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  1. Does anyone know what this is about? "HERSHEYPARK will be celebrating 100 YEARS of HAPPY in 2007! On Wednesday, July 12th, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be made regarding a COLOSSAL NEW attraction for 2007. "
  2. I have rollercoaster:a thrill seeker's guide to the ultimate scream machines, the older version, but I want to know about the new version. I was wondering if the new version has a lot of the same stuff or more new info. and pictures. Also is worth buying the new version if I already have the old. Thanks
  3. I have Roller COaster: A thirll seekers guide to ultimate scream machines but someone mentioned the new version. Does that have a lot of the same pictures and info. or does it have a lot of new stuff?
  4. Does anyone know any good books on rollercoasters?
  5. DOes anyone know what new rides are being built in the park. I know about Reese's extreme cup challenge and I heard something about a small waterpark being built where the old laser light show use to be. Mainly I would like to know if any new coasters are being built in the near future. Any construction pics of the water park or dark ride would be great. Thanks
  6. I might be heading down to Maryland pretty soon and was wondering if Six Flags Great America is worth going to? It seems awesome and I would like to know if the coasters are good. If anyone could post some pics it would be great. Thanks,
  7. Thanks I sort of want to go to Busch Gardens more. I was there when I was little but did not go on any coasters. The major reason I would go to PKD would probably be for Volcan: A blast coaster
  8. I was just wondering I might be planning a trip down to Virginia and wanted to know your opinions were on Busch Gardens Williamsburg (of course) and PKD (Paramounts Kings Dominion for all of you who dont know what that means) JK. What park would you choose if you coud only go to one of them and why? Thanks P.S. I look forward to hearing your feedback!
  9. How do I access a screenshot in RCT2 after i take it? After I take a picture all its says is, "screenshot saved to disk as scr7.bmp"-HOW DOES THAT HELP ME!
  10. Braces stink they hurt whenever there tightened and I always get food stuck in them.
  11. How do I access a screenshot in RCT2 after i take it? After I take a picture all its says is, "screenshot saved to disk as scr7.bmp"-HOW DOES THAT HELP ME!
  12. I'm thinking about getting a dvd.
  13. i dont know like free stuff from the website or stuff having to do with rollercoasters or theme parks.
  14. Is there anyway i can get free stuff?
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