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  1. I was at the park today, and I can tell you guys for sure that Ka was definitely testing during the day.
  2. Wow it's been a while since I've posted here, but I think it's a good time to start again. I'll be going to CAP (York College of Pennsylvania). I still haven't really declared a major yet, but I'm leaning toward professional writing.
  3. Ok, I came here to show another teachers point of view. My mom has been an elementary school teacher for 25 years. I recently told her about this incident and here is her response. In her opinion, calling the cops was a little over reactive. The only reason why my mom said it would be alright to call the cops would be if the child had a history of bad behavior or was a little "disturbed" in her words. She also said that if the child was a good child, with a history of good behavior, her school would take the child out of the cafeteria and take them to the office immediately to talk to the child about how bad it is to bring a knife to school, and ask how the knife got in her lunch box in the first place. In the words of another teacher, my own mother: the childs mother or father, whichever put the knife in the childs lunch box in the first place, is an idiot. Sorry if that was the wrong choice of word to use(idiot that is), but that's what my mom said.
  4. ^I'm gonna have to agree with you. Almost everything about this ride screams B&M, the supports, the inversions, the layout, etc. I don't believe we've ever seen Arrow build a ride like this one until it came out, and even afterward we didn't see another Arrow ride built quite like it. Strange...
  5. Hey guys. I just finished my first ever NL coaster which I named Nor' Easter. I gotta admit I'm a little nervous posting it since I've seen all the great coasters you guys have made using NL. I have some pics and feel free to give me suggestions and constructive criticism. Nor' Easter.nltrack Nor' Easter Clipboard99.bmp Nor' Easter
  6. Oceanside High School Seniors '08
  7. This is horrible. Dying this way has been one of my worst fears since I was little. Honestly that has to be one of the worst ways to die EVER. I give my deepest sympathies for the family of the boy.
  8. I don't understand why Dutch Wonderland couldn't keep Sky Prince- I mean Kingdom Coaster white instead of purple and blue. I mean look at it, it's HIDEOUS! http://rcdb.com/ig251.htm?picture=6
  9. This is probably the absolute BEST RCT2 park I've ever seen. Keep up the awesome work!
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