of their animal habitats, and a little water feature (maybe at the bottom of the drop, so you dive into it). Hell, even just making some of the gravel blue to suggest the idea of water. It's such a massive downgrade in presentation from what we've seen Sea World be capable of.
  5. I've always been more partial to Knott's because HHN is entirely dependent on if I happen to care about the movies they picked that year (and i usually don't). Also I get very tired of the HHN formula (open door, push button, loud noise, close door, repeat), Knott's feels more immersive and creative to me. The crowds at HHN used be way worse but Knott's was jam packed last year too, so it might be a toss up now... though Sunday early in the season shouldn't be too bad. If you want to do HHN but also go on some rides, you should check out the Day/Night combo ticket. It lets you into the park starting at 2:00, so you can catch some rides and a Water World show and then already be inside the park once the mazes open. Also, if you're looking for a haunted attraction in the LA area that's not an all night commitment, check out Reign of Terror. It's a bit of a drive (Thousand Oaks) but I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's a stand alone independent haunt that is EVERY BIT as good as the mazes at the theme parks.
  6. Trip Report from last weekend. TL:DR - First visit, very impressed. Visually beautiful, great coaster collection, solid operations. This park is extremely slept on. And the coasters... they ALL slap. This was the shocker for me. My home Six Flags park is Magic Mountain, and even though it has 20 coasters, it doesn't have 20 good coasters. I skip half the park every time I visit. There are NO skips at Great America. The closest thing to a skip for me would be Demon, but that's literally it. Everything else is so good. Missed out on Maxx Force, Joker, and the red side of American Eagle. Ride Highlights: Batman - My dearest love. The OG. Loved experiencing it over real landscaping instead of gravel and asphalt. Also the ride ops were KILLING. I've never seen another Batman clone ever dispatch without stacking. I didn't even think it was possible. Raging Bull - I have to admit, I was a hater based just on videos and my general "meh" ideas on B&M hypers. But this is a good one. It's not god-tier for me, but it's definitely solid and fun. Getting absolutely YEETED off the first drop from the back row... amazing. Also blazing fast ride ops and dispatches on this, so the line moved very consistently. Magic Mountain could NEVER. Goliath - It's funky but I liked it. I definitely understand why RMC aficionados don't rank this higher, but it's one of those situations where... even a low-tier RMC is still objectively a great coaster. X-Flight - Surprise hit of the trip for me. I've only been on one other B&M wing coaster (Gatekeeper) and I didn't care for it. But X-Flight seemed much less rattly and the pacing is also waaay quicker. The turns above the water and the roll through the building are great. Downside was one-train ops. That line was pretty slow. American Eagle - Only got to ride Blue, I've heard that Red is the crazier side. But even still, super fun. I love the feeling of gaining more speed as you go down the helix and it starts to feel more out of control. And it's not really all that rough. Viper - Absolutely slaps, especially in the front. Definitely a sleeper hit. Whizzer - Being inches away from the ground on those turns was super exciting.
  7. Knott's is the only year round park in the Cedar Fair chain, so its conforms to the calendar year "season" pass of the rest of the company , rather than the rolling "annual" pass of Disney/Uni. Six Flags does the same thing for the parks in CA and TX.
  8. Probably. Last time it went down for an unexpected issue, it lasted for 8 or 9 months.
  9. Ghostrider will be open by then, barring any catastrophes. The summer season begins on 5/20, so the maintenance work is probably scheduled to be done by the 18th/19th. GRs maintenance schedule tends to be... 2-3 weeks before and after summer, and another 2-3 after Scary Farm.
  10. So... someone's going to jail for this, right? We don't yet know exactly why the proxy switch was adjusted, but if it turns out that it was an intentional decision by the park... that's criminal negligence in my book. Not just being reckless, but doing so intentionally. Not making a reckless mistake, making a reckless decision.
  11. Oh man,,, wave breaker but on snow mobiles instead of jet skis! I would be so down.
  12. It goes... Florida Mummy California Space California Mummy ? to be honest i haven't ridden Florida space
  13. This sign appeared on the entrance of Zoom. Seems like they're teasing some kind of archeology theme to the renovation??
  14. Thanks! I'm planning on springing for a Flash Pass and I also have half a day I could use to go back in case it's totally slammed or stuff is down. The clone I'm looking forward to is Batman, lol. I'm going to be in Chicago for a day and a half with only a very loose itinerary, so hit me with the recommends. Bonus points for anything spooky, gay, or just unusual. Also planning on driving up to Milwaukee for a night since it's not that far from Gurnee.
  15. Officially headed to the park during the first week of May for my first visit. Any advice for a first timer? Also... any Cadvice / recommendations for the area in general? Not opposed to driving an hour or so to see something cool.
  16. I just really hope that our Batman never gets that god awful yellow color scheme. I liked the original grey and I love the current blue.
  17. It's a war crime. Tatsu, presented by Nickelodeon Slime Time Live. I also noticed that Medusa's repaint is going to be bright orange and green too. I think American Dream Mall had a crap load of Nick Universe paint left over and sold it to Six Flags for cheap.
  18. I feel the same way with certain parks that are ditching their physical maps and guides. Especially when traveling or doing an all day visit, phone battery management is a big consideration. Having to be on my phone all day long for basic info/tasks is frustrating. Means I have to carry a battery pack with me, which means I have to also bring a bag because my pockets cant fit every item anymore.
  19. Any news about Tatsu or Lex? I see on QueueTimes that Superman is back up.
  20. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4990536 Fast forward to 9:30 in this interview. Also, sorry I got the quote wrong. It was "worst business decision" not "biggest mistake".
  21. If it were just the 2021 accident, I'd say that TTD isn't going anywhere. It was a freak accident and the park was completely cleared of any wrong doing. But... there are not many coasters out there with the distinction of being labeled a CEO's "biggest mistake" (edit: misquoted. He actually said "worst business decision"). With that extra context, this announcement about 2022 does not bode well. I hope they keep it. I think the odds are slightly better for keeping vs scrapping. But I think scrapping is definitely on the table.
  22. I'm very curious where this "Fun House" ride is a Knott's Berry Farm...
  23. It's great! Would you mind if I used it in a Planet Coaster creation sometime?
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