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  1. Yeah, I meant to mean a full scale coaster. Jaguar has a 48" height restriction, so I guess we can consider it an "adult" coaster.
  2. Hello everyone, What's the lamest first drop on a coaster that you have experienced? Mine is Jaguar at Knott's.
  3. You must have a very loose definition for "great". Seeing as how more than one or more has been built every year since its debut proves otherwise. Hmm--using this logic, Vekoma Boomerangs and SLCs must be the greatest rides ever created. I'm not a big fan of the Wing coasters, although I did enjoy Wild Eagle at Dollywood (much more that X-Flight or Gatekeeper), and I'm looking forward to riding Thunderbird someday. I do agree that Wild Eagle is a really enjoyable and re-ridable coaster. Gatekeeper, on the other hand, is less impressive.
  4. Consider yourself lucky then. I think that my brain still hasn't quite recovered from a lot of the posts that have been made since the rumors began circulating about Valravn all the way through the Raptor incident and the official announcement of Valravn. It's possible that mental scars could have been left. At times, I had to hit the back button & pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't trapped inside the Darien Lake thread. I think CP should buy Darien Lake's old Barracuda Bay slide complex! Who cares if th supports were custom fit and the slides were 20+ years old! It's the DarienLaker way of things! (But seriously... TPR needs a Barracuda Bay filter) Nah. CP desperately needs a Gerstlauer spinning coaster. 420/4 model of course. Maybe they can fit it inside the Good Time Theater?
  5. Considering that Splashin' Safari is nowhere near the parking lot (plus Raven and Legend are in the way), I seriously doubt that will ever happen.
  6. I doubt those other movies were shoved down your throat as much as Frozen's presence at the parks. I'm completely fine with Frozen being in the parks, like the other Disney movies such as Lion King and Snow White, but I don't want to be suffocated by Frozen poo poo when I visit the parks.
  7. Frozen is found on merchandise, parades, balloons, fireworks, etc. throughout both parks, which can be rather irritating. It is quite sad that Aladdin is leaving, though it is understandable why it is leaving due to the very long life of the show as well as Aladdin being a Disney cash cow that is long gone from the general public's mind.
  8. I wouldn't necessarily say that they age poorly, as with proper maintenance, GCIs can run relatively smooth for a long period of time, especially when compared to Gravity Group or CCI manufactured coasters. (Not that I have anything against CCI and Gravity Group...)
  9. Holiday World is large enough where they should have the queues open until the end of the day. If Six Flags can do it, HW can do it. If scheduling is an issue, then make the employees' hours end at a later time, further from closing.
  10. Hell, 80% of the content on that channel is a bunch of nonsense that teenager makes up.
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