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  1. Great Haunt review and of course Chuck, that was ME. I call your name out every year you come through CB. I love our reVAMPED maze and so glad we have a lot of our fans back as we had in the past!
  2. Is that the end of Griffon or The Pre-Lift??? Anyways Great Trip Report!!! Love the photos! Thanks, that's the turn right after the splash down. Exactly Chuck, that's why I try and incorporate with my monsters in CB to go for the scare throughout the whole group..especially the middle, because a lot of time they miss out.
  3. This was my first trip to BGE all summer and first HowlOScream in about 5 years since I've been working KD's Haunt...so it was quite interesting comparing the 2. Even though the temp. were in the upper 90's, the humidity was not too bad and also the crowds were very low all day. It kinda pickled up during HOS but it wasn't bad at all. This was the only time I could go during HOS because I will be working Haunt for the rest of season...so it worked out perfect with HOS beginning that Fri. and us on that Sat. Was able to get 5 trips on Alpie, 4 trips on Griffon, 2 on Apollo plus 13 trips of ERT at the end of the night with TPC(first ERT experience which was awesome!) Apollo still ranks in my top 10, I just love that coaster! I will give my review of HOS towards the end of the TR...ENJOY! Hey, we're almost the same height! hmmm, is this a creeper? I thought this was pretty cool Loved the crow effect here Ghost that goes bump in the night It's Nessie! Don't we all just love these steps Hey, there's Mr. Turtle The MYTHICAL GRIFFON! Guest No Guest Only pic I got of Alpie and no train at that...= ( RIP BBW... The landscaping is still beautiful This site will never be forgotten Last year for this particular site What is this I see off in the distance...APOLLOOOOOOOO! 3 Monsters, all we need is Apollo to fit back there Just me and my "Witches" The withces medicine bottles My good 'ole friend Bill We'll get to this later Beautiful scenery Housing for "Hunted" Housing for "Bitten" Ok, here we go with my HOS review. I went through every maze at least once. The only mazes I went through once was the Catacombs and Pompeii. I think it was pretty cool how they make you go through Bitten to get to Hunted, then going Hunted to get to Harvest Hollow. We got in like around 5:45, so we were one of the first groups to go through all three. I loved the theme of Bitten, and being that I work at Club Blood it was very interesting comparing both mazes, which there is no comparison...totally different vampire mazes. I must say, my first time through was awesome... there were monsters everywhere and so spread out from beginning to end... they got my a good number of times. The music/effects were all on point. I like it how they was are so close together and the monsters are very close to you with the scares and pops. Also, another cool effect was how the floor changed into all sand towards the end. The second time we went through...it was a completely different experience in a bad way. From experience for working at Haunt, I know how they send larger groups through to make the line go by quicker...by doing that, made the my experience suck! I didnt scared not one time and I noticed there were least monsters this time. My over all experience comparing both trips, 3/5 Now, Hunted was amazing...I was scared to go around some corners, lol. Love it how they use the fatigue strips hanging from the ceiling, they wolves were coming from everywhere! I think this maze was really creepy, also I know it wasn't done on purpose..but it was freaky how the wolves noses and fur rubbed up against you! Went through this maze twice also, didnt get the same effect as the first, but overall this was my favorite of all. 4/5 Harvest Hollow is an outdoor maze, and again very well themed. Went through this one during the day which wasn't a good idea because you can see everything. Tried it again at night, thinking it was going to be so much better... FAILED! I dont think I scared not even one time. Must say though, my friends was pretty freaked out, lol. 2/5 Cursed is another outdoor maze, but this one was pretty unique cause the beginning of it was indoors. Another maze I went through twice, and was not impressed with both times. 3/5 and that's only because the uniqueness of it and I also like how they role played, which I'm going to start getting my monsters to do this weekend in CB. Escape from Pompeii is one of the original mazes I remember from years ago, and remember it being really good. Not this time, I think I only jumped like 1 or 2 times. The group ahead of us was pretty funny though...that was my entertainment! 2/5 I heard some good things about the Catacombs in the past, so I was expecting great scares...but did I get it, OF COURSE NOT! This maze has so much potential, they have holes in the walls and ceilings, they can utilize so much but didnt. 2/5 Ok, so thats all the mazes...which is not a lot. Too bad I didnt get to go to any shows, which I heard were great. The advertise HOS as "THEIR EVERYWHERE!"... EPIC FAIL! Only seen about 10 creepers all night throughout the whole park. Now, this could had been because it was opening night..who knows. Only good thing is that there were low crowds and short waits. Overall rating 3/5..and gave it an extra point, because of the great eye of detail with all the mazes.
  4. Its always nice to see both of these parks in its younger days... I still think till this day, Drachen fire was a great coaster! Far as the Water Complex, that would be Racing Rivers(Riptide, Splash Down, & Torpedo) Here's some memories I also posted some time back...http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42618
  5. Sweeeeet! Glad to see your back, man! Cant wait to see more of this park...(always can depend on great quality from you.) Same here, its been about 2 years since Ive played, and Im getting back into it since I have a new system(win7)! I love it, and I finally got billboards to work on here other than when I had vista, I never got it fixed. I might be shooting over a few PM's to you, as I might need a lil freshing up, if you don't mind..lol
  6. E Which ones do you need? All of 'em..lol, but really as much as I can get cause I know his CS is probably the best...most importantly I need his benches and lights/lamps...THANKS!
  7. Those anyone have any idea if "vodhin" have a new site up or where I can go and DL is CS...he has some of the best wiork, but I cannot find his DL's anywhere anymore...
  8. I rode something like this at a carnival a couple of years ago and my harness popped open at least 4 or 5 in. I really thought my life was going to end that min. I've never been so scared on a ride before!
  9. They were just changed either this past sat or sun...such a mystery.
  10. I wonder can this test seat be promising. This pic was taken today, and was told my ride ops that they were not adding these straps to the actual trains...but who knows. It just doesn't make any good sense to add them to the test seat and not the actual trains, I guess only time will tell. Photo credit: Chris1989 from KDFansite
  11. Sad to say, there's word that they have added trims onto the first drop! If so, this is going to make it a lot less intense meaning almost a totally different coaster.
  12. Nothing can really explain the real feeling of this Beast till you ride... KD really out did itself with this!!!
  13. WOOOW, where do I start?! Today was a perfect day from beginning to end, especially the weather! I had a total of 15 laps on this MONSTA and I must say, they were all intense. I have to say that this has to be one of the most intense coaster/rides on the planet! If Im not mistaken, the height restriction is still at "48... but be very careful with kids or even adults that had or have some type of health problem, because the g's are INSANE. I believe I grayed/blacked out on every trip around... the most intense spot is coming out of the first curve into the first air hill... I was seeing stars for about 2-3 seconds. The lift speed would have to be at least 20 mph and is a ride within itself... never seen a lift so fast. It takes about 10 seconds to reach the top and its DOOOOWN hill from there--your butt is off the seat the whole time down! The air time is sick and non-stop...and dont get me started on the quick turns/curves... you just can't catch your breath! The trim that was added to the last air hill is definitely needed and u can feel the slow down, bringing the intensity down just a bit but not enough to call it calm at all. I know there were a lot of people complaining about the restraints what were added, but they are definitely needed in every second...I can't see I305 having just a lap bar like MF, everyone would be coming off this ride with broken bones and bruises from hitting the person beside them. Not going to lie, there are a few spots where you get chopped in the neck...but other that... its very smooth! The themeing is great and fits in perfect with the description and feel over overything, with intensity and high speeds and turns!Also, I love the back on majority of coasters...but have to say the front is the ulitimate experience on this joker and a tad bit less intense far as shakyness and whipping around and with a lot more ejector air(view is unbelievable)....but trust me, the front seat wait is going to be bonkers! It was the biggest pleasure in finally meeting Robb and want to thank him, Clint, Will, and anyone else that I missed out for all the hard work they put in with the POV's! Kings Dominion, you really have done yourself something unleashing this BEAST into park... deserves a pat on the back!!! 10 out of 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOS OPENING SPEECH POV MISC VIDEOS...I CANT GET OVER THE LIFT HILL!
  14. I dont see anything worng with it...I've thought about it a few times, but personally I dont think I can don it. I have too much fun with my friends/loved ones and I'm too much of a sociable person...I'll probably be talking to myself, lol! Now, one thing I dont mind doing is...being that I work during Haunt at KD, I might catch some rides and walk through the park by myself before casting, but I can't do it all day long as a day at the park.
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