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  1. I KNEW there was something fishy with the amount of people there. I wasn't sure if it was because of new precautions reducing capacity on the rides or if there really was more people at the event. An hour wait for Voyage during ERT was SUPER suspect. I figured there would still be a decent turnout, but I didn't expect what they got. Nonetheless, even with the larger crowd, HW still managed to produce a fantastic event this year. I'd still say I had a faaar better time during exclusive event times than I did when the park was actually open to all guests, because Saturday was pretty packed t
  2. Tony Clark's been hyping about the Aquatrax for years. Glad this confirmed coaster's finally finding a proper home.
  3. Just FYI: Tickets still going on for Sunday's event, and no coaster club membership required. https://shop.kentuckykingdom.com/webstore/shop/viewitems.aspx?CG=specialevents&c=keystokingdom
  4. Welp, the fair just confirmed it is closed off to the general public, so no midway this year. https://kystatefair.org/covid-19-plan/
  5. And just of pure irony, of the top two Golden Ticket Award "new for 2016 coaster" winners, #2 at KK still has more uptime than Dollywood's #1. Love me a good launched coaster, but even they all have their own special demons to deal with. Yup. It's why he sometimes refers to folks in the community about ride experiences in other parks.
  6. iirc, it was from personal preference. I believe he mentioned it to a KK winter walkthrough group about preferring the anticipation of a lift hill over the suddenness of a launch, tho he said it in a different way.
  7. Eiffel Tower is open. You should not need an access pass for Orion Fast Lane. When I was there, I just flashed my wristband and they let me right onto the ride, no questions or access pass needed. Things could change tho, if Fast Lane gets a lil packed too.
  8. Just like the Mack Powersplash, there's a controlled channel where the track splashes. It's drained on the first passes, then instantly flooded when the boat (train?) drops in the final time. These concepts are wicked, and I especially want to see that vertical LSM coaster go out to more places. I want to believe that, tho I'm still leaning on it being from RMC if it actually happens. Either would be stellar.
  9. They're echoing what KK did with needing masks when walking in the park and at indoor buildings and coaster stations and not needing to wear them walking around the midway.
  10. "I have asthma and allergies with congestion..." Honestly, mask comfort should probably be one of the least of their concerns at that point... I can't fathom being so susceptible to asthma flares and still going out to an amusement park at this time at all.
  11. For what it's worth, Kentucky has had a mask mandate too and KK is only enforcing masks when at the park entrance gate, at indoor facilities and waiting in line for concessions. I won't be surprised seeing HW do something similar.
  12. If you're only there to get one cred on each but skip T3 and Roller Skater, you'll be in and out way quicker than you'll expect. Don't hesitate to get a re-ride on a favorite. Just my 2 cents tho.
  13. imo: Lightning Run first, then Storm Chaser, Thunder Run, T3, and KY Flyer. LR has slowest ops, and it's at the front so it's usually the first sought-after coaster. Best to get it done quicker then head to the back via the crosswalk next to Scream Extreme.
  14. In the visits I've done, I say absolutely. I don't think I've ever been to Holiday World (whether on my own or during an event) where I've ever seen it down for extended periods of time, if ever at all. I've seen it not perform properly due to outside factors (cold morning causes 1 launch rollback but fine for rest of day, huge downpour stops ops for a bit), but when ready to go it's back up in almost no time.
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