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  1. Awesome, never heard of a workbench before. Definitely will try it out in a future project . I'll stick to what I have done in this project though.
  2. Yes it did, but that also includes a bit of deconstruction of Bermuda Triangle Flume Ride.
  3. Just got home from a day at Sea World on the Gold Coast! The park has closed quite a lot of attractions in the past few years, such as; Skyway, Sea Viper (Arrow Coaster), Vikings Revenge Flume Ride and Spongebob 3D. The problem is they haven't replaced them with new attractions! The park did say that they will construct a replacement for Vikings in 2019. Leaving only Storm and Jet Rescue as the only thrill rides in the park. But they have just built the new Nickelodeon Land with 3 themed areas (TMNT, Dora the Explorer and Spongebob). Definitely a great new fresh of life to a dying kids area. I got 2 rides on Storm Coaster and 3 on Jet Rescue. So lets get to the photos Spongebob's Boating School Blast! a Zamperla Gravity Coaster Patrick's Jellyfish Frenzy, a Zamperla Demolition Derby Good Morning Sea World! Donatello's Ninja Flyers, a Zamperla Magic Bike Very quirky ride. The Nick entrance The abandoned Vikings Revenge Flume Over it goes! Hands up I still feel like it was a complete waste of 20 million dollars, they could of gotten something so much better! Artsy fartsy It is very photogenic About to go into the bow of the turned ship Here we go! The all new shade and hub of the park. The sad remains of two closed attractions (even though one was really stupid) Polar Bear! Shark Bay really looks beautiful 2 new Polar Bear cubs were born this week but won't be out on display till September. The games kind of ruin the nice feel of the hub. Really well themed exhibit Nice and new The ride that will get you the most soaked... Battle Boats The awesome climbing play structure Very well themed corner of the park The castle were the 3D theatre and Vikings Flume were, only just under 3 years until something replaces it. Welcome to Castaway Bay As well as an awesome RCI Ropes Course... which is closed! Finally we finished the day with a walk through Creatures of the Deep, a marine themed Dinosaurs Alive area. Giant SHARK!!! It is the Kraken. Then we had a few laps saving some Seals on Jet Rescue. All you San Antonio folks will get to experience a very similar experiences soon! What a perfect view to end the day. We were having a whale of a time. hehehe Such an awesome ride, personally I enjoy it more than Superman: Escape at Movieworld
  4. Hey guys! Just had a quick afternoon trip to WBMWAmerica today. Had a few rides as well as construction update for phase two of Gotham City. Welcome to another day of movie magic! The roar of Stallion Express flying past the entrance is as impressive as always. First stop, Gremlins: The Ride. Very fun ride and great way to beat the heat. I haven't been on Lethal Weapon for a long time! Even though this coaster is old, it sure does pack a punch. And backwards! As it is already midday, I stopped at the VIP Cafe for lunch. The cafe shows a great view of the backside of the Gotham City Buildings. I haven't seen the show run this year, Hopefully it is coming back. The park was dead today so I had a quick lap on Stallion. And finally, the all new Gotham City! The ride is really well themed! And a pic of construction on phase two of Gotham from the wall next to CrimeWave This are is going to be amazing!
  5. Hey guys, I just came back from the Media Day for Batman: The Crimewave, My very first time being part of the "media"! Movie World were really great this morning with the guests. But lets talk B:TC, was a cool ride! I wouldn't call it thrilling but a really spot-on family attraction. The ride is exceptionally themed from the actually ride itself to the queue to the exterior. The whole Gotham City precinct is complete (another 2 year expansion till it is done) but what the have now really blew me out of the water. The attention to detail in the buildings are amazing, which really separates this Batman attraction from Six Flags Magic Mountain's coaster. The park also gave the media the opportunity to go into the construction site of the phase 2 of Gotham! They said it is the largest in terms of construction out of the three years. I also got some great photos as well! I have a description of what happens inside of Batman: The Crimewave if you want to give it a read but excuse my grammar, it has been a very long day. SCR57.BMP Very quiet morning before park open. I collected my Media pass and headed off to the ride. SCR60.BMP Welcome to Gotham City! SCR61.BMP The detail is amazing! SCR62.BMP Inside city hall is where the Crimewave takes place SCR64.BMP Then we got our construction tour! SCR65.BMP So the first ride has been constructed, an Enterprise. A spokesperson from the park said that all off next years additions will be villain themed. So what will this one be? Hmmm SCR66.BMP This is going to be extremely detailed when it is finished! SCR67.BMP SCR68.BMP The back of the city scape SCR69.BMP Then before the park opened we jumped on Police Academy for a wild police chase! SCR72.BMP The park opened while I was walking to Stallion Express SCR73.BMP Up we go! SCR74.BMP What an insane ride.
  6. Hey guys here is a quick construction update on Gotham City as well as Batman: The CrimeWave. I am going away for the christmas holidays so the next time you see updates will be when the new area opens! SCR50.BMP So the pathway leading up to Gotham city has begun. SCR51.BMP As well as the construction of the soundstage that Batman: The CrimeWave is going in!
  7. Hey guys! I reader sent in some photos of a new construction site that starts right between Police Academy and Looney Tunes land. Then the dirt continues all the way down the narrow path into a large site. I wouldn't think it would be another new coaster, It is a very large plot of land. Maybe a dark ride or a whole new precinct? But then I also got my hands on the parks new map which has the area blurred out with the words "Coming Soon" over it and at the bottom it shows the Batman logo!?!?!! We are getting something themed to Batman! SCR48.BMP SCR49.BMP
  8. Hey guys here is a quick trip report from today! The park is looking really nice, I did quite I few rides today. Stallion Express is still kicking ass and Police Academy Coaster is really fun. The crowds were quite for the entire day, probably the extreme Californian heat. Anyways lets check out the photos! SCR34.BMP Good morning, I really love the grand scale of the entrance to Movie World! SCR35.BMP Lets head over to the Roxy Theatre first to escape the heat. SCR36.BMP It is a very fun little ride! SCR37.BMP Just the amazing views of the Hollywood hills just make this place perfect! SCR38.BMP Lets ride Stallion Express! SCR39.BMP SCR40.BMP The bottom of the first drop gives some extreme G-Forces! SCR41.BMP SCR41.BMP Before we leave the West, lets stop and have some Chicken. SCR44.BMP Of course I had to stop and ride Police Academy Coaster! The line was so long but worth it. SCR45.BMP PA Coaster feels out of control! Definitely a great addition. SCR46.BMP I completely forgot about this hidden Gem! The Bug's Buccaneer swing ride is really fun. SCR47.BMP And that wraps up another day at Movie World!
  9. Here we are, opening day of Police Academy: Stunt Drive! Let me just say how insane this ride is, I was expecting a much more smooth and slower version of a wild mouse but it was the complete opposite. The bigger turns are taken with extreme speed then straight into a pretty steep drop, it was crazy! The coaster is rough but it is suppose to be, i hope when is grows older it doesn't become worse. Anyways lets check out the photos. SCR21.BMP Lets head on in! straight to Police Academy. SCR22.BMP The bright colours on the turns really make it pop! SCR23.BMP SCR25.BMP SCR26.BMP The brake run is inside this alleyway which is really cool! SCR28.BMP Lets head over to the first area to take a few rides on Lethal Weapon and Gremlins! SCR30.BMP I tried to get on ride photos but staff told me to put the camera away. SCR31.BMP This is still the most intense coaster in the park! SCR33.BMP And that will do us for today! Police Academy is a perfect addition to the park and will be a fan favourite
  10. Only a couple weeks left of the year and WBMWAmerica just announced what is going into that construction area! Here is the press release below: Here is the logo that was also relieved This sounds really exciting! I haven't really heard of Giovanola before but they also are constructing a similar ride in Germany as well. I can't wait to see the ride when I go back to Movie World next year!
  11. I'm not to sure if I should put in DC characters in this park or not with Six flags MM and hour-ish away. What do you think?
  12. Hi my name is Jake P. I live about 30 minutes out of Hollywood. Warner Bros. Movie World America just opened up a few miles away from the Warner Studios, making it my new home park. I can't wait to show you this brand new park for years to come! After the massive success of WB Movieworld in Australia, they are trying their luck in Hollywood this time. The parks are very similar by the pictures I have seen as well as having some of the same rides. So I hope you enjoy the pictures I took on my first visit. After you leave that courtyard area, the rest of the park is on the opposite side of the plaza. The next attraction is the Roxy 3D Theatre. It was really good getting some cool air in the Hollywood sun! Here we are! Main Street is beautiful! so many different shops and places to eat. right at the end of Main Street is this large open garden area. with views looking out to the Hollywood hills that surround the park. At the T-junction, if you head right you come to this little Western themed area. Which in fact is home to the icon and main drawcard of the park... I would like to present Stallion Express, The worlds fastest wooden roller coaster. Reaching speed over 67 miles in hour! The coaster sits right at the front of the park, visible to the car park. It is mammoth! The speed you get is insane as well. Definitely the stand out part of the coaster. Plunge underground then back up into a double up! Pure perfection. after some more leaps and dips the rides plunges you into this shed where you do a crazy double helix in pitch black darkness, this ride just gets better and better. After taking on the insanity that is Stallion Express, I headed to the other side of Main Street to Looney Tunes Land. The land includes; Buccaneer Bugs (Pirate Ship), Speed Gonzales Taxis (Car ride), Marvin the Martian Space Race (Flying Carpet) and Daffy Duck Dodgems' (Bumper Cars). it is a great little place for the kids to hang out. The iconic arch way which is also part of Australia's park but I think ours is much more grand. next door to Looney Tunes Land is a construction site, which has been their since opening. Judging by the size of it, I'm thinking we are going to see a new coaster in the future! After you walk through the arch you arrive in this plaza. That stage at the back is where they perform the parks main show themed to the roaring 20's. It is really good. Lets go check out the first two rides! First off is Lethal Weapon Pursuit. The queue building is amazingly themed! Some of you may know that LWP is actually relocated from Six Flags Great America, it used to be called Tidal Wave. I didn't get to ride there but it is an insanely intense coaster. The head chopper flying through the station is crazy! after Lethal Weapon we walked next door to Gremlins: The Ride. It is the exact same to the Aussie version, the only difference is the exteriors.
  13. Doesn't arkham asylum only have one train of the new style? Yeah, Arkham has only one KumbaK train.
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