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  1. So the park's drive through event opened apparently last night and while the GAdv fanboys are unsurprisingly foaming at the mouth over it -- and I can't say I've been through it myself (nor do I plan to check it out) -- but a bunch of POVs have surfaced already and... it just looks bad. (Go on... you know how to search) Don't get me wrong, I *LOVE* Great Adventure's Holiday In The Park, but just simply driving through really spotlights how bad their HITP lights have become over the seasons since they've been doing it. Also, most of the path they have the cars driving makes sense (the loop
  2. Please, for the love of all things good and holy, learn how to multi-quote.
  3. Looks great! Can't wait. Also, guys remember: don't rush to judgement over a POV. We've been down that road many times before and the ones who complain a new coaster looks slow, etc are usually wrong.
  4. Imagine sitting next to someone on a roller coaster of all places and saying to them "I'm not interested and don't want to talk". Also, if an enthusiast plops down next to you or strikes up a conversation in line and begins blathering on like an enthusiast tends to do and you don't use that opportunity to troll the f*ck out of them is your goal to even have fun at a park? I mean, when opportunity strikes...
  5. edit: can we still embed FB videos like we used to be able to? I can't figure it out. https://www.facebook.com/BuschGardensTampaBay/videos/3551548144928616/
  6. Didn't they also recently pull out some water slide/ride everyone liked and didn't replace it with anything?
  7. Imagine how much money they could save if they just toss Boulder Trash.
  8. I would assume they had an issue with it that wasn't worth fixing just to run it one more weekend.
  9. If you do smart things like check the app and the website, yes they did.
  10. Soooo late last night I was tumbling down a Youtube coaster rabbit hole and came across this video of a review of El Toro (I know we're not supposed to link to certain channels but for the sake of this story please don't ban me lolol - its a good channel I guess, not as amazing as TPR of course. I think I'm somehow contractually obligated to say that or something). Anyways, the only issue is the review is in German and I don't speak German. So I decided to turn on auto-translate. I then I proceeded to howl with laughter for the next ten minutes. Enjoy. It starts off innocently enough
  11. Solely based on places I've been and *only* considering the coasters... Hersheypark Cedar Point Busch Tampa Six Flags Great Adventure Busch Williamsburg
  12. Cyborg is terrible, they should totally rip it out, I don't even care if they replace it or not. Just finish JDC and we have one of the best lineups on the planet.
  13. OK these are freaking cool. https://cedarpointonlineshop.com/
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