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  1. Special Announcement! The following name for the indoor park has been selected! It is..... Windy Ridge Amusement Park!
  2. 2nd update: construction has gone along nicely to the park! We have bought a drop tower from Intamin called Sky Drop. It looks like it is a big hit! You know, I heard Sky drop literally goes through the roof! Here's Sky Drop: More to come in the areas around Sky Drop soon! Next update soon
  3. Now that you have seen the pictures, its your turn to come up with the name of the park. Cross_Cutter amusements has provided me with 4 names to choose from. They are: 1. windy garden amusement park 2. epic thrillz amusement park 3. people's choice amusement park 4. raw entertainment amusement park that's it! TPR, you now have 24 hours to come up with a name. The most votes will win.
  4. Here are the missing pictures: A nice view of the front: Another nice view of the front: More updates coming very soon! Next update: more rides, new location
  5. Its actually really cool. Just got to find out how to get those darn pictures in!
  6. help1 I cant get any of my rct3 pictures in. can someone post a tutorial?
  7. Nice! I am making my own version of Saw also. All I know is that mine isn't going to be probably as good.
  8. First Update! We were able to buy some land from Cross_Cutter amusements to build an indoor park! They said that I was allowed to show pictures of the entrance. Here they are. A nice view of the entrance: Shot0135.bmp Another nice view: Shot0135.bmp Update 2 coming soon! More updates coming. something Big is happening soon! Shot0132.bmp
  9. ThatCoasterDude1 and Cross_Cutter amusement company give you a new park. The catch- it's all indoors. There's more to come if you view my topic. this park should be a hit. More later!
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