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  1. Maybe if you both actually took the time to read and comprehend the post you'd understand it had nothing to do with differing opinions. I have no opinion of the ride as I haven't ridden it. It was a dig at people with unreasonable expectations who are negatively critiquing each every aspect of the ride after only a handful of laps when the thing literally just opened. But yeah let's make it about me being intolerant.
  2. Funny cause all I'm seeing is whiny bitches crying about how its slow, forceless, no whip, no airtime, no themeing, crawls through the bunny hops, was broke all day long and is absolutely the weakest RMC built so far.
  3. ^ Apparently, for some unknown reason, the park had closed the other entrance so instead of trying to u-turn down at the Mickey Dee's, people started doing that. This is all hearsay, I was not there. Unrelated, but sure to cause more traffic jams:
  4. Yes, you can. But they will kick your ass right off the ride and start it back up without you.
  5. Photos courtesy of Linda in the Great Adv Conn FB group. Apparently it was... a little crowded on Monday. See: lines for Joker, Harley Quinn and Flash Pass. For those not in the area, it rained all day Saturday and Sunday, and while I don't think the park actually closed either day (shocker!), it was gorgeous Monday and seems everybody was up for a grated venture. Line for the Skyway: Bizarro never, ever, ever gets lines like this outside of Fright Fest or freakishly perfect summer weekends.
  6. That new ad is now running on socials again but ends with "Coming Soon".
  7. Relax, Karen. Do you really think that Great Adv maintenance, SF engineers and RMC personnel (who were likely on site for that) didn't question why it flew out? Do you really think everyone just laughed and continued on testing like "whatever brah..."? Like Bill said, those dummies are not the rigid type we're used to seeing, its a torso shaped water balloon without legs or arms. Some water gets out and its going to lose its shape and can easily slip out of the restraint. If you look at the video the park released they are to simulate weight and you can see the park actually has to tape them
  8. Doubtful. That ad was running on FB a couple days ago and once people started reposting it (like I did a here a few days ago) they pulled it probably realizing it wasn't going to be ready by EOM. That said, the ad is fantastic. I love that they're going for the full on horror angle in the marketing. Hoping we see that on local tv.
  9. This popped up as a sponsored ad on my FB feed, but I am hoping this is what we're going to start seeing on local TV. Love that they're going with this (dark/demonic) marketing angle. https://www.facebook.com/sixflagsgreatadventure/videos/500971071094116/
  10. It's always so awkward when someone who rarely posts here comes on with some OMFG BrEaKinG NeWs hypefest without bothering to read the last few pages of a thread to see if its been talked about alrea.... oh you're a Youtube'r looking to plug your channel. Got it. Carry on...
  11. The park posted POV and offride shots. Looking great https://www.facebook.com/sixflagsgreatadventure/videos/3306241326146197/
  12. Here's the thing: someone who is 5'2 and 250lbs is going to have a very different experience with any riders seats/restraints than someone who is say 6'2 250lbs. Body types can fluctuate considerably so I don't know how anyone can say whether or not someone who is 250lbs will have a hard/easy time fitting into rides without knowing what their height/body type is. I've seen big tall dudes with giant beer guts fit into El Toro and short small women with a tiny waist but thick legs get the walk of shame. Also I'm not sure about big boy seats at this park (I should know, tbh since I am one) b
  13. Knoebels is great but they don't have a Skyrush. Don't worry about credits and just go to the Skyrush.
  14. Cool but uhhhh how are they going to enforce this? Beyond going around to everyone and asking to see their vax card I don’t see how... Non-vaccinated people are just going to lie about it which doesn’t do anyone any good.
  15. Well, either someone f*cked up on the 2021 park map, or RIP Avalanche.
  16. Mods can we please edit the title? The English major in me is having a heart attack. "Coaster You've Ridden That is Furthest From Your Home" Please and thanks.
  17. Or they could just close it and leave it rot and not put anything there, which is the cheapest and likeliest option.
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