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  1. It's cute that you still have any faith in the FTC to enforce antitrust laws.
  2. It's rather pessimistic, but part of me wonders if the park just decommissions Montezooma completely and says "whoops, we tried, but here's some new stuff in Camp Snoopy instead!" At least with Xcel, there were occasional statements about waiting for parts and whatnot. With Montezooma, it's been near total silence.
  3. Ah, so you saw the "satanic gay drag show for children"... lol Should be very interesting to see what happens with the show this weekend.
  4. Saw it do a test run last night and saw a post on the passholder group that there was employee training happening yesterday too.
  5. Anyone know how Fright Fest build is progressing? I saw an update a couple weeks ago that neither of the two new mazes had even been started.
  6. Not to sound like a broken record, but.... this is highway robbery. Tendies and fries for almost nineteen dollars when you add sales tax.
  7. It's mind boggling to me that Universal is doing NOTHING with M3gan for HHN. It was a total hit, it already has a sequel in the works, and it lends itself so naturally to the haunted house format. I knew that Evil Dead Rise was already developed for last year, but I didn't realize until now that it's not even a Universal picture, it's Warner Bros. So they're paying a licensing fee to another studio rather than using one of their own properties.
  8. Also, I know that theme park food prices are always high but I stopped by the pizza place in Boardwalk the other day and found out that garlic knots were THREE DOLLARS EACH. I asked for two small pieces of bread and the employee said "six dollars" and I almost choked.
  9. For those who couldn't get tickets to the announcement event this year (cuz they sold out in like 5 minutes, lol), they'll be Livestreaming.
  10. Well a month after closing 3 rides with no notice, we now have a *teaser* for whatever is happening in Camp Snoopy. Knott's PR, once again, doing the absolute least. https://fb.watch/mjKelJOvjL/
  11. The ride was supposed to open more than a year ago. Obviously something is not going to plan (aka, a problem).
  12. So like... Summer 2023 is rapidly coming to an end. Did anyone hear about what the problem is with Triple Loop?
  13. I think the backward spike will be dope. Superman at SFMM also has a "stare down at the ground from 400 ft up" moment, and it's VERY cool. Even though the first launch is very toned down, I'm interested in the 3rd launch. You don't gain a lot of extra speed, BUT... you'll spend the entire length of the launch track traveling over 100 mph. That feeling of sustained speed is probably gonna be incredible. I'm not as down on Zamperla as most. The company has been aggressivley working to improve its product in order to become a major player in the coaster market. This isn't just "Cedar Fair went with Zamperla because they're cheap" situation. Zamperla has got something to prove and this project will be getting the royal treatment.
  14. I'm honestly SHOCKED at how quickly is moving. I expected the ride the be down for the rest of the season, but at this rate we'll probably get it back by early August.
  15. In light of Iger's recent comments on the WGA and SAG strikes, I just wanna say that switching Bobs was never going to be the magic cure everyone hoped for.
  16. Okay, I have to say it... what the eff is going on with Knott's Rides and PR? Crickets for a whole year about Xcelerator being down (after the ridiculous decision to close it for a paint job during Merry Farm). Montezooma closed and then re-opened, and then re-closed, and has sat untouched for a year after the loop was removed. Crickets on that. Now they're closing and removing rides in Camp Snoopy and... crickets once again. I used to think it was just a Cedar Fair thing to stone wall all the time, but Carowinds is handling the Fury situation so brilliantly and I can't believe these two parks are part of the same company.
  17. I love how the park's official account just blatantly teased a giga and the response from everyone is basically... "whatever dude." When the fake plans surfaced for the Knott's giga, the thread was LIT UP for like 2 weeks.
  18. Not to be an armchair engineer here, but the more I've looked at this, it strikes me as odd... The supports of that turn aren't braced against the force of the vehicle, they're parallel to the force. You would expect the supported to be in opposition to the direction of the force to brace against it. Compare it to the turn going into the Treble Clef. But instead, they're positioned in a way where the force of the vehicle creates tensile force right at that joint area, where we would normally expect to see compression. Obviously, a real engineer checked this and it passed the calculations, but clearly something about this element didn't work out correctly.
  19. One more coaster question. Are there any rides that are significantly better at night that I should prioritize?
  20. I still think it was total BS that the park waited until the day before passholder preview to announce the delay. If the ride needed 3 more weeks to be ready, I'm sure that management was aware of that fact WELL ahead of time and could have given everyone a reasonable amount of notice to modify their plans. And add on top of that the whole raffle winners vs soft-open nonsense. Really a huge L for their PR team.
  21. Every Six Fflags park is wiping the floor with every Cedar Fair park for Pride Month stuff.
  22. Considering that Knott's has been waiting on parts from Intamin for over a year for Xcelerator, I wouldn't expect Ka to be back until at least 2024.
  23. I'm sure its an announcement about Fright Fest, probably happening on the 13th
  24. Hey all. Visiting for the first time at the end of June. Any rookie mistakes to avoid? I'm planning to buy Fastlane, but I don't know a ton about this park other than the attraction lineup. Cheers!
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